How To Master The Art Of Streakless Window Cleaning

How do I get streakless windows? This is one of the questions I always get asked in my Facebook group. The good news is that you’ll find all the answers and learn the subtle art of streakless window cleaning right here in this post!

a lady opening windows to get rid of paint smells in a room

Getting sparkling clean windows and glass can be time-consuming and frustrating; just ask a professional cleaner! With my window cleaning tips, I’ll show you how to get streak-free windows in seconds!

Any dog owner or mum to a toddler would probably tell you that trying to get shiny windows is the bane of their lives.

As a mother of little kids and two cats and as a  professional domestic and commercial cleaner, I’m here to tell you that it’s the bane of my life too!

There are tons of products on the market that promise streak-free windows, I have tried a vast amount of store-bought and professional products, and I have to say I’ve been bitterly disappointed with nearly all of them!

If your glass cleaning technique isn’t correct, you can work very hard for poor results, and you may find yourself cleaning the windows over again and getting the same results, which is a waste of your precious time.

There’s no great trick to getting sparkling clean windows; it’s all down to your tools and technique.

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The best glass cleaning cloths for streakless window cleaning

lady cleaning windows with a blue cloth

Glass cleaning cloths are essential in your quest for streak-free window cleaning.

If you use a standard, everyday cloth, rag, or microfiber cloth, you will polish for a very long time to remove the lint and streaks from the glass surfaces.

I wouldn’t even try to polish glass without using a special cloth.

Glass cloths like these are designed to be used only with water and work brilliantly well. However, there are times when you may need a little boost to remove things like dried-on toothpaste and saliva marks from pets and kids.

The glass cloth I recommend for shiny windows is this e-cloth. It is lint-free and does not leave any residue on the surface of your glass or chrome.

How to get streak-free windows.

When it comes to getting streak-free windows, it’s pretty simple.

  1. The drier your cloth, the better your shine.

    Most people soak the surface they are cleaning with so much product that it can be almost impossible you clean and dry. What happens then is that the product air dries onto the glass, and that’s what leaves the steaks!
    A tiny amount of water on your cloth is all you need. If you have a heavily soiled surface, increase the wetness of your cloth but do not oversoak.

  2. Spot clean.

    For mirrors and windows, try to deal with the heavily soiled areas first before cleaning the whole area. If you soak the entire area, you will be smearing the dirt onto the clean areas. Spot clean the caked-on dirt first, then polish with your glass cloth at the end.

  3. Don’t overspray.

    After removing the crud, you should only need the tiniest spray on the area you are cleaning, the more product you use, the harder it will be to clean off and the more time-consuming.lady cleaning and spraying windows

Best homemade streakless window cleaning solution

Hundreds of household glass cleaners are on the market, and some leave horrendous streaks!

I like to make my own streakless glass cleaner because it is cheaper than shop-bought products, smells fantastic, and never streaks! 

You can make a vinegar-based window cleaning solution using one part white vinegar to two parts distilled water.

I prefer to use rubbing alcohol for sparkling clean windows. Here is the recipe for my peppermint window cleaner, which is perfect for bathroom windows and shower doors!  

peppermint homemade window cleaner

You can replace the peppermint oil in your spray bottle with your favorite essential oil to make your window cleaning smell even better!

Top tips for streakless window cleaning

  • To avoid the build-up of watermarks on shower doors, try using a squeegee to wipe off all the drips every time you shower. It only takes seconds but saves so much time cleaning!
  • Remember to use a step ladder when cleaning windows out of reach!
  • If cleaning windows after home improvement, remember to remove all the builder’s dust before spraying your cleaner to avoid streaks and smears!
  • I have tried every product in the book over the years, for both professional and domestic window washing, and there is one product I keep returning to, as  I find it never streaks, Xanto Power Active window and glass cleaner is by far the best streak-free glass cleaner I’ve tried. I also use it on chrome for a streak-free finish.


What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Professional window cleaners use dish soap and a squeegee to clean the outside windows.

streakless window cleaning with a squeegee

How can you clean sash windows from the inside?

Pull both sashes down fully, clean the outside sash’s top half, then position the inner sash halfway up and clean the top half.

How do I clean really dirty and hazy outside windows?

Remove as much of the dirt as possible with a dry cloth or a vacuum, then clean as usual 

How should I clean window tracks?

Vacuum the tracks, then wipe down with a damp cloth.

How can a professional window cleaner make glass doors and windows so clean and fast when I struggle with Windex and newspapers?

The trick is to remove all the water before it has a chance to dry. They do this using a squeegee.

What are the best ways to remove water spots from car windows?

Read this post for the best way to remove water spots from cars

Is it ok to use dishwashing soap to clean car windows?

Dish soap is a great way to clean car windows as long as you remember to use a glass cloth like this to eliminate any streaks.

dish soap

Is it ok cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper?

Vinegar is a great homemade streakless window cleaner that gives great results. However, I’ve never had great results polishing with newspaper. I always prefer to polish with a glass cloth like this one.

Can you give me some tips on how to wash windows outside when I live in a multi-story flat

You can try using a magnetic window cleaner like this one to reach the outside of your windows.

So now you should be able to put your feet up and admire the views through your sparkling clean windows!

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How to get sparkling clean windows every time.

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    This was a really helpful article.I like chemical-free products. I agree with you that harsh chemicals can’t possibly be good for us. I use White vinegar and Water to make my own glass cleaner. It effectively removes fingerprints and other window grime. I also use a magnetic window cleaner when I need to clean a skyscraper’s window.

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      I’ve often wondered about the magnetic window cleaner and if they were any good . Although I’m not sure I’d be any use up a skyscraper! Yikes !

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