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Take your kitchen skills to another level with our meal planning guides.

Don’t get caught on the hop when you’re in a hurry, follow our freezer meal and batch cooking for beginners guide for quick and easy family meals!

When you start to meal plan you’ll find that your life becomes a whole lot more organised around meal times. you will also save tons of money on groceries and food wastage!

How To Make Perfect Rice Every Time With The Ninja Foodi

perfect bowl of ninja foodi rice

I’m rather excited to write this post about my brand-new kitchen gadget. Now, we’ve all made the mistake of buying an expensive gadget like a cold press juicer, which has ended up in the back of the kitchen cupboard, never to be seen again. When I splashed out on the new Ninja Foodi pressure cooker, I was […]

How To Cook Beef Brisket In The Slow Cooker

slow cooker beef brisket

My other half loves to come home after working 16 hours to a delicious home-cooked meal. It’s not always easy to negotiate the kid’s karate lessons with his arrival home, so, one of my go-to meals is slow cooker beef brisket in the crockpot. It literally couldn’t be any easier and can be prepared in […]

How To Cook 6lb Of Ground Beef In The Slow Cooker.

slow cooker bulk ground beef

I’m very excited to share this life-changing tip for cooking ground beef, in the slow cooker, in bulk. For anyone who is super busy and doesn’t have time to home cook dinners from scratch every night, then this is the post for you! Stock up your freezer with pre-cooked ground beef and save yourself time […]

How To Stop Being Terrified Of Eating Chips!

healthy way of eating chips Actifry.

I am a chip addict; there I’ve said it! Any chips will do, but homemade chips are my absolute favourite. So, how can we start eating chips without worrying about weight gain?   There is a healthier alternative to the good old chip pan of the 70’s and the chips are so much lower in calories. I […]

How To Make Amazingly Quick And Easy Kids Soup

leek and chickpea kids soup

Did you know there may be up to 2.6g of salt in some of the most popular 400g cans of kids soup? Which is just under half of the recommended daily amount for an adult. I can think of no better reason for adding homemade soup to your list of freezer meals. We have come […]

The Ultimate Guide To Batch Cooking For Beginners

how to batch cook for beginners.

Knowing how to batch cook can be daunting for the first time. Batch cooking for beginners will teach you how to batch cook for the week, freeze meals and make a meal plan. We will talk you through batch cooking some healthy meal ideas. You can download our monthly meal planner here. After a busy […]

How To Prepare And Organize Your Food For The Week

healthy smoothy meal prep bags .

This post shows you how to prepare all the food you need to get healthy dinners on the table in minutes. Meal planning and wise food storage are critical for preparing your meals. We will show you some tips and tricks using simple meal-prep bags to stay organized throughout the week and speed up your […]

The Ultimate Guide To Monthly Meal Planning For Beginners

meal planning for beginners

Are you ready to become a master of meal planning? Whether it’s your first time or not, this post is the perfect guide! We’ll take things one step at a time and discuss how batch cooking – otherwise known as Cooking in Bulk- helps save both money and precious minutes. With our monthly meal plan […]

How to Save Money With My Pantry Inventory Template

pantry inventory template

Are you sick of making meals in a hurry? Are you winging most mealtimes with something you’ve excavated out of the bottom of the freezer? We discuss how to save money on your grocery bill and get super organized with my fabulous pantry inventory and freezer inventory templates! I was sick of staring blankly into the […]