Shark vacuum brush not spinning? Follow these simple steps to get it working like the first day you brought it home.  

I love my shark duo pet hair power brush, it’s the best vacuum I’ve ever had, but it is very annoying when I’m in the middle of an enormous housework purge, and it doesn’t pick up as well as it should.

Luckily the shark vacuums are designed to be easily dismantled at home, so it’s usually very quick and easy to discover where the fault is situated. 

easy to dismantle shark duo

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Why is my Shark vacuum brush not spinning? 

There may be a few signs that your shark roller brush is not working. 

  • The roll indicator light is red or there are no lights on at all.   
  • Your vacuum cleaner suddenly stops picking up as well as it usually does and seems to be losing power.  
  • The brush bar stops spinning.  
  • The vacuum starts spitting out debris when not in use, leaving piles of dirt on the floor as you lift it up. 

All of these problems can be really frustrating, especially if your vacuum starts spitting debris back out after vacuuming!

Today we are going to run through a few simple steps to make sure that your shark vacuum cleaner stays problem-free. 

I shall be using the shark duo cordless model to talk you through the steps. I think the process is pretty much the same on the shark upright vacuum models such as the shark rotator, shark rocket, or the shark lift away

Firstly it is necessary to say that the shark duo models do tend to get quite tangled with hair around the rotator brush. I tend to get rid of this after every use, to keep it tangle-free, and to save me from taking my cleaner apart every few weeks.  

Likewise, it is essential to clean the filter every 30 days to avoid loss of suction.  I usually keep a spare one so I don’t have to wait 24 hours for it to dry, you can get one here

Is your shark vacuum brush not spinning?  

Try these trouble shooting tips! 

  1. Check you are using carpet mode. 

    If you have the settings on floor mode, then the brush roll will not spin. If the setting is on carpet mode, then the brush will spin.

  2. Check to make sure your vacuum hasn’t got a blockage. 

    Always make sure you turn the power switch off before you start to dismantle your machine. 
     The beauty of the shark duo is that all the vacuum cleaner parts come apart so that if you do have a blockage, you can see exactly where it is. 

    Check that there isn’t a blockage in the easy to empty dust cup. You can usually see if there’s an obstruction once you have cleared the dust cup. 

    Check there aren’t any obstructions in the hose, you can check this by pressing the quick release foot pedal and removing the hose. You should then be able to see straight through the tube to make sure there are no blockages causing loss of suction. You could try dropping a small coin through the hose, and it should come straight through to the other end. 

    Check the motorized floor nozzle to make sure nothing is blocking the rollers, hose, or any debris in the wheels. You can do this by removing the floor nozzle if you haven’t already, by pressing the quick release foot pedal, then look underneath for any obstructions.
    If the spinning brush roll is clogged with lots of hair and other debris that could explain why the shark vacuum brush is not spinning.

    • To remove any hair caught in the vacuum cleaner’s brush roll, remove it by pressing the brush roll access buttons and removing the brush roll. 

    • I use a stitch picker to loosen the tangled hair etc. , as I find it works better than anything thing else, you could carefully use scissors. Shark does have a tool specially designed to remove hair; you could try emailing their customer care department for advice on where to purchase one from.  

    shark vacuum tangled with hair

  3. Clean the filters

    • You should clean the filter every month to avoid loss of suction. 
    • It’s straightforward to do, you just remove the dust cap or lid on the top of the vacuum handle, remove the sponge filter and run it under warm water for a few minutes until the water runs clear.

    • Do the same to the little filter which holds the sponge.

    • Leave both parts to dry for at least 24 hours. If you use the filter before it has dried, then your vacuum will end up smelling like a wet dog!
    If you can’t wait for twenty-four hours you could buy a spare filter here.

    how to wash shark duo filters

  4. Reassemble all the parts of your vacuum and switch it on.

    If you’ve cleared all the blockages and have a delightfully clean filter, your vacuum should work, and the lights should be green on the powerhead.  

  5. Check that your vacuum is working

    Turn on your vacuum, check that the lights are on green, if there are no lights there is no blockage and it’s ok to carry on, if the lights are a solid red then there may be a problem that you still need to sort out. 

  6. Consult customer services

    If you think your shark has broken or the red light is still showing, contact customer services who will be able to help you troubleshoot any problems, it may mean you need a new drive belt or something equally as simple. 

How to keep your shark vacuum in good working order. 

  • Make sure you clean your filters every four weeks, more often if you are vacuuming after construction. 
  • Clear the spinning roller bar after each use to keep it clear of junk and debris.  
  • Empty the dust cup after every use to avoid clogging. 
emptying the dust cap shark duo
  • Make sure you are not vacuuming up bits of string, bobby pins, bits of paper and sweet wrappers. Because, although it’s tempting to vacuum up that bit of Lego instead of bending down to pick it up, it will very likely break your vacuum after long! 

To read all about how the shark duo gets under all the furniture read this super quick post!

Frequently asked questions 

My shark vacuum roller brush starts then stops, what is happening? 

It is probably due to a blockage somewhere; it is best to follow the steps above for a clog-free vacuum.  

Where is the shark vacuum brush bar reset button? 

The shark brush-bar reset button can be found on the underside of the vacuum. 

What does it mean when the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light is not on?  

If the shark is working correctly, the lights will be green, if the roll is jammed or the shark is overheating the red light will be on. 

My shark rotator won’t turn on what is the problem? 

Sometimes the collection canister, if it is not locked incorrectly, will stop the shark rotator from working, this is often the case if it is slightly worn, remove the collection canister the re-click it back into place to see if that works. 

Now you’ve read all about keeping your shark vacuum clean, why not read how to clean the hall stairs and landing like a professional!

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shark vacuum brush not spinning

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