The Best Ever Cleaning Schedule For Working Moms!

To the tune of Beyonc√©: all you working ladies, all you working ladies, this is a realistic cleaning schedule for you!  A super quick and straightforward cleaning schedule for working moms so you can cherry-pick the jobs you can squeeze in between all the other things you do every day, like looking after the kids and organising family life!    

Working mums have the toughest jobs of all, especially as they still seem to be doing the lion’s share of the household chores at home too. Sticking to a daily cleaning routine is not always possible if you are trying to juggle work and keeping the house clean.  

There are many house cleaning schedules for moms doing the rounds on the internet and Pinterest at the moment however, if you’re working full time these can sometimes feel quite overwhelming and unrealistic. 

If you’re a working mom you can’t spend all your spare time cleaning and you may struggle to find time for weekly cleaning tasks, but the secret to having a clean house is to do little and often. 

I have created a list of jobs you can choose from to keep a tidy home, just picking a few of these jobs to do when you can, will help you maintain a clean and organized home. 

woman making a bed

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Before you start, why don’t you check out these old fashioned cleaning products from grandma’s cleaning kit!

Jobs you can do in five minutes.

Nobody wants to spend their day off cleaning the entire house, so let’s see if you can chip away at the drudgery of that weekly cleaning schedule by doing one of these jobs as and when you can, no pressure! 

Jobs you can do in ten minutes

Sometimes you might have ten minutes to spare whilst you’re waiting for the pasta to boil or you’re waiting for an email to arrive, pick one of these jobs to do , and watch your list of weekend chores melt away!

working mom cleaning under sofa

Jobs you can do in 30 minutes.

If you find yourself with 30 minutes to spare you might want to tuck into one of these jobs from your cleaning list! 

These are the bigger jobs that can make the weekends a real drudge, doing a few of these throughout the week when you have half an hour to spare really can help.

I clean the bathroom, or as much of it as I can whilst I wait for my son’s bath to run, or I use that time to put a load of washing away.

I will deliberately save jobs like putting the laundry away for those pockets of time when I’m waiting for something like the bath the fill.

  • Do 30 minutes of ironing 
  • Strip all the beds 
  • Clean all the windows  
  • Declutter a kitchen cupboard  
  • Clean the oven 
  • Vacuum under the sofa cushions  
  • Vacuum under the furniture 
  • Clean under the bed 
  • Deep clean the bathroom  
  • Deep clean any room 
  • Vacuum the couch 
  • File some paperwork 
  • Polish the furniture 
  • Clean the shower
  • Clean all the doors

Cleaning Schedule For Working Moms


cleaning schedule foe working moms

To make this house cleaning schedule for working moms work for you, just be sure to do a little and often, every little helps! Once you start chipping away at these jobs, you will soon find that your cleaning schedules at the weekend reduce dramatically, and you should have more free time to enjoy with your family and you will be a few steps closer to having an organized home! 

woman reading cleaning schedule for working moms on an ipad

A more detailed cleaning schedule.

A few months ago, I timed myself doing all the daily, weekly and monthly chores and listed how long each job took to complete, so, if you’re looking for a more detailed list of how long each task takes, read this weekly house cleaning schedule for working moms who have zero time! 

neat and tidy cushions

If you’re a busy mom and you’re finding laundry a pain in the neck, read about how to get on top of the laundry mountain,  in this post! 

Let us know what kind of printable cleaning schedule you’d like us to create next and don’t forget to sign up to get our new posts delivered straight into your mailbox. Just leave your email address in the box below and get on the first step towards a tidy house! 

cleaning list for working moms

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