We all need some declutter motivation from time to time and what better way than to start with the junk drawer! It’s the perfect place to start your journey to be clutter free! Once you have an area decluttered you should notice your cleaning motivation start to kick in too! 

Life can often throw us a lot of curve balls and things can soon get on top of us . Cleaning and  simple tasks can seem overwhelming and knowing where to start can have a negative impact on your declutter motivation.

Starting with one small drawer like the kitchen junk drawer can make a big difference to your declutter motivation as you start to see quick results without suffering overwhelm  and burnout.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a clean, clutter free, organized home!

If you’re struggling to know where to start to declutter the junk drawer we will talk you through some simple steps and  give you declutter motivation to banish kitchen clutter forever!

I just want to throw it out there, that it is virtually impossible to organise clutter.

And, the junk drawer is literally somewhere you stash your clutter.

With that being said, it’s not going to be easy to declutter the junk drawer and keep it decluttered for any length of time, especially if your family shove stuff in there on a regular basis.

You and your family members may use the excuse that you need to keep your clutter in the junk drawer because it’s “handy”.

However, it’s not so handy having to dig through reams of other junk in the drawer, when you need something in a hurry.

 First let’s examine the typical contents of the junk drawer!

Declutter motivation,How to declutter the junk drawer. Junk drawer organizer
  • Tape measure ~ put this back into your toolbox or sewing box.
  • Phone chargers ~ keep at a specially designed charging area.
  • Sticky tape ~ keep with the stationary or in a basket where you store gift bags and cards.
  • Pens ~ keep with the stationary in a pencil case.
  • Nail clippers ~ keep with beauty products or in the bathroom cabinet.
  • Random keys ~ keep on a designated on the key hook make sure they are labelled.
  • Random cables ~ declutter if not needed, put in labeled ziplocked bags if needed and file away.
  • Hair bobbles ~  keep in the bedroom in a lidded box put a few spare in your handbag and car for emergencies and bad hair days!
  • Medicine and medicine spoons ~ keep all together in a  medicine cabinet, check expiry dates regularly!
  • Plastic shopping bags~ keep in a lidded box in the car boot for grocery shopping
  • Lipbalm ~ keep in with the beauty products or makeup kit, keep a spare in the car and bag for emergency dry lips!
  • Flasks and bottle lids ~ should be stored with the bottles and flasks
  • Sandwich bags ~ these should live with the Tupperware for easy food prep.

Every single item in the junk drawer has another home, there is absolutely no reason to accumulate all that stuff together in one random drawer!

I organised this drawer specifically for meal planning and batch cooking after all the other items were returned to where they belong.

Declutter motivation,How to declutter the junk drawer. Junk drawer organizer.

If you’re looking for declutter motivation the junk drawer is a great place to start, it’s a five-minute job which will free up space in your kitchen and will make a big difference to your kitchen space.

How to declutter the junk drawer.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

  1. Put everything in its correct home 

    Everything residing in the junk drawer belongs somewhere else in the home.
    Tip it all out and go and put it all away. No more trying to organise the junk drawer, just go and put it all away.

  2. Clean out the space 

    Wipe down your lovely empty drawer with a fresh disinfectant.

  3. Take something from your countertops and store it in the drawer.

    Use the newly emptied drawer,  declutter something from your countertops or surfaces and put it out of sight into the drawer. Voila, you’ve killed two birds with one stone! what have you got on your kitchen counters? What could you put in your newly emptied drawer? Utensils and knives are a great place to start! Food prep is much easier with clear countertops and a clutter free work space.

As you start decluttering the junk drawer you should start to recognise when you start to shove things where they don’t belong in a hurry, this is the slippery slope of clutter and the reason most of us can’t stay organised.

Having a drawer solely dedicated to “junk”  is fooling ourselves into believing that it’s ok just to shove things in the nearest drawer or cupboard.

Have a think about the other drawers in your house, do you have more than one junk drawer, if so put that on your decluttering to do list!

Let’s break this habit today, starting with decluttering the junk drawer!

Junk Drawer Organizers.

If going cold turkey is too much for you and you can’t get rid of your junk drawer altogether you might want to use a junk drawer organizer such as this one to keep all your little bits and bobs together.

Declutter motivation, how to declutter the junk drawer, junk drawer organizers

Why not put a knife block into your new empty drawer to keep your knives sharp and organised! click on the image to order from Amazon.

you could use your drawer as a charging station for your devices!

How can I motivate myself to declutter?

If you need help motivating yourself to declutter head on over to this postwhere we discuss how to start with small bite-sized tasks and talk you through the simple steps you need to take to boost your declutter motivation. 

Do people need help decluttering?

If you feel you need help to declutter your home there are some fantastic support groups such as this one where you are encouraged to ask questions and seek help. Some people prefer to be left alone when they are decluttering and are better to be left to their own devices. we should never force anyone to declutter and try to force them to get rid of anything if they are not ready.

I want to know how to clean and declutter fast.

To learn some speed cleaning techniques you should read this post
where we discuss how to work around a room to clean it faster and more thoroughly than ever before. But remember to declutter before you clean! To discover the favourite products I keep in my cleaning
kit read this post!

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 Declutter motivation, how to declutter the junk drawer, junk drawer organizer

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Declutter motivation, how to declutter the junk drawer, junk drawer organizer

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