How To Follow The Ultimate Housework Routine.

Are you ready to start a new housework routine and free up your time?

Today, I have a treat in store for you! I’ve created a printable checklist with both the working mum and stay-at-home mum in mind to keep your home under control with an easy-breezy, daily cleaning routine you can complete in just 25-30 minutes each day!

Knowing how to do housework when you have hardly any spare time can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to find a routine you can stick to.
Not everyone has hours and hours to spare to keep the house clean. Most of us have children, jobs, a new baby, or after-school activities to keep us busy, and finding the time to do daily housework is not a priority.
However, if we don’t keep on top of specific daily cleaning jobs, we can soon find that things get out of control, and then it’s almost impossible to keep a clean house.

Anyone with a full-time job and a family will never be able to follow a perfect housewife timetable.

Organizing housework needs to be simplified into bite-sized pieces! Finding the perfect balance in the daily routine of a busy parent is so important to avoid overwhelm and burnout. I tried to create these housework routine charts with busy parents in mind. No more cleaning at weekends, panic cleaning, or spring cleaning! Just stick to the routines to enjoy a clean, organized home without the stress!

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This free printable daily housework checklist aims to get you to do small cleaning jobs every day without fail. You don’t need to spend ages on these jobs. Just whizz about the house doing these jobs as fast as possible, preferably before leaving the house!

This is an excellent housework schedule for working moms because it consists of quick jobs you can do in the morning before you go to work. Remember, it’s 25 minutes maximum! We are not looking for perfection and pristine houses here. Just do as much as you can!

It’s all about creating daily habits that you do without even thinking about doing them!

For instance every morning you get up and have a shower, brush your teeth and get dressed, why? Because that’s what you’ve always done, they are habits that you do each and every day without fail.

Housework should be the same, you should be doing it as a routine every day without even thinking about it!

Daily housework routine: Do these jobs every day!

Maximum time needed to complete all jobs 30 minutes

  1. Make all the beds.

    This job is on the list because it encourages you to keep the rest of the room clean and tidy when you make your bed. When you make your kid’s bed, it enables them to keep their room neater. It is a three-minute job to make everyone’s bed! Making the beds starts your day off with a small accomplishment and makes a massive difference to the room’s tidiness. This, in turn, will motivate you to tick off the next job on the list! You might as well make your bed before you leave the room and get it ticked off your list before you go downstairs!

    daily housework routine includes making the beds every day.

  2. Swipe the bathroom.

    You’re in the bathroom anyway, so you might as well straighten and swipe it while you are in there!
    I’ve included this on the list of daily jobs because, well, essentially because it needs to be done every day! Do this job after everyone has used the bathroom. Throw open the window to change the air, wipe down the sink, and loo, then straighten the towels. This is a job that should take no more than five minutes!

    wipe down the bathroom as part of your daily housework routine

  3. Clear the kitchen!

    Do the dishes, wipe the benches, and leave! This is a five-minute job. If you always clear up before going to bed, you should only have the breakfast dishes to wash or the dishwasher to empty!

    cleaning the kitchen, housework routine

  4. Sweep the downstairs floors

    This is a swift sweep of the high traffic areas of your home. Kitchen, dining room, and living room, if you have hardwood floors. Go as quickly as you can and fly around!

    sweep the high traffic areas as part of your housework routine

  5. Prepare for tea.

    Defrost the meat for tea, prepare the vegetables or put the slow cooker on. Take five minutes to get something ready for the tea, so you are not stuck in a rut after a busy day at work. To find out more about how to meal plan for the week, read this post, where you can also download some of my amazing free meal planners!

    daily housework routine , meal planning

  6. Do one load of laundry.

    Make use of the timer on your washing machine and set your load to end just as you get back from work, so you can bung it in the drier as soon as you get home. If you feel overwhelmed by laundry, read this post for some fantastic tips on how to stay on top of the laundry pile.
    This job should take you no more than 3-minutes!

    housework routine , laundry

It’s essential that you only spend 5 minutes maximum on each job. The trick is to get them done as quickly as possible before leaving for work. The more often you do these jobs, the more they will become a habit and the quicker you will become at doing them.

If you need help with the housework routine, you could always get your kids to help with the smaller jobs. To find out more, read this post.

Ensure you have the cleaning products to hand to speed up your cleaning time.

You can also batch cook your meals to free up some time cooking at tea time. To read our post batch cooking for beginners, click here.

