How To Stop Wasting Time And Start Organising Housework.

This month’s blog posts are all about saving you time! I’ll be helping you get out of your housework rut and will be giving you some fantastic tips and tricks for organising housework.

I’ll be giving you a simple housework routine, an extensive housekeeping checklist, and a beautiful cleaner planner, so whether you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom, or someone who finds organising housework a struggle, then read on!

Finding a simple and easy-to-follow cleaning schedule is the key to keeping on top of household chores.
Time is precious, and we don’t want to spend most of it on our hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor!
Most of us have jobs, kids, and a hectic schedule we need to consider before we even think about our daily and weekly chore list! Family commitments can often push keeping the house clean to the bottom of our priorities.
However, we still need to take some care to make sure that clutter and housework don’t get missed, or things can start to turn chaotic! Knowing how to make a cleaning schedule to fit in with your busy life will help you feel less like you’re flying by the seat of your pants and more in control. So let’s start organising housework!

If your house is overly cluttered, you might need to eliminate some of the clutter before starting to clean. Marie Kondo’s book: The Life-Changing Magic of tidying up is a great place to begin, as she gently helps you decide what to keep and what to let go. She works through all the categories in your home gently and sensitively, encouraging you to keep only the items you truly love!

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Knowing how to manage household chores can be overwhelming when you’re juggling many other jobs. So, in this month’s organising housework bonanza I will be giving you a step-by-step guide.

Starting with a daily housework schedule for the jobs, you really cannot miss each day. These are the jobs that you should do every day come rain or shine. They should take no more than 10 -15 minutes each day. You should aim to whizz through this daily housework list as quickly as possible! Let’s start your day off with a bang! Think of it as a quick sprint in the 100 meters dash. Make them part of your daily housework rota.

I’ve created this daily housework checklist ready for you to print off and stick somewhere you can tick off each day! If you’re a working mom, try to do these quick jobs before leaving the house in the morning! If you’re a stay at home mom, read this post and try to get as much done before the rest of the family get up (not an easy task, I know!)

I will also be giving you a housekeeping checklist; it is an extensive list of all the jobs that need to be done in your home regularly. Our housework timetable will cover most of these jobs in a chores rota system! I will also create a beautiful housework planner full of free printable housework routine charts to give you the best house cleaning schedule and cleaner planner. You can download all that without even spending a penny! Hooray!

How to start organising housework

  1. Do your daily housework routine every day.

    Do these jobs every day without fail. They should be done very quickly in less than 15 minutes. Head over to this post to get your daily printable housework schedule.

  2. Work on your Monday to Friday jobs

    Each job should only take about five minutes to complete, and you should be spending no more than 30 minutes in total. To print off your housework routine timetable, head on over to this post.

  3. Choose one job from the lucky dip page

    Choosing one job to complete from the lucky dip page will ensure that all the jobs rotate each week, and nothing is missed. If you follow your Monday to Friday jobs, then you get to spend the weekend having fun instead of cleaning, woohoo!

  4. Enjoy family time each weekend.

    It might seem like a considerable pressure devoting 45 minutes per day to the routines above, but those 45 minutes per day can save you spending your whole weekends doing chores. It will free up your time to spend with your family creating memories!

Have fun and remember that you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to spend lots of time on these jobs, just do as much as you can, as fast as you can, on the days that you can!

Are you ready to start?

start organizing housework

Frequently asked Q&A

Should children help their parents with housework?

I am a great believer in teamwork. I teach my kids how to do housework so they can easily do something for themselves if they needed to. Teaching your children how to clear up after themselves teaches them the life skills they will need when they start to live independently.
Cooking, cleaning, and learning how to use a washing machine are all essential skills they will need to know sometime. So why not start now, and by the time they leave home, they will be confident, independent young people who will have high self-esteem and have excellent problem-solving skills.
For more information on how to create a rota to teach your child how to help with chores, read this post

Do you think men and women should share housework?

Absolutely! When you have a young family at home, or you work full time, there is very little time to spare during the day.
Once the children are at school, there are more free hours at home. Each household is different, and what works for one family doesn’t work for another.
If one parent is at home all day and the kids are at school, it would be reasonable to assume that they would do more housework than the parent who leaves the house at 7.30 for work and doesn’t return until 8 pm. Use some common sense when creating a cleaning schedule for your home.

What motivates you to do housework?

I like to be organized and feel on top of things at home. If my house is messy and not clean, it makes me feel chaotic and disorganized.
My youngest child has diagnosed ADHD, so he must have a calm and relaxing environment to come home to each day. I also like to have a clean and organized home when people call in unexpectedly. If my house is not tidy and clean, I feel anxious, irritable, and out of control; this is something I’m working on to try to conquer!
For some great tips on how to clean your house in a hurry, before unexpected guests read this post.
If you’re looking for tips on how to do housework when you have no motivation, read this post!

Who does the most housework in your family.

I do most of the housework in my family; the reason for this is that I spend more hours in the home. Both my kids are of school age, and I work part-time hours. Time at home is limited as our evenings and weekends are usually busy with sports activities, but taking all of this into account, I am still at home more than my spouse, who works long hours, has a long commute, and goes to work most weekends!

Should working couples share housework equally?

Yes indeed! If you both work full time and both work approximately the same amount of hours, you should both share the housework and yard work equally! However, there are no hard and fast rules; you do whatever works for you as a couple.

Where can I find a printable housework schedule?

Look out for my printable house cleaner planner, which will be packed full of housekeeping printables to help you stay organized. Sign up to our updates by leaving your details below and make sure you don’t miss out on our cleaning bonanza!

Where can I find a housework schedule for working moms?

This month’s housekeeping planner posts are designed with working moms in mind. We know your time is precious, so we’ve created a schedule that you can follow to keep on top of all the basics without having to dedicate your weekend to cleaning! Start here for the jobs you should be doing daily without fail!

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Housework routine so simple even your kids can do it!

What are your views about organising housework? Let us know in the comments!

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