About me

If you want to learn more about me, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how I managed to know so much about homemaking and cleaning.


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My story

How do I know so much about cleaning?  Over 20 years of hard graft! I spent 12 years cleaning a sterile aseptic suite in a hospital pharmacy and over 10 years cleaning other people’s houses. There’s not much I don’t know about keeping things clean! I’m sharing with you all my professional cleaning secrets to make your home sparkle fizz and pop!

What do I know about parenting? I have two adopted children, one diagnosed with ADHD and attachment disorder, I’m learning every day and  I’m sharing what I’ve learned so far!

What do I know about organizing? I’ve spent over 10 years helping other people declutter and organize their homes. Now I’m passing on my tried and tested methods to help you be more productive.