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Owning a cat or a dog can be wonderful and completely life-changing. But one of the least most pleasant things about owning an animal is living with the constant stream of pet hairs, particularly dog hair which gets everywhere. It can become a problem when you have unexpected guests coming round, and you have to agonize about cleaning pet hair from furniture and soft furnishings. It can be frustrating when you’ve just swept the floor to look down and find that there is more pet hair all over your kitchen floor tiles. Many people email and message me asking how to get rid of pet hair. So this post discusses the best broom for pet and dog hair and shares some top tips to keep your home fuzz-free.

ball of pet hair

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I live with two cats that seem to shed an entire fur coat daily, as well as kids and a husband that traipse dirt and dust throughout the house every day. We have area rugs, chairs, carpets, and stairs that the pets like to lay on, which all get covered in thick hair.
If, like me, you’ve ever tried to use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean a rug, you’ll know it’s impossible. The rug gets sucked up, pulls, gets tangled up in the vacuum cleaner, and burns up the motor. It’s not great and very time-consuming.

I needed to find something to get rid of all the cat hair quickly, effectively, and without too much elbow grease. I have a pretty large kitchen- dining area with high gloss tiles that attract pet hair and dirt fast, and it’s a very time-consuming job to clean. I’ve had many people emailing me asking which tools I use to clean my high gloss floors, so I decided to share my secret weapon to get rid of pet hair. I discovered the Beldray pet plus rubber broom set, and it’s been a game-changer for cleaning my tiles and carpets, and I’ll tell you why.

In my quest for a hair-free home, I’ve tried a plethora of tool . These tools did a good job, but it was still challenging removing the hair without going over the same spot several times.

The tools I’ve tried and how they worked at getting rid of pet hair.

  • Vacuum Cleaner. I’ve tried several vacuum cleaners, and I found they missed lots of hair and dust. Hair got tangled up in the roller, and it ended up getting blocked. The vacuum exhausts would send hair flying around and back onto surfaces, which didn’t help at all.
  • Vacuum pet attachment tools. I found these to be time-consuming, ineffective, and inconvenient.
  • An E-cloth mop with microfiber mop heads. These mops do a good job but need a lot of preparation beforehand, such as a full vacuum and a second pass with the broom.
  • A dry duster mop. This dry duster mophead is part of the Ecloth mop range, and it was good, but you need to change the duster heads after just a few feet of dry mopping, which can be pretty expensive if you have a large area to cover. I also found that it missed the corners.
  • Swiffer. The Swiffer was my least favorite tool as it was wasteful and costly to replace the heads.
  • Angled brush or whisk brush . This whisk or angled brush was probably the best out of everything I previously tried, but it forced a lot of hair and dust into the air, and a lot of hair stuck to the brush, ready to drop on the freshly swept floor, which was super annoying and time-consuming.
  • Regular broom .The regular broom missed a lot of hair, pushed it back into the air, stuck to the brush, and missed corners.
broom for cat hair

So, after trying all these different tools and still being frustrated at the amount of pet hair left behind, I needed something fast and effective that didn’t spread the hair into the atmosphere for it to resettle agai . I also wanted something that didn’t cause the hair to stick to my broom and transfer the hair everywher . I wanted something easy to clean and also chea . The Beldray pet plus rubber brush does what it says on the tin and so much more.

The secret weapon for tackling pet hair is a rubber broom

best rubber broom for pet hair

The Silicone rubber broom is ideal for homes with furry friends in residence, and it makes quick work of brushing away pesky pet hair from your furniture because:

  • It has an adjustable 180 ° swivel head to help you get under furniture and around crevices.
  • It has an extendable telescopic handle up to 123cm that takes the hard work out of cleaning, which lets you spend more time with your precious pets and do the things that matter most.
  • It is durable and offers a reliable performance every time.
  • It is compact and lightweight for effortless use. 
  • It is equipped with scratch-free rubber bristles which attract the hair like a magnet,it doesn’t push it around and flip-up dust like most brooms do. Because it is rubberized and static it attracts hair towards the broom making it the perfect pet hair broom.
  • The soft rubber bristles make it simple to clear away paw prints, spills, pet hair, dust, dirt, and broken treats from floors and surfaces.
  • The broom and dust pan clips together for simple storage, the dust pan and broom are equipped with a handy hook for easy hanging storage. 
  • The dust pan is equipped with a footstep to hold the dustpan in place while you sweep, the teeth can be used to remove debris from the brush head.
  • The soft bristle rubber design is so gentle that it is ideal for cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery and more.
  • It saves money because you are not having to buy all of these swiffer pads.
  • Its easy to clean rugs unlike the vacuum and swiffer.
  • You don’t have to drag out your vacuum every time.
  • The pet hair removal broom is super easy to use.
  • It is very effective,
  • This dog hair broom can be used on wet or dry spills, even if you’ve got a messy spill like egg yolk, it’s easy to clean up because the rubber broom works on either wet surfaces or dry surface, the backside of the broom has a squeegee on it, so you can use it to clean up messy, wet spills in the kitchen like egg yolk or milk, and then you can scoop it up with your dustpan. .
  • It’s durable
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s really affordable .This sells for £27.99 on Amazon right now head over to amazon to check the price .
  • Some rubber brooms like this one have a built-in squeegee so you could use it as a squeegee if you wanted . I have tried cleaning the windows with the squeegee, and it works really well, especially for the difficult-to-reach high-up windows.
  • It’s a very unique tool because you can use it indoors or out . Outdoors it’s excellent for your front walk and patio. If it’s wet and leaves are wet, it picks them up very well. In the garage, it works great for things like oil spills. The pet hair broom is also great in the garage when you have water on the floor, whether it’s from a wet car in the winter when there’s snow and mud on your vehicle and it melts and pools on your garage floor. The squeegee side lets you move it out of the garage onto the driveway.
  • Its great on high gloss floor tiles . I was forever sweeping up cat hair, and it used to fly into the air and resettle somewhere else so, I had to vacuum before I swept, then do a final sweep with the broom to catch any hairs that the vacuum had missed! This process was very long , time-consuming, and backbreaking. Since I started using this rubber broom I sweep once and it catches it all. None of the hair clings to the broom so it doesn’t transfer it from one place to another. It truly is a miracle. This broom cuts out the step of vacuuming before mopping. I’ve noticed that there are barely any hairs sticking to the floor when I mop, which used to be a significant problem before.
  • The rubber brush is the best brush for dog hair on hardwood floors or carpeting because if you’ve got pets in your house, you know how hard pet hair can be to get up because the vacuum can’t always pick the hair up out of the carpet. It’s effortless with the rubber broom hair because sometimes you have to actually break the static content in the carpet to loosten up the hairs. So using the rubber broom with a short stroke will pull it right out of your carpet and make it ball up so you can pick it straight up.

