How To Get Your Life In Order.

You’re geared up for success, you work hard, have a healthy diet, you spend time with your family, you work at keeping your house clean, but you still don’t feel you can get organized or in control, and you don’t know how to get your life in order.

You think about how other people seem to have it all together, and get everything right, they know when their kids have activities, they know when projects are due,  you assume they’re on top of their game at work, they always look put together, and their house is perfectly clean. And you sit and wonder how to get your life in order.

You ask yourself why you missed that important meeting, or forgot your kid’s swimming kit, or feel your house is dirty and disorganised; you wish you could spend more time with your kids rather than trying to juggle work commitments and chores.

In this post, we will give you tips, tricks and tools to get organised and we will show you how to get your life in order without any stress!

Reasons you may struggle to stay organised

It’s not easy to get your life in order and stay organised, and everyone has their battles to deal with,  many people have commitments such as:

  • Lack of free time
  • Chronic pain or illness
  • Ill family members or family members with special needs
  • Lack of support from family members
  • A spouse who is absent most of the time.
  • Being a single parent
  • Financial instability
  • Elderly relatives living at home
  • Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • A very demanding work schedule
  • A  very demanding job or business.
  • After school activities
  • University or work commitments
  • Busy family life
  • Having a new baby, small children or both.

Many people struggle to cope every day; there isn’t a magic potion we can use to have more hours in the day or to have a spouse who is home at 5.30 every day, or a pain-free day. But there is an “order” in which we can do things which help us become more efficient and organised with the small amount of time we do have spare.

 How to get your life in order.

The sequence in which we do things may be affecting the way we succeed at being an organised person.

To be successful at anything you must have the determination not to stop until you’ve reached your goal, no matter what life throws at you along the way, you’ve just got to keep going. 

Set yourself a routine to follow each morning, and strive to do this routine every day.

For instance;

  • If you are sick of coming home from work to a messy kitchen, you should schedule “fill up the dishwasher”  into your morning routine.
  • If you’re sick of missing your kid’s events at school, you should schedule “check the calendar”  into your morning routine.
  • If you struggle to keep the bathroom clean,  you should add  “flash clean the bathroom ” to your routine.
how to get your life in order

As parents our kids and spouses rely on us for hundreds of things every day; if the little things are not completed regularly then other things will start to get neglecled, the big stuff, the things that matter.

The benefits of creating a routine

  • If I hadn’t defrosted the food for tea, I would not have had the ingredients I needed to cook a healthy home-made dinner, and I would have to grab something quick which is usually an unhealthy option!
  • If the house is not kept tidy, my kids and spouse will make a bigger mess, if it is reasonably tidy, they won’t leave as much stuff lying around and are less prone to lose things.
  • If the kitchen surfaces are clear, it is much quicker to make my kids a healthy meal than if I have to start clearing a cluttered kitchen.

How To Create  A Morning Routine.

Your morning routine should be as long or short as you feel comfortable with,   you know how much time you have to dedicate to it, use that time wisely, tackle the jobs which really will make the most significant impact on your day and try to prioritise the critical jobs!

Knowing how to get your life in order can be an overwhelming task, but it all starts with a morning routine. Once you start creating good morning habits your day will start to flow more easily. Follow these simple steps to create your simple morning routine and slay your goals!

  1. Write down everything you’d like to be more organised with, the areas you feel always trip you up or catch you off guard, the things which you think are out of control.   For example:  If you are often unprepared at tea time and end up feeding the kids a last-minute unhealthy meal.
  2. Write down a solution to each of these problems. For example, prep veg or start slow cooker with a home-cooked meal.
  3. Take this solution and work it into your morning routine.
  4. Continue to do this until your list is complete
  5. Your list could be as short or as long as you like if you only decide to commit to preparing the tea before you go out in the morning that’s ok, as long as it improves your day.
  6. Commit to following this list every morning, including weekends and holidays. Don’t slack, make it a habit, it should be the bare minimum you need to do to keep your house running smoothly, more organised and in control. It’s a helpful tool to keep yourself on track every day.
  7. Do what it takes to make this a habit, get up earlier than the rest of the family, stay off social media till its done.
  8. Don’t start any other jobs until you’ve done the bare bones, don’t get distracted by the big stuff until your routine is complete.
  9. For instance, I can’t start to clean until my house is tidy!   I’m not going to start on my ironing until I’ve prepared tea because at the end of each day my kids need to have a nutritious, healthy meal.
  10. To read more about creating a routine for your kids click here

An Easy Morning Routine

These are the things to do before leaving the house for work every day. My kids do tidy up after themselves, open the curtains and make their beds, but I just going around double-checking they’ve not missed anything, try it out and give yourself a head start to your day!