So there you have it, this simple daily housework routine will keep your house running like clockwork in between your weekly cleaning jobs! After establishing a habit with your daily jobs, you will be ready to move on to the weekly checklist.

Download the printable version of the housework routine to tick off each job as you’ve finished. Following a checklist will help you stay focused and prevent procrastination or getting sidetracked!

Printable daily cleaning checklist

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Frequently asked Q&A

Why is it good to have a routine?

When you have a routine, you do things without thinking. Things get done quickly and are not put off until later. They just become a habit.
Housework should be the same, and you should be doing it as a routine every day without even thinking about it!

What about spring cleaning?

If you follow this cleaning routine daily and carry on doing the weekly tasks, you should find that you do not need to deep clean as all the deep cleaning jobs are included in the checklists.
For instance, when you sweep the floors, make sure you go under the couches and beds at least once a week. When cleaning the living room, make sure you clean under the sofa cushions at least once a week.
Don’t let jobs pile up. Try to keep them in a rotation system. I have also included a lucky dip page of deep cleaning jobs. Try to pick one job from this list each day, this will ensure that you will have no cleaning to do on weekends, and you will not need to spring clean.
It is advisable to carry on with the daily checklist jobs at weekends to avoid getting behind!

I’m overwhelmed, and I don’t know how to catch up on housework!

If you have fallen so far behind with your housework, you might like to read this post, which gives you some tips to help you get started if you feel overwhelmed.
If you feel your house is too cluttered to clean, read this post to help you find the motivation to declutter.

What is your housework routine?

I work part-time, have two kids, and write a blog, so I’m kept pretty busy. I have my housework routine running like clockwork, and it’s outlined in these checklists. I do the daily household routine before I go out each morning and the weekly jobs while waiting for the tea to cook. I do the extra jobs and the lucky dip jobs before I go to bed.
If I’ve had a super busy week with kids’ sports and playdates, I try to catch up with anything I’ve missed before I take the kids out at the weekends, but I prefer to keep the weekends as free as possible if I can. Although I never skip laundry at the weekend, otherwise, I find it piles up!

Is there a kind of housework you particularly enjoy?

I love all housework except vacuuming! I think it helps if you have the correct tools and products. I need to live in an ordered and clutter-free home, so I find it therapeutic to clean. I love to relax in a zen and calm environment at the end of a busy day!

housework routine

What’s wrong with being a housewife?

There is nothing wrong with being a housewife if you feel fulfilled by the role. Staying at home with small children is a tough job, with very little time to spare, but it is also very rewarding. Many people are not in a position to stay at home all day and have to work full time to pay the bills. If you are lucky enough to stay at home with the children and enjoy doing so, enjoy your time with your family!

How do I change my daily routine from lazy to productive?

I would try to determine what makes you procrastinate and spend less time doing that. So, for instance, if you are wasting time on social media, try having a break from electronics for an hour. Read this post for tips on quitting social media and trying to do a job from the daily housework schedule instead. Swap an hour for an hour of housework, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done! The best way to form new habits is to start doing one thing at a time and keep doing it daily until it becomes a habit.

5 thoughts on “How To Follow The Ultimate Housework Routine.

  1. Cynthia Mallia says:

    Hi I have tried to subscribed twice at two different emails and did not get anything. I love your website. I wish to get the weekly cleaning routine but I am not able to as it requires me to sign up.

    • Clare Davison says:

      Hi Cynthia , good morning, sorry to hear you are having problems getting the checklist. Did you receive a welcome email? If you did there is a password in that email which allows you into the resouces library where all the checklists are. I’m at work this morning but uc you’re still having difficulty I will send you another link when I’m back at my desk, ?

    • Clare Davison says:

      Hi Cynthia, I’ve just checked my subscribers list and you’ve not been added for some reason, could you try again using this link if you still have problems please message me your email address and I will add you to the list and send you the link and password via email.

  2. Rachel says:

    This daily cleaning thing sounds great…. but who makes sure the kids get ready for school while you’re doing this? Or should I be getting up half an hour earlier in order to do half an hour of jobs before everyone else gets up, just to add to the misery of being a mum?

    • Clare Davison says:

      Family always comes before cleaning, and you should do what fits your family’s routine. I try to fit jobs in when and where I can, like whilst my kids are eating breakfast, etc, it’s not always possible and some days are complete chaos! Just do what you can, where you can, a little bit is better than nothing and our routines are just a guide, somedays I’m happy if I just get 3 things ticked off the list!

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