A Professionals Guide To The Best Mop For Tiled Floors

With the trend for tiling becoming ever more popular, I’m asked regularly, “what is the best mop for tiled floors? “In this post, I will give you the low down on all the mops I’ve worked with and advise you which one was the best.

I’m going to say it: as a professional cleaner, I was not too fond of floor cleaning. It was the bane of my life, especially high gloss tile floors.
In the 13 years that I cleaned other people’s homes, I’ve cleaned virtually every type of flooring that you can imagine.

Wooden floors were my least favorite to clean, and they were torture to get sparkling and clean looking and always seemed to have a residue on them. That coupled with the fact you can’t over-wet them was a misery!

Kitchens with underfloor heating were an ordeal as spills were baked into the floor and were almost impossible to remove.

In my quest for discovering the best mop for tiled floors, I’ve tried steam mops, stainless steel mop buckets, microfiber mops, microfiber spin mops, and mops with a water tank. The list is endless. I’ve done the hard work for you, and here are my observations on each different type of mop!

What is the best steam mop for cleaning tile floors?

The Shark Steam Pocket
The first time I ever used one of these steam mops was at a client’s home. I was very impressed with it, and you handle it just like using a vacuum cleaner. If you notice a stubborn stain, you need to keep the steamer on the spot for several seconds before removing it.

After filling the water container once, I cleaned the bathroom, hall, kitchen, and living room. It heats up instantly, and once you turn it on after roughly 30 seconds, you can clean.

The microfiber mop pads are easy to put on and remove because of the simple design. They are machine washable and come out of the machine like brand new. Please do not tumble dry the pads, as this will make them shrink.

I cleaned ceramic tiles, and they dried within minutes, with very little mess. It cleanses the floor better than using a mop and bucket.

After using this mop, the steamer cleaning pad is filthy, and this is because the microfibre picks up and holds onto the dirt rather than just pushing it around. Frequent changing after roughly 30 ft of cleaning is advised for the best results.

The mop head has the option of flipping over to blast out a powerful jet of steam to dislodge stubborn stains.

The lead is very long, so you can get around the house without having to keep plugging it in everywhere. It packs away tidily and neatly. It comes with two spare cleaning pads and a measuring jug. The tank is easy to fill and only takes a few seconds.

It’s not too heavy, therefore, it is easy to lift for those of us with back pain.

It made mopping effortless and cleaned the floor without any hard work.

For best results, mop at an even pace. Mop slowly and steadily when pushing, so the steam lifts all the dirt.

I would recommend the Shark Steam Pocket if you have many floors to mop and are fed up using a messy mop and bucket.
It saves a lot of time and effort when cleaning an extensive flooring area.

The mop heats up in seconds and keeps its steam production throughout use. I used the high setting in high traffic areas and medium settings in the lower traffic areas.

I recommend this mop for cleaning tiled floors swiftly and efficiently without the hard slog.

The Bissell 1940 power fresh steam. I used this to clean my client’s tiled kitchen and hallway. You also get a wall mount that you can connect to the wall to store the equipment easily. Again it’s straightforward to add the water to the tank.

The only thing I would improve is the length of the power cable. You get a good host of extra cleaning heads stored on the steamer.

The other option is the Hoover Floormate Deluxe hard floor cleaner, which has excellent reviews.
Steam cleaning sometimes transfers dirty water around, then the water evaporates. The dirt then settles down into the textured part of the tile and grout.

The Hoover Floormate Deluxe washes, scrubs, and removes the dirty water from the floor. You can see the dirt in the water tank and know that the floor is clean. It gets into small spaces and edges, nooks, and crannies. This is one of the best mops for tiled floors.

