How to Organise Your Kids: With Free Morning Checklist

How do I get my kids out of the door without any fuss?

The answer is by creating a calm morning routine by using our morning checklist

We all have those hideous mornings where we stagger into school looking like we’ve just been dragged through a hedge backwards, nerves in tatters and ready to cry.

What is the reason for these hideously chaotic mornings?

It is anything from

  • missing shoes
  • missing  keys
  •  someone refusing to put their clothes on
  • someone not wanting to put a coat on in midwinter
  • someone refusing to  eat their breakfast
  • refusing to get in the car
  • refusing to get their seat belt on
  • refusing to get their seatbelt off
  • refusing to get out of the car

Etc etc., but mostly it’s all the above, every single morning!

So what can we do to stop these significant meltdowns and non-compliant mood swings?

Nothing! Nothing?

Yes, you heard it nothing!  We can do nothing to get these little people of ours to be more responsive to our many orders to get them out of the door; this will only fall into place as they get out of this ridiculously stubborn phase.

But, we can, however, smooth out the wrinkles in our morning routine to try to get us into a place to have the time and patience to face these tantrum filled mornings head on,  a sort of head start on the kids!





Try these few simple steps in your morning routine to get your kids out of the door with less fuss.



Lay it out the night before!  

I mean everything!

Here is a list of what I lay out the night before;

  • cereal
  • plates/ cutlery/ cups
  • School bags with books /homework inside!
  • PE kits
  • swimming kits
  • forms /letters /money need for next day
  • drinks bottles ready to be filled
  • vitamins/medicine
  • uniform including shoes upstairs
  • my clothes and shoes
  • lunch boxes made up and in the fridge
  • keys
  • purse




My morning routine for success.



The secret to our morning routine is not to allow anyone downstairs unless they are dressed, including their shoes.

This method eliminates  both the

  • last-minute lost shoe palava
  • shoe refusal episode

so,  that’s two arguments prevented already!

It also makes the holidays and weekends unique as they get to have a few hours in their pyjamas before getting dressed.



No TV or tablets! 

Imagine you’re a child, what better way to start your morning than to zone out watching TV.

Imagine how cosy and relaxed you are.

Now imagine being dragged outside to work on a cold winter morning in the middle of your favourite game or TV programme.

Make it easy for yourself leave the TV and tablets for relaxing!

This one might be a difficult habit to break but stay strong the rewards are endless.

Make sure there are toys, books or art equipment to relieve their boredom!

If you’re struggling to reduce your kid’s screen time read how here!



Get up earlier than the kids.

I appreciate this is probably impossible for most mums and dads out there. With all the little early risers and the light sleepers there are very few parents who are up before their kids, but if you can, when you can, try to get up before the rest of the house wakes.

The habit of getting up earlier gives you time to get organised, get showered and dressed to your shoes and get any chores such as emptying the dishwasher or doing a laundry load uninterrupted which in turn makes you calmer and ready to face the barrage of demands that ensure the minute your kids open their eyes!

I’m always amazed at how much calmer I am when I get that rare time to get ahead in the morning and maybe even get time for a coffee!

I’m writing this post at 5.30am  this morning while everyone else is asleep!

Plan ahead

Keep a weekly planner of all the kid’s after-school activities, play dates,  and in school activities and check it every evening.

You can download a  FREE copy of all my beautiful family planners here FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER PAGES.

Make sure everything is ready for them to take into school or ready to grab straight after school.

I try to get all sports kits ready for the week as soon as they come home I launder them and pack them back into their bags for next time.

I keep sports kits in distinctive bags in the kid’s wardrobe and get them to bring what they need down the night before.  It makes them have some responsibility for the stuff they need on certain days which means they know what is needed and when it’s required, if on the rare occasion I am ever ill, or if I forget!

  • swimming kit
  • PE kit
  • football kit
  • musical instruments
  • spare clothes for playdate/sports events
  • snacks /drinks needed
  • money for activities

If you, as a parent minimise the many things which can go wrong and reduce some of the chaos you will find yourself in a place to deal with the tantrums and the meltdowns in a calm and level-headed way.

If your little one knows he doesn’t get his breakfast until he has dressed he will get dressed as a routine as soon as he gets up, every morning!

Stick to a morning routine every day, so your little ones know what to expect, and there are no surprises when they have a small amount of control of their mornings via a planned routine, they know what to expect and stop trying to control the situation themselves.

Make sure your child is asleep early on a school night as a tired child is often a grumpy non-compliant child!



Morning Checklist For Kids



morning checklist
Morning checklist





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What do you do to make your mornings run like clockwork?

Let us know in the comments!


Morning checklist


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morning checklist
morning checklist








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