How To Make My Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Work For You!

I’m one of those sad people who enjoy cleaning bathrooms, I think it’s one of the few jobs that makes a huge difference, for not too much effort! Knowing how to clean bathrooms quickly will speed up your cleaning time hugely. I’m sharing with you my bathroom cleaning checklist and a few bathroom cleaning hacks to make the job a whole lot easier and to save you tons of time!

You will need

  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Flat headed microfibre mop
  • Spray bottle with homemade soap scum remover
  • Disinfectant
  • Green scrubby or toilet brush
  • Glass cleaning cloths
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Bin bag.
  • Non-scratch scrubby

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One of the most important things to say about bathroom cleaning is that a little a day goes a very long way!

Every day I have a daily bathroom cleaning routine, I wipe the sink, window ledge and toilet over, and every few days I will clean the shower doors to prevent soap scum build up.

I have two very messy kids so it’s imperative for me to keep on top of things in my house, but you may find that you prefer to leave the bathroom cleaning schedule to just once a week. I find if I follow a house cleaning routine and do a little every day then the weekly bathroom clean up only takes about 10 minutes.

If you’re struggling to keep your home clean, follow my amazingly simple housework routine and weekly cleaning list by starting here!

How to clean your bathroom

  1. Remove everything from the bathroom

    This makes bathroom cleaning super quick and encourages you not to keep too much clutter in the bathroom. After you have cleaned the bathroom only return the absolutely necessary items, try to have nothing left out on window sills or countertops, make use of storage to make daily bathroom cleaning quick and easy!

  2. Vacuum the whole area first

    vacuum the whole area first before you use any water or cleaning products. This will remove any dust and hair and will speed up your cleaning time enormously!

  3. Clean all the mirrors

    Clean all mirrors, it’s ok to spot clean mirrors, try to only use a tiny bit of glass cleaner, this helps to prevent smears and also speeds up your cleaning time. To find out how to get streak free glass and chrome read this post. Remember if you are cleaning a mirrored cabinet to wipe the top!

  4. Clean the windows and window frames

    Clean windows and window frames.

  5. Open the window

    Open the windows to change the air and ventilate the area whilst you clean. Opening a window allows the air to flow freely and helps to prevent mould and mildew building up.

  6. Disinfect the light switches and handles

    I prefer to use a disinfectant spray for these areas to get into all the nooks and crannies such as screw heads etc

  7. Clean the tiles and grout

    I use a sonic brush to clean the grout in the shower and I use a flat mop to clean the tiles, I then dry them with a dry microfibre mop head. This makes the whole job so much quicker and helps you reach right up to the ceiling without needing to drag out the steps! You can buy special tile cleaner but I just dish soap and disinfectant or glass cleaner for high gloss tiles.

  8. Cull empty bottles and toilet rolls

    Because nobody else can find the bathroom bin!
    Throw away any empty shampoo and shower gel bottles. It’s easy to let empty bottles build up in the shower, I find it better to try to limit the number of bottles we use.

  9. Clean the shower doors

    Clean shower doors starting inside. The inside of the shower doors are the dirtiest so if you start there its easier to see the smears when cleaning the outside. I prefer to use a glass cleaner on the screens but I also like to give them a good clean with my homemade soap scrum remover as it just rinses away without having to scrub at all, you can download the printable for free when you subscribe to our updates here

    soap scum remover

  10. Clean the shower fixtures

    Clean shower fixtures and base. I like to use a cream cleanser to clean the shower base as it loosens up all the soap scum build up

  11. Clean the bath

    Spray some soap scum remover over the bath and let it start to work while you clean the toilet, then clean and rinse the bath

  12. Clean the toilet

    Clean the toilet, remembering to clean at the back and at the bottom of the toilet. To find out how to clean a toilet properly read this post.

  13. Clean the sink

    Clean the sink, don’t forget the underneath of the sink and the sink pedestal. Clean toothbrush holders and soap dispensers, attention to detail is a must in a bathroom to avoid soap scum build up.

  14. Change the towels

    Make sure you have a clean fluffy guest towel out at all times. You may need to change the towel daily if you have little kids as it wont stay clean for very long!

  15. Empty the bin

    Empty the bin then wipe the inside with soapy water and spray with and disinfectant. Dry the bin then replace the bin bag.

  16. Fill the toilet roll holder

    Fill the loo roll holder with spare loo rolls

  17. Mop the floor

    I use a flat headed mop and a solution of disinfectant and a drop of dish soap for detergent to mop the floors. When you use a flat mop you can change the mop head after 30 foot and wash the mop head when you’ve finished to avoid cross contamination.

You can download a free copy of my printable bathroom cleaning checklist here.

Bathroom cleaning checklist

Bathroom cleaning tips

  • Remember never to mix cleaning products together as it can cause potentially fatal toxic fumes.
  • Disinfectant needs to have a dwell time of approximately 10 minutes to kill bacteria.
  • Disinfectant does not clean, you will need to clean with a detergent before wiping with a disinfectant!
  • Bleach is the most effective way of killing Norovirus, to find out more read this post


What is the best product for cleaning bathroom tiles?

If you regularly clean your bathroom tiles, keep them clear of soap scum and keep the bathroom well ventilated with open windows, you shouldn’t need a special cleaner for your tiles.
You should be able to remove soap scum and watermarks with my homemade soap scum remover and a microfiber cloth.

Why is bathroom cleaning important?

There are approximately 3.2 million bacteria per square inch lurking on the toilet alone, so it is vitally important to withhold a high standard of cleaning in the bathroom to avoid cross-contamination.
The warm damp environment is the perfect place for bacteria and mould to thrive. It is important to keep the bathroom spotless and wash your hands after using the toilet to avoid cross-contamination.

What is the best way to clean off hard water stains from bathroom tiles?

To remove hard water spots off bathroom tiles, use a white vinegar and baking soda paste to break up the mineral deposits, and scrub with a non-scratch scrubby. Rinse well and dry immediately to avoid any more deposits being left. To avoid future build-up of mineral deposits try to open a window after showering to circulate the air.

What’s the best way to clean a bathroom?

I prefer to do a few jobs from the bathroom cleaning checklist each day so my bathroom is always clean.

How do I get my housemates to help clean the bathroom?

This is a very good question! I’ve lived in house shares and can tell you now that no one else ever cleaned the bathrooms. (or anywhere else for that matter). Having a daily bathroom cleaning checklist didn’t work, neither did a cleaning rota or timetable.
I quickly realised that a lot of people don’t care about living in squalor. therefore, if you want to have a clean bathroom the chances are you’ll need to clean it yourself! It will be great practice for when you have a spouse and kids!
Do a few jobs off the printable bathroom checklist and you’ll soon see that it stays reasonably clean even when you’re the only one in the house cleaning it!

What are the best bathroom cleaning products?

Bath Power smells lovely and leaves a great shine on baths
CIF cleaner to remove soap scum and product build-up
Glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol for glass, chrome, and gloss surfaces
Glass cloth for all shiny surfaces
Zoflora lemon zing for a beautiful fresh smell after cleaning
vinegar & dish soap for soap scum removal
flat mop with spare heads
Green scrubby to clean the toilet.

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