How To Get Streak Free Glass And Chrome .


Is Streak Free Glass And Chrome Eluding You?

Any dog owner or mum to a toddler would probably tell you that dirty glass is the bane of their lives.

As both a mother of little kids, two cats and as a  professional domestic and commercial cleaner and organiser I’m here to tell you that it’s the bane of my life too!

There are tons of products which promise a streak-free glass and streak free chrome, I have tried a huge amount of products both store-bought and professional products and I have to say I’ve been bitterly disappointed with nearly all of them!


I soon discovered that if your glass cleaning technique isn’t correct you can end up working really hard a for hugely disappointing results, and you find yourself cleaning the area a second time only to find the same thing happens again!

How to get a streak free glass and chrome.

There’s no great trick to this I’m afraid, it’s all down to the tools you use and technique!

Glass cloths.

This is probably the most important step in your quest for a streak-free glass and chrome.

If you’re trying to get a streak free glass and chrome and are using a normal everyday cloth, rag or microfiber then you’re going to be polishing for a very long time to remove the lint and streaks.

I wouldn’t even attempt to polish glass or chrome without using a special glass cloth.

Glass cloths are designed so that they can be used just with water, they work brilliantly well with just water, however, there are times when you may need a little boost to remove dried on toothpaste if you’ve got small kids or to remove the saliva marks from your pets off your windows.

The glass cloth I recommend is the e-cloth, it is lint free and does not leave any residue on the surface of your glass or chrome.

e-cloth £8.56 for 2, click to order.

The technique for getting streak-free glass and chrome

When it comes to getting streak-free glass and chrome its pretty simple,  just stick to these rules!

  • The drier your cloth the better your shine,  most people soak the surface they are cleaning with so much product that it can be almost impossible you clean and dry. what happens then is that the product air dr onto the glass and that’s what leaves the steaks!

A tiny amount of water on your cloth is all you need if you have a heavily soiled surface, increase the wetness of your cloth but do not over soak.

  • Spot clean, for mirrors and windows, try to deal with the heavily soiled areas first before cleaning the whole area.  if you soak the whole area you will be smearing in the dirt onto the clean areas. spot clean the caked on dirt first then polish at the end.


  • Don’t over spray, after removing the crud you should now only need the tiniest spray over the area you are cleaning, the more product you use, the harder it is to clean off and the more time-consuming it will be.

Choosing the correct glass and chrome cleaner.

There are literally hundreds of glass cleaners on the market and some leave horrendous streaks!

I like to make my own glass cleaner as it is cheaper, smells better and never streaks.

My Homemade Peppermint Glass Cleaner recipe

how to get streak free glass and chrome


I have tried hundreds of products over the years both professional and domestic and there is one product I keep returning to as  I find it never streaks, Xanto Power Active window and glass cleaner 650ml  £5.24 is by far the best I’ve tried. I usually find it in the bargain shops here in the UK but you can order it below from Amazon

Xanto 650ml £5.24, click to order.

So there you have it, that’s how the professionals get a streak-free finish to windows, doors, mirrors and chrome I also use the same products on glazed tile and all other gloss surfaces such as kitchen cabinets etc.

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