Different types of floor mops for cleaning tiled floors tiles

  1. Sponge mop.

    The sponge mop is a long handle with a fold-up sponge attached to the end. The sponge folds in half to assist with wringing.
    I find these sponges cumbersome and messy to use. They tend to leave too much foam on the floor and are difficult to rinse out. When the sponge is worn, you can replace it with a new one. However, it’s not easy to clean your mop during or after use. I don’t think this is the best mop for tile floors.

    colour coded mop

  2. String mop

    A string mop works well as long as you have wrung it out properly. They are cumbersome to work with and can be pretty messy.
    It’s tricky to get into the corners with a string mop, and often I felt as if I was pushing the dirt around the room. Due to the mess and the fact it didn’t pick up the dirt, I don’t think it’s the best mop for tiled floors.string mop

  3. O Cedar easy wring microfiber mop.

    I had a new client that insisted that I use all her products which I dread. She had this easy wring microfiber spin mop/bucket and requested I use it. I was dreading using it as I prefer to use my equipment. However, I tried it and was really impressed!
    Cleaning laminate is tricky as there are always streaks, so I dry the floor thoroughly immediately after mopping to make it look immaculate.
    The O cedar microfiber mop uses salad-spinner technology with a foot pedal. The wetness of the mophead is customizable, depending on how hard you push the lever. Keeping the mop head only slightly damp allows you to use more pressure to pick up more stubborn grime without creating puddles. The floor dries faster, which leaves fewer streaks.
    To remove the mop head, stand on the edges of the mop head, lift the handle and the head comes off.
    The mop head is machine washable but does not tumble dry.
    To read how to clean high gloss tiles to a streak-free finish with this spin mop, read this post.

  4. Steam mop

    I’ve used a few steam mops in my time, and I can only say that you get what you pay for! The cheaper mops were often ineffective and not user-friendly, but the Bissell 1940 and the Shark steam pocket are worth every penny. They are invaluable over a large area of flooring.

    steam mop

  5. Spray mop

    I was excited to use my first spray mop as I thought it would be great to get rid of the mop and bucket. However, I was soon disillusioned as I found it cumbersome to use. When using these floor cleaning mops, I could never spray the cleaner where I wanted it and often spattered the walls or furniture. After using it for a few months, I ditched this cleaner as I didn’t think it was the best cleaner for tiled floors because of the mess and the bulkiness when I needed to store it.

    spray mop

  6. Microfibre Mop

    What’s the best mop to use on a ceramic tile floor?
    If you’d like to get away from buckets of dirty water and germ-riddled mop heads when cleaning tile floors, then this is the mop for you!
    The mop for floor cleaning I used for over 13 years is the ecloth deep cleaning mop with a removable mop head.

    Why do I like this mop?

    The ecloth mop is quick, easy, and light to use. It does an excellent job. The slim mop head swivels and enables the mop to get to places other mops can’t.
    The telescopic handle means you can use it to get into difficult-to-reach places and is customizable in height to each person cleaning with it. It is super lightweight, making it effortless to dust walls, ceilings, baseboard, and bathroom tiles. You can see how I clean my baseboards with it in this post.

    You don’t need to use any harsh chemicals. Just dampen the cloth, then mop!
    It makes cleaning tile floors effortless. You can use it alongside disinfectant and other tile floor cleaners to sanitize the floor. I sometimes use a homemade floor cleaning solution for tiled floors, using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, and water with a dash of essential oil.

    I have both the dry dusting mop head and the microfiber wet heads. I dry mop or vacuum first, then go over with the wet head.

    Because you can wring the mop head out before fixing it to the mop, the floor doesn’t end up soaking wet, and it dries very quickly to limit streaking.

    The mop head picks up stray dust and hair, so any missed bits are caught up and not trailed around the floor. It’s light and makes bathroom cleaning easy.

    You can use a dry microfiber mop head to dry the floor to eliminate streaks. It’s the best mop for glossy floor tiles.

    You can buy a dry dusting mop head to remove pet hair in between mopping.

    Because it has a telescopic handle, making it very easy to store away.

    The difficulty with a standard mop is that it can’t cover a wide space efficiently, resulting in longer cleaning times.