Start with the most accessible room to do first. run around as quickly as you can to do these jobs, you’re not looking for perfection here you are just putting every room back together, don’t spend any more than five minutes in each room or 30 minutes total for the whole house!

If you plan on getting up earlier than the kids you would be better to do something from your routine in the furthest room away from their bedrooms, so you don’t wake them up and lose your precious time alone.

Each day that you do your routine, you will find you get quicker and quicker, you will get more done than you ever imagined and you will get more and more organised.

The more organised you are, the more free time you will have, and you will feel more in control, this, in turn, will make you feel more energised to deal with other areas of your life that may have overwhelmed you.

Schedule the bathroom last, so it’s cleaned after everyone else has made their mess!

How to get your life in order.

  1. Prepare ingredients for tea,

    Defrost any meat, chop any vegetables and start the slow cooker. for more information on batch cooking and freezing, meals read this post

  2. Tidy kitchen and dining area,

    Load the dishwasher, clear all kitchen surfaces. To read how to organise your kitchen read this post

  3. Tidy the entrance

    Sort any post, tidy up the shoes, clear the floor.

  4. Straighten the lounge,

    Tidy up the floor, put everything away, tidy the toys

  5. Straighten up daughters room,

    Straighten up, declutter any paper, check for any dirty laundry, check the bed is made, opened the curtains. to read about how to reduce the amount of kids clothes you have, read this post

  6. Straighten son’s room

    Tidy any toys or books which the kids have played with before school, check for any dirty laundry, make the bed, open the curtains. To read how to reduce toy clutter read this post.

  7. Straighten the master bedroom,

    Make the bed, put clothes away, remove any items which belong elsewhere.

  8. Flash clean bathroom

    Sanitise the sink and toilet, wipe shower doors, hang wet towels, dry bath mat, polish mirror, stash toiletries away.

  9. Keep on top of the laundry

    Do one load of laundry every morning and put one load of laundry away. Do 15 mins of ironing (or about ten items) every day. This will save you from having to spend a full afternoon catching up on laundry or having to do any panic ironing when someone needs something for school or work. It also prevents the awful Sunday afternoon spent tediously preparing school uniforms and work shirts.
    I do other loads of laundry throughout the week but one load per day is the bare bones required to keep the chaos away!

  10. File paperwork and post every single day.

    If you’ve vowed to open your post and file it away every day, you’ll soon discover that you are spending less and less time doing paperwork.
    It won’t be a huge task which you keep putting it off anymore, and you may find that you now spend five minutes decluttering the file with the spare time you’ve accumulated.
     Eventually, your filing system will always be up to date uncluttered and easy to use, which in return makes opening your post every day a minimal job which should take seconds to complete.

Every time you do something from your routine, you’ll find that it gets more natural and comfortable.

Other jobs

All the jobs listed below are done when there is time during the week, in between working, picking up the kids, after-school activities family days out etc. and you may find that some of these jobs are already in your morning routine!

Frequently asked Q&A

I need to get my life together where is the best place to start?

1.start by writing down on a piece of paper all the important tasks you need to do: for instance paying bills, making dinner for the kids, doing some laundry, buying food, feeding the pets. label them all with the number 1, as these are all the things which will have serious consequences if you don’t do them.

2. Next, write down all the things you’d like to do but are not urgent such as, ring mum, mend the back fence, sweep the yard, tidy the spare room

3. Write down everything else, setting goals is important to getting things done.

4. Do all the jobs labelled 1 first don’t stop until you get them all done, once you’ve done all the urgent jobs you can work your way down the list of other non-urgent jobs at your leisure.
Try to follow the steps in this post to create a morning routine to keep you and your kids organised on those busy school mornings!

How can I change my life?

getting your life together can come in many forms, it may be a change of career or relationship, or it may be something as life-changing as getting and staying out of debt. You may need to seek advice before embarking on any major life changes. Remember that other peoples lives often look better on social media than they really are, this is your life and reality, learn to love your life not theirs!

The first time you try this method you may feel proud of yourself that you have tackled the urgent jobs first, this should spur you on to try to conquer some of the less urgent jobs on your list and you soon know how to get back on track!

If you’ve got any tips on how to get your life in order, drop us a line about yourself in the comments!

follow my how get your life together checklist in this post!

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