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How To Write An Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letter.

elf on the shelf goodbye letter free printable

When the holiday season is nearly over and parents are cheering at the thought of getting rid of the Elf On The Shelf, it can be especially difficult for the little ones to say goodbye.  It can be quite a challenging time to negotiate through all the sadness of saying goodbye coupled with the excitement […]

Want Need Wear Read, How To Do The 4 Present Rule.

4 present rule , two ladies exchanging gifts

Christmas has become a time of extraordinary excess, which sees a lot of people struggling to pay for Christmas gifts and food. Gift giving has lost its meaning as parents are pressured to buy the latest, most expensive must-have gadget or item of clothing.  Parents feel that if they don’t spend tons of money on […]

How To Supercharge Your Christmas Preparations.

christmas cleaning, a small pile of Christmas presents

Christmas preparations! It’s that grizzly time of the year again when we’ve got a humongous list of things to do and a minuscule amount of time to get it done! We battle through the crowds, grasp last-minute presents, write cards that don’t get sent because we’ve missed the last Christmas post. We have expected guests, unexpected guests, food to prepare, drink to […]

Why You Need To Grab This Free Elf Arrival Letter Today!

Elf on the shelf arrival letter

It’s that time of the year again! It’s nearly November and as we all know, in December they’ll be back! All kids love the elf on the shelf,  however parents everywhere are pulling their hair out,  with yet another thing to remember at this busy time of the year!  Hundreds of panic-filled parents are trying to […]