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As a busy mum of two kids, there’s not a lot I haven’t experienced as a parent.

If I hit a problem on the road, I found the solution and it’s my job to share as many parenting shortcuts with you as possible.

I have a child who is diagnosed with ADHD and I know the struggles parents face each day with children with special needs.


An Open Letter To Someone Who Gets Hurt By Their Aggressive ADHD Child

aggressive adhd child

You can’t understand it, you love your child with all your heart. He is the love of your life. You love spending time with him, but he hurts you. You don’t see other parents getting abused by their child, yet this is happening to you almost every single day, you’re exhausted, broken, and drained. You […]

Starting High School: How To Prepare Your Child.

starting high school

 Remember the terrifying feeling of the first day at high school? My experience was rather dreadful as I’d just moved to a new area and didn’t have anyone to start my new school with. It was the ’70s and parents didn’t coddle us as much as we do these days. I remember cycling to school […]

What You Need To Know: The Pros And Cons Of ADHD Medication.

Our seven-year-old little boy is an amazing little person, with a fabulous personality, he’s charming, funny, loving, and very comical, he also has ADHD. My partner and I are blessed to be his parents, however, from a very young age, we always knew there was something unique about him but struggled with the stigma of […]

The One Big Reason Your Toddler Refuses To Sit On The Potty!

toddler sitting on a potty

Starting to potty train your child can be very daunting for most parents. Even after you have mastered potty training with an older child you suddenly realize your toddler refuses to sit on the potty! Everything you thought you knew about potty training goes out of the window as you struggle to get your 3-year-old […]

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? How To Kill Nits: The Facts

does hair dye kill lice

It’s the moment we all dread, your child starts scratching their head. Not just the usual little itchy scratch, it’s the frantic “there’s something crawling in my hair” scratch, and you know you’re going to be in for a long night! Head lice are prevalent at your kid’s school and your child has just gone […]