How to keep your pet-friendly home fur-free

How to use the rubber broom to control pet hair in the home

  1. Use small, short sweeps

    This brush only works well on pet hair if you drag rather than swee . You will pull back using backstrokes rather than pushing forwar . This way, it collects all the hair under it.
    Over Christmas, I had visitors who brought their dog for the day, and it shed its fur for Englan ! The number of short hairs it left behind was incredibl . The fur remover broom head is by far the best for dog hair, and it did a great job at removing all those needle-like spikey hairs.
    If you have an excess of trodden in dog hair on carpet, you might like to use a backward and forwards motion as it is better at loosening up the hai . It rolls the hair together, making it easier to pick up in clump . It’s excellent if you’ve got hairballs because it will capture them,, pull them towards you,, and give you a lovely clean floor.

  2. Use the squeegee side on the carpet.

    OK, this broom also has a squeegee edge which is great for spills on the floo but to do the carpet with the squeegee side took approximately 10 seconds, and it removed plenty of trapped in pet hair.
    rubber broom for dog hair

  3. Clean the brush with hot soapy water

    After cleaning your tiles or floors, you can clean the brush ready for next time by washing it well with hot soapy water to remove dirt, dander, or hai . This is one of the reasons it’s the best pet hair broom for carpet, as you can use a clean broom each time you clean the carpet and are not transferring dirt and hair from other areas.

  4. Clean your rugs

    Another way I like to use the rubber bristle broom is on my indoor mats and rugs even after I’ve vacuumed them because it is pretty hard to get the ingrained dirt and hair out of them. Hence, I use the rubber broom to pull out the hair left after vacuuming, and you’d be shocked to see how much it can get out.

  5. Don’t forget the edges.

    If your carpet corners and edges are shaded, it means you’ve got an enormous buildup of animal hair that you need to deal wit . Take a handheld rubber brush like this one, wet it, and drag across the area where the carpet meets the baseboar . I don’t recommend doing this until you vacuum or sweep the floor first, or the hair and dander will resettle.

  6. Damp dust furniture

    To deal with hair settling on tables like wood, laminate, or glass, consider using a Microfibre cloth and lightly spritz with water to attract the hair . The water helps to make it slightly stick . Using too much watert will leave hair trails all over the surface.

  7. Clean upholstery

    Now for upholster . You can use everyday household cleaning items to get rid of pet hair on your furniture, like a vacuum or lint roller, but here are some cool trick . Find something with the minimum drag to it, a handheld rubber brush like this one, a clean damp sponge, a dampened rubber glove, or even a rubber squeegee will do the tric . Just run the tool along the whole settee and watch the hair come up. I refer this method to using lint Rollers as it’s less wasteful and less expensive. Y u can also use a specialty product like this Bissel pet hair eraser which makes light work of cleaning fabric and upholstery.

  8. Wash pet bedding

    To get rid of hair from clothes and bedding, put the item in the tumble dryer on low heat for roughly half an hour before you put them in the washing machine. D ing this should loosens, remove and catch all the hairs them before they get wet.

  9. Put down blankets

    If your pet has a favorite hotspot to hang out in, place a washable blanket on the furniture to keep it clean, we have blankets all over our sofa and quickly remove them when guests come over, pet blankets do help to control pet hair.

  10. Keep floor clutter to a minimum so you can vacuum or brush regularly

    Keep the floors clutter-free, so you can vacuum or brush regularly.

  11. Brush animals regularly

    The more fur you brush off your pet, the less you need to clean up off the floor, grab a brush or glove and start grooming your pet!

    cat hair brush

I’m in the USA. Which brand of dog hair broom do you recommend?

After asking a few of my Facebook friends, they have recommended the Mr. Siga soft bristle brush like this one, the pet buddies Furstatic bristle rubber broom and the Ravmag rubber brooms.

What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

To be honest, most vacuum cleaners fail when it comes to removing pet hair effectively, but read this post to see my thoughts on the best vacuum for pet hair.

What is the best lint remover?

I’m not a great fan of lint removers as I prefer to use a damp rubber glove or a handheld rubber brush like this one to create static to remove pet hairs.

How often should you sweep?

I sweep daily in the high traffic areas as we are a family of four with pets. I also clear up any crumbs with a table op dustpan and brush like this one as I see them.

Is this the best broom for dog hair on tile?

In my opinion, yes, I’ve been a cleaner for over ten years and, this rubber broom is the most effective way to remove pet hair from tiled flooring that I’ve found yet.

What is the best broom for dog hair on laminate floors

I’d still stick with the rubber broom as it stops all the hair from flying up in the air and resettling.

To find out how much your dog should be shedding, read this post.

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