How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

I love a good pressure wash. There’s nothing more satisfying than to power wash the dirt and grime ready for the summer months, but how often should you pressure wash your house and exterior? In this post, I will be sharing some super jet washing tips!

What is pressure washing? 

Pressure washing or power washing is the use of a high-pressure jet of water to blast away any dirt and debris from an exterior surface.

Type of dirt that can be removed by a pressure washer:

  • Mould 
  • Mildew 
  • Chewing gum 
  • Dirt 
  • Mud 
  • Moss 
  • Dust 
  • Tree sap 
  • Acid rain 
  • Heavy manufacturing pollution 
  • Exhaust fumes 
  • Grime  
  • Loose paint  

Type of surface you can use a pressure washer on:

  • Buildings 
  • Decking 
  • Railings  
  • Boats
  • Caravans 
  • Motorhomes 
  • Bikes 
  • Paving stones 
  • Walls 
  • Asphalt 
  • Concrete drives 
  • Patio furniture 
  • Vehicles 
  • Fences  
  • Concrete 

Benefits of pressure washing your home: 

  • Driveways, fences, patios, and paving stone all look super when they are sparkling clean, and this helps to give your home curb appeal, look neat and manicured. 
  • Pressure washing your paths helps to prevent the slimy surface, which can be very slippery for kids and the elderly. 

How often should I pressure wash my house? 

This is a good question and really depends on:  

  • The age of your home 
  • The area you live in
  • Home improvements   

The age of your home:  

Unless you live in a new-build, I would strongly recommend not jet washing your house. Power washing can strip the cement from between the bricks and the water can leak into any cracks you may have in the walls or rendering and in some cases crack your bricks.

Jetwashing can also chip away at any paint you may have on your property and make it start to flake.

Soft pressure washing might be an option for older houses, it may be wise to contact a professional pressure washing service and have them give you a free quote for the job. 

The area you live:  

Some houses will be more prone to grime from exhaust fumes from heavy traffic or dirt from tree sap and if you live in a newish home you may power wash your house to get rid of any dirt. Remember, any surface being pressure washed should be approached with care. 

Home improvements:

Sometimes a residential painting company will use a pressure washer to blast off any old paint before they start painting the exterior. You should take great care to ensure that the surface is dry before painting exterior walls or wood. Otherwise, you may find that the water becomes sealed in and problems occur. 

If you want to know more about how to pressure wash a house before painting contact a reputable domestic or commercial painting company and ask them to run through the procedure with you before they start any exterior painting. 

What is the best time to power wash my home? 

 The best time to pressure wash your home and exterior would be at the end of each season: 

  • The end of winter is the best time to get rid of any mold, mildew, and moss, it’s a good time to give the exterior a general clean to give it more curb appeal. Take care to wait until the weather has warmed up or you may find yourself in the middle of an ice rink!
  •  Jet washing at the end of autumn is prime time to get rid of any leaf mulch, moss, and decomposition.  
  • The end of the spring is the perfect time to jet wash driveways, patios, barbeques, and garden furniture and get ready for a long lazy summer in the garden!
  •  The end of the summer is an excellent time to get rid of any tree sap and dust. The sun should be shining so the drying will take less time.  

Frequently asked questions 

How often should you power wash vinyl siding? 

Check with your installer on this one, but it is usually recommended once a year. If it’s not particularly dirty you could get away with once every 2-3 years depending on where you live. 

How long does it take to power wash a house?  

It depends on how dirty your house is. It took me a full day to power wash my drive last week, but it was full of winter moss and had years of dirt ground into it. Jetwashing is a time-consuming job so make sure you set some time aside, especially for the clearing up afterward!

Can my house get damage from power washing too often? 

Again, the answer to this depends on the age of your house. Cladding could be damaged, and the mortar may get chipped away if it is particularly soft, so unless your home is in excellent condition i wouldn’t go overboard with the pressure washing! 

How often should you pressure wash your deck?  

To keep the number of algae, moss and mould to a minimum, try to power wash your decking once a year. 

power wash decking

How often should I pressure wash my concrete driveway? 

You should pressure wash your concrete driveway once a year to remove grime and debris. 

What should I never do while pressure washing? 

1) Stay away from electrical panels and meters. 
2) Never pressure wash animals, humans or plants.  
3) Never pressure wash interior painting, exterior wood sidings or air conditioners.   
4) Never pressure wash whilst on a ladder or roof as the pressure can blast you off! 
5) Lead paint should be removed and disposed of properly, do not try to remove it with a power washer
6) Avoid power washing old mortar, there is a good chance it will be blasted away. 
7) Never pressure wash windows as the glass may shatter or break. 
8) Do not power-wash gutters as they may get pulled down, clean them out by hand then rinse out with a soft hose.

power washing gutter

Can you advise me how to pressure wash a brick house?  

I think it’s best to use a stiff brush and soapy water to wash brick rather than power washing as the water can get in-between the bricks and mortar and cause problems later on. 

Should I pressure wash my house before painting? 

I would advise against pressure washing your home before painting it unless you can make sure it is completely dry before painting

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how often should you pressure wash your house
How often should you pressure wash your house

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