How to Organize Kids Books the Easy Way Forever!

Welcome, parents and book lovers! Do your kids have a growing collection of books that’s starting to take over the living room floor? Are you looking for an easy way to organize their reading material? Then you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will provide helpful ideas for storing and organizing kids’ books. You’ll be able to get all those books off the floor and create a beautiful library. Organizing books will seem like a breeze with these simple strategies, so let’s dive straight in!

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How to organize kids books

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Sort by colour or theme

  • Sorting books by color or theme can also be fun for younger children. You can make it a game to see how quickly they can find the book you are looking for. This way, they’ll be learning valuable organizational skills while having fun!
  • Using colorful bins or baskets like these is also useful for separating books into different categories.
  • For older children, labels and folders can help keep them organized.
  • Additionally, if you have shelves built in, try installing shelf dividers like these ones to create sections for books. This will make keeping everything in its place easier and help children remain organized.
  • Also consider investing in a book stand like this one to store your kid’s books in one easy-to-reach spot.

Declutter, declutter, declutter!

  • Declutter your child’s books and be ruthless! If they haven’t read a certain book in the past six months, it’s time to donate it and make room for their favorites. Most libraries allow you to take books out for free, so why not keep your child’s collection fresh by mixing up what they have at home with frequent trips to the library? Find out where your nearest library is here.
  • Finally, you could consider only allowing a certain number of books in their room at any given time – this creates space for them to choose new titles and encourages reading! Organizing children’s books this way can be fun to get them excited about reading. I like to use a book rotation system to keep the number of books to a minimum. You can read how to start toy rotation in this post.

Organize books by fiction and non-fiction.

  • Separate non-fiction from fiction books. Organize bookshelves into categories like fiction, non-fiction, science, and more. This will help your child find the book they want quickly and easily.


  • Use bookends to help keep books upright and organized. Keeping your child’s book collection organized is a priority if you want your kids to develop a love of reading. That’s why bookends like these ones are a must-have! They add a decorative touch to your child’s shelves and serve a practical purpose by keeping the book upright and in place. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find bookends that match your decor style and personal taste.

Label the shelves

  • Label the shelves with the corresponding titles and authors of the books. By doing so, kids will know exactly where they should return books after they are done with them, making clean-up time a breeze. This saves you time and encourages the kids to take responsibility for keeping their reading area neat and organized.

Use drawers

  • Use drawers for separating and storing small items like coloring, drawing, and puzzle books.
  • Use deep drawers for storing drawing and coloring books so your kids can easily find them and put them away when done. Store these books with all the necessary stationery (pencils, crayons, paper). This way, a child will always have easy access to everything they need for drawing and coloring.
  • Additionally, you can keep puzzles in a drawer so they can easily take them out when it’s time to play.
  • Finally, label the drawers with stickers or pictures so your children know where everything is kept. With this organization system in place, your kids will never have to look for their supplies again! You can also add a mini storage basket to store small items like erasers, glue sticks, stickers, and more. Label the box with pictures or words corresponding to what is stored inside so your children know exactly where everything is kept.

Floating shelves

  • Use floating shelves like these ones for organizing kids’ books. Floating shelves are a great storage solution for areas with limited floor space since they mount to the wall and take up very little room. However, they are not designed to hold much weight, so it’s best to use them for all your child’s lightest book collections.
toddler reading in a cozy chair

Ikea spice racks.

Ikea spice racks like these can be used creatively to store kids’ books. The spice shelf works well for toddler books, as your child can see the book covers and select what they want to read. It’s also economical and relatively inexpensive compared to other book storage solutions. I used this system along the side of my child’s bed so they could read when they woke up early. (disclaimer- this never worked with either of my kids, but it’s worth a try!)

In a nutshell!

Having an organized space for kids to access books and other items is essential to encourage reading and teach children the importance of keeping things orderly. There’s no wrong way to make your home perfect for young readers. So we’d like to hear from you now: how do you organize your kids’ books? Share your organizational tips in the comments below!

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