Meal Planning For Beginners, A Step By Step Guide With Free Templates

Meal planning for beginners.

Meal planning for beginners is a weekly step by step guide to help you get and stay organised, in the month of March, we shall be discussing all aspects meal planning and how to implement each step.

We have already covered shopping for menu planning and pantry staples in week one so be sure to start there if you haven’t already!

Menu planning will mean different things to different people, to some it might mean getting a healthy meal on the table as quickly as possible, to others it might be having a month’s worth of meals planned far in advance.

Meal planning to me means putting procedures and habits into place each day to enable you to smoothly transition from your hectic workday into mealtimes without any last minute panics or quick dashes to the supermarket.


How do you plan a healthy meal?

Meal planning for beginners can be very daunting.

It can be overwhelming if you are trying to plan out meals for the week or month in advance.

I believe meal planning is easier than scrambling around trying to find something in the kitchen at 5 pm after a busy day at work!

Meal planning is a bit like going out for a run, the hardest part is starting!

If you missed my post about shopping for all your pantry staples you should read it here first so you have all the ingredients you need before you start planning.


How to meal plan.

  1.  Grab a pen and write down all the meals you like to eat throughout the week, it doesn’t have to be fancy just a quick list of 7 meals you and your family like to eat regularly.
  2. Write a quick list of the things you do each evening.
For example, if you are always at 3 hours of swimming lessons on Wednesday evenings it would be tricky to prepare a big meal when you get in.


Now you’ve got a basic outline of the days you are busy and the days you are free, and the meals you like to eat.



Meal planning ideas.

Decide whether you’d like to plan for a week or a month


FREE weekly meal planner



You could include breakfast and lunches like this:

FREE weekly meal planner



You could have a  theme night for each night of the week like this

meal planning for beginners , FREE meal planning theme night , how to plan your meals.


You could include one family members favourite meal on a set day of the week like this:

Free meal planner, how to plan your meals

My advice would be to start simply ~ try planning and shopping just for a week.



I have put together a beautiful FREE bundle of different menu plan templates, try different plans to see which works best for you!



Next steps

Use my  FREE planner to jot down which events you have on this week.


Free guide to meal planning and meal prep for beginners




On the evenings you are busy schedule the quickest and easiest meals to make from your list


free meal planning for beginners bundle , meal prep guide





Jot down the meals which take a lot of preparation onto the quieter days on your planner this ensures that you have plenty of time on those days to prepare the time-consuming meals.


Now you are in control of your meals for the full week, you know what you will be eating and when you’ll be eating it, so now you need to write a shopping list to buy everything you need!


Meat can be frozen and thawed the night before you need it, ready, to chuck into the slow cooker the next morning!

If you followed the steps in my last post, FREE Pantry Staples Checklist for meal planning, you should have stocked up on most of the ingredients already!


In my next post, I will be sharing with you some amazing meal prep hacks to make it easier and quicker to knock up those healthy meals in minutes, I’ll also be sharing with you my tips on how to meal prep those healthy meals for the next step in our meal prep extravaganza! Don’t miss it, subscribe today to receive our updates!



How to set up a meal plan.

If you’re a beginner why not try downloading some of our beautiful FREE templates to see which would fit into your weekly schedule. They’re simple and super versatile for every busy parent.



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