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Are you ready to download the best housekeeping checklist ever?

If you’ve read our post about the cleaning jobs you should be doing every day then you should be ready to start our amazing housekeeping checklist, these are the jobs you need to be doing each week to keep your house sparkling clean! If you missed the post about daily habits you can catch it here, you’ll need to have those jobs in place before you start on your weekly jobs!

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What is the weekly housekeeping checklist?

The weekly housekeeping checklist is a thorough list of jobs which should be done each week after you have completed your daily jobs. I have split these jobs up into bite-sized pieces and have given you jobs from Monday to Friday, do as much as you can from each list in 30 minutes. Your house does not need to be perfect, you just need to keep it maintained. So set your timer and dash about as quick as you can to complete each list!

Housekeeping checklist, Mondays jobs!
housekeeping checklist

You will notice an extra job at the bottom of the housekeeping checklist. These extra jobs are your deep cleaning jobs which are not normally included in maintenance cleaning. I’ve added one deep cleaning job to each list, so you can get these done when you have the time, it means you can have a free weekend to spend with your family and friends. It also means that you do not have to spend time deep cleaning your house as it has been worked into your routine.

Don’t spend too long on your extra jobs, whatever you missed this week you can catch up with next week.

All my gorgeous housekeeping checklists have a printable version which is free to download when you sign up to my updates!

You will also notice that I’ve included a lucky dip list, this is a list of chores you can choose to do anytime you like, again these are jobs which often get missed, so it’s good to get them ticked off regularly!

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Housekeeping cleaning tips

  1. Keep all floors free from clutter

    Keeping the floors free from clutter allows you to whizz round and clean without having to start tidying up beforehand. If you have little kids encourage them to utilize tables when building models and using Lego.
    Sweeping up the main traffic areas of your home each day help keep your house clean and tidy looking.

  2. Open all the windows!

    I’m often asked how I keep my house smelling fresh, i always have the windows open no matter how cold it is outside. Changing the air and allowing it to circulate allows the daily smells to escape and to be replaced by clean fresh air, it also prevents the growth of mould and mildew!

  3. Provide plenty storage areas for toys

    Make sure storage is used after your kids play by teaching them to tidy away after themselves. If you need help teaching your kids how to help around the house read this post

  4. Provide a workplace for arts and crafts

    Make up an area designed for arts and crafts and other messy materials, preferably in a place with hardwood or tiled floors to make daily house cleaning much quicker and simpler.

  5. Dust as quickly as you can

    Grab a telescopic duster and fly around the house as quickly as you can, sweep over skirting boards, door frames and lampshades as swiftly as you can. This is how professional workers can clean houses in such a short period of time. We work super fast with the right tools! I can whizz around my whole house in less than five minutes!
    If you make sure this job is done each week you’ll find its a very quick swipe around each time! To clean your feather duster take it outside and bang it a few times to release the dust.

  6. Stick to a cleaning schedule when you have time

    Get into the habit of sticking to the housekeeping checklist every day when you can. Sometimes life will throw you a curveball and you may find that after a tough day at the office you missed a day from the household chore list, but the beauty of having regular weekly jobs is that you can jump right back in where you are and can catch up next week. As long as you are keeping up with your few daily jobs your house will never look trashed! And remember you’ll have weekends free to!

  7. Keep safety in mind

    Use steps where possible for cleaning windows and for cleaning hard to reach places, even though I have suggested that you whizz round cleaning as fast as you can , I always advise saftey comes first! be aware of mixing ckeaning prioducts too!

  8. Do not mix cleaning products

    Each cleaning product is designed to be used on its own, you should never be mixing products together as they may cause toxic fumes.
    keep vinegar based cleaners away from bleach as this combination is very toxic.

Frequently asked questions 

Do you have a housekeeping checklist pdf?

Yes, all these house cleaning