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A question I get asked every Christmas is; “Do you have any tips to organize gift wrap and gift wrapping supplies?”
I love to have an organized area for storing wrapping paper, and in this post, I will share with you some top tips and storage solutions for keeping your gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons and wrapping paper rolls all nicely neat.

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Here’s what you will need to keep your gift wrap supplies organized and tidy :
✔️Plastic wallets or zippered files
Plastic wallets like these ones enable you to keep all of your items separate, so if you’re looking for a ribbon or a balloon, then you can put your hand on the correct file without having to rummage through several drawers messing everything up.

✔️Plastic zip lock bags
I use these for smaller items such as bells, pompoms, stamps, etc. These can be used to separate the smaller items then placed with other decorative items.

✔️Plastic storage box, bag, or a deep drawer
A storage bag like this one, a deep drawer, or a storage box like this one, is the ideal storage system for wrapping paper as it keeps everything out of sight, easy to access, and keeps things nice and tidy.

If you use plastic wallets, keeping them labeled with the contents may be nice, so you know what you have to hand. I love this Brother Label Maker to keep things organized.

✔️Sharpie pen
The standard way to write on your labels!

How to organize gift wrap accessories.

Firstly separate everything you have into two piles, birthdays and Christmas.

Then start on one of these piles and divide each item into :

  • Paper gift bags
  • Ribbon
  • Tissue paper
  • Bells, pom poms, and other decorations
  • Balloons
  • Candles
  • Gift wrap
  • Cards
  • Sticky tape
  • Stamps
  • Gift tags and bows


Place all the smaller items such as bows, balloons, ribbons, and pompoms into separate zip lock bags, then put the ziplock bags into a plastic wallet like this one named “decorations.”

 organize gift wrap and ribbons

Tissue paper

It is always handy to have some brightly colored tissue paper like this to stuff those gift bags. I always have a supply on hand as it makes every gift look extra special. I store mine in a plastic wallet like this one labeled ” tissue paper.”


I always have spare cards for all ages and gender. I also keep thank you cards, blank cards, birth cards, sympathy, and wedding cards for any occasion. I put the cards in a plastic wallet like this one, with contents listed, so I know what’s there without having to root through each time. Organizing cards this way helps the cards to stay in perfect condition.

How to organize wrapping paper and gift bags.

There are several ways to organize gift wrap and gift bags

  1. Large drawer.

    I store everything in a long deep drawer. I use the one in the sideboard, but any drawer in a divan bed would work just as well for gift wrap organization.

  2. Gift wrap storage box

    The other storage ideas for organizing wrapping paper are a wrapping paper storage box like this one. I love these wrapping paper holders as they are sturdy and stack vertically, so take up less real estate. There is plenty of room for 20 rolls and all your accessories too.

  3. Under the bed storage

    The second option you could try is an under-the-bed storage box like this one which is an easy way to store wrapping paper as it slides under the bed.

  4. Gift wrap organizer bag

    A gift wrapping organizer like this one is one of the best wrapping paper storage solutions available, as it can store under the bed, in the wardrobe, in the loft, or in the basement. It has space for all your accessories, like ribbons, scissors, and sticky tape. It is a handy wrapping paper storage container to have around the home and is useful as a wrapping station. When you are ready to wrap presents, you can pull them out quickly and easily.

  5. Garment bag

    A suit bag like this one is a great wrapping paper storage hack, especially for people who live in a small home with zero storage space. A suit holder can store many rolls of gift wrap and is excellent for Christmas paper storage as it can be put away in the closet and forgotten about until next year, keeping your gift wrap clean and unsquashed! You could also hang a suit bag on the back of a door for easy access during the Christmas holidays or if you are short of closet space.

  6. Laundry basket

    Using a laundry basket is an excellent way to organize wrapping paper, as it keeps the rolls upright and protects them from getting bashed. The only downside to this hack is that you will still need to find a space to organize your other wrapping supplies, such as ribbons and gift bags.

  7. Frakta Ikea trolly bag

    The large blue bags you find at Ikea like this one hold up to 80 rolls of paper. It’s a cheap and cheerful homemade wrapping paper storage you can sort in a few minutes!! I used one of these bags for years as a gift wrap station and found it useful to take to my mother-in-laws to wrap gifts without the worry of being seen by my kids. It is so portable!

  8. Ikea carrier bag holder

    You can use a plastic bag organizer from Ikea like this one, for organizing gift wrap, it can be fixed to the wall or stand on the floor at the back of the cupboard or closet, and it keeps the rolls upright. My only complaint with this method is that you will need to find a space to store all your other bits and bobs.

  9. Kitchen bin

    If you have an old kitchen bin knocking about, then you’ll be pleased to know that it is the perfect size for gift-wrapping storage and can tuck nicely away inside a cupboard.

  10. Pillow bag

    If you get new pillows, the clear zip-up bag that the pillows come in is perfect for organizing gift wrap.

How to organize gift bags

I love gift bags. They are so quick and easy to use for those last-minute gifts you may not remember that you can recycle them many times, and when you stuff them with brightly colored tissue paper, they can make even the most boring gift seem exciting to receive. I often have a considerable stash of gift bags like these to use at any moment, so how do we store gift bags and prevent them from getting crumpled and bashed?

I store all my smaller gift bags in a plastic wallet like this one as a gift bag storage container, anything that doesn’t fit inside this wallet then gets stored inside the largest gift bag and laid flat within my drawer.

Some friends of mine use this hanging gift bag organizer in the closet for organizing gift bags and keeping them neat and tidy.

Do you have any unusual tips to organize gift wrap and accessories? Let us know in the comments!

I’d like to know how to organize gift wrap ribbon, mine seems to be out of control.

I prefer to keep my ribbon on rolls to keep them tidy, but if your ribbon is not on rolls, you can wind it up and secure it with a rubber band. All the rolls of ribbon can then be stored in a small zip-lock bag

I have no space, so should I declutter gift bags to make space?

I’m a great believer in waste not want not, and gift bags are no exception. Try to keep the gift bags that are in the very best condition. Get rid of any bags that are tattered or creased. Knowing how to store gift bags without taking up drawer space can be quite challenging, but this hanging wrapping paper organizer is the ideal solution!

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