How To Create A Kid’s Capsule Wardrobe In 2 Simple Steps.

What are the benefits of a kid’s capsule wardrobe?

Having a  kid’s capsule wardrobe  is a perfect solution to a few common problems

  • Prevents having to declutter clothes which have never been worn.
  • Prevents mismatched outfits.
  • Helps to ease the process of getting dressed.
  • Frees up  closet and drawer space
  • Prevents ill-fitting clothes
  • Prevents itchy and inappropriate clothing
  • Prevents duplicate items.

I faced all the above problems and a few more too.

For example, If my spouse were in charge of getting my daughter dressed, the ensemble of clothes he would dress her in would quite literally make me cringe.

I soon realised that this was because my daughter had a bulging wardrobe, full of beautiful clothes; however, nothing she had would go together to make an outfit.

It frustrated me that most of her clothes were unworn by the time she had grown out of them.

I decided that I needed to pare everything back to create a uniform way to deal with her clothes.

I also thought that I’d like her to get dressed by herself and still look ok to go out!

Creating The Kid’s Capsule Wardrobe ~ Step 1

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I realised, that if her trousers were a plain colour, then I could afford to go a bit edgier with her tops, so I decided only to keep

  • One pair black jeans
  •  One pair dark jeans
  • One pair white jeans
  • One pair slouchy jeans
  • One pair white leggings
  • One pair black leggings.

I donated all her other trousers and leggings to avoid miss matching clothes.


I gave my daughter a few essential items in the base colours of white and black.

Two white t-shirts with motifs

  • One black cardigan
  • One black t-shirt
  • One slouchy black top
  • Two plain white t-shirts
  • One long-sleeved t-shirt


Step 2 ~ Creating My Kid’s Capsule Wardrobe.

Next, I chose a couple of accent colours which went together well but also worked with my base colours.

Here is an example which shows how well pale blue and bright red work well together to form the accent colours.

I have included in this list

  • tops
  • dresses
  • skirts
  • bags
  • shoes
  • scarfs
  • boots
  • jackets
  • t-shirts

These accent colours work well with both base colours and allow my daughter the freedom to choose key pieces and still look good.


I’ve included an example here of how bright colours would work together, work using bright yellow and turquoise as the accent colours.  Brights are a great way to add a bit of fun to your kid’s capsule wardrobe without it looking too dull!

The key to creating a  kid’s capsule wardrobe is to follow these rules when shopping.

  • Take a list of the critical items that are missing in your child’s wardrobe and don’t be tempted to buy anything that you don’t need, concentrate on building up the things that are missing. A list will help when creating outfits that go together.
  • Remember to shop within your chosen colour scheme including shoes, bags, hats and all other accessories.
  • Remember, patterns are ok as long as they don’t contain colours other than your chosen colour pallet, this will make sure that they will match every other item in your child’s wardrobe to create many more fabulous outfits.
  • Due to every item in your child’s closet working well together, you should not need  to buy many clothes
  • You will be able to create many more outfits than you could before starting your kid’s capsule wardrobe.

You can mix it up a little and be versatile, why not try an edgier version of the red theme.


So there you are, with a few wardrobe staples and an eye for a cute colour pallet you can have fun creating your kid’s capsule wardrobe. You’ll probably find most of the basics and a few accent colours in among their closet already, so all you need to do now is declutter then fill in the gaps!

 I hope you enjoy seeing your little ones looking stylish!



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This post has affiliate links which give me a small fee towards the running costs of this site.


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