    This mop’s broad head makes it easy to clean rooms very quickly. The ecloth mop head is straightforward to change, and I would swap mop heads every 30 feet or when moving room to room if you are cleaning your own home. The removable mop heads make it super easy to change to a clean mop head after every 30 feet, so it’s much more hygienic than mops with a fixed head.

    The mop head takes less than 30 seconds to remove and fit a new one on. You can machine wash the mop pads but do not tumble dry them as they will shrink.

    The ecloth mop can clean tiled walls and floors in bathrooms, and then you can use clean mop heads for cleaning different rooms to prevent cross-contamination.

    I can pull the mop out when I need to give the floors a quick dusting by using the dry dusting mop head. This is fabulous if you are cleaning wooden floors every day!

    It’s a moderately priced mop, light to use, easily maneuverable, and gets into all areas, including underneath white goods, because of its flat design. It even goes around the back of the toilet and under the overhang of the white goods.

    The mop is strong enough to take a lot of weight when you have to push hard to clean stubborn spots.
    The floor dries quickly because you’re not using lots of liquid.
    The mop heads are of good quality, very absorbent, and lift most grime from the floors.

    The ecloth mop is the best floor mop for tiles because it’s inexpensive compared to other floor cleaners and steam mops.

    It is the best manual mop for tile floors that I have used throughout my cleaning career, and the one I started my business with has served me for over 13 years.

    If you’re in any doubt about what the best mop for tiled floors is get an ecloth mop you won’t be disappointed!

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What is the best way to mop a tile floor?

I prefer to mop from the front to the back of the room, working from left to right, so I don’t go over the same area twice. I take my mop heads with me, so I don’t walk over the wet floor to get to the sink.

What is the best mop for tile and hardwood floors?

As you can see from above, my favored mop for tile and wood floors is the ecloth mop. I love this mop for wooden floors because you can use it only slightly damp, so you do not over-wet the wood.

What is the best electric mop for tile floors?

I have to say I love the Bissel 1940 Power Fresh steam as I found that it scrubbed and lifted the dirt rather than pushing it around.

What is the best mop for scrubbing floors?

If I need to scrub a floor, I prefer to get down on my hands and knees with a scrubbing brush and a bucket of soapy water, as I believe you can get rid of stubborn stains better than you can by using a mop. If you have trouble bending, then I would say the Bissell 1940 power fresh steam is the best mop for tiled floors.

What is the best mop for dirty textured tile floors?

I find that dirty textured floors are challenging to clean with a mop, and I prefer to get down on my hands and knees with a scrubbing brush.

What is the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors?

I love my Shark Duo cordless for vacuuming before I mop as it is lightweight, gets in all the corners, has a fantastic array of tools, and converts to a handheld vacuum seamlessly. It also folds away into a tiny cupboard for storage. You can read my post about it here.

Which is more effective mopping or vacuum cleaning?

The golden rule for mopping is to vacuum first; otherwise, you are just pushing the dirt around the room, and it will be impossible to get your floors clean.

How can you mop a floor without a mop?

The good old-fashioned way, get on your knees with a scrubbing brush and a bucket of soapy water. Rinse well, then dry the area well as you go to prevent streaks. Remember to protect your knees by leaning on a soft knee pad like this one.

What is the best tile floor cleaner?

I don’t use anything specific on my floor tiles, mainly just soapy water. After I have washed the floor, I will give it a final rinse with disinfectant.

Are steam mops good for laminate floors?

I wouldn’t use a steam mop on laminate floors as I worry about causing damage to the seal and finish.
I would stick to using the ecloth mop, which you can use very slightly damp, and then I would dry the floor straight away with a dry cleaning pad. This will prevent your laminate floor from getting too wet and spoiling the finish. You have better control of the amount of moisture you are exexpose laminate floors to when using an ecloth mop.

What is the best wood hard floor cleaner?

If you need any guidance on wooden floor care, Debbie at www.theflooringgirl.com has got some great information on her website.

What do you think is the best way to clean tile floors let us know in the comments!

Now you’ve read about the best mop for tiled floors, why not read about how to clean the hall stairs and landing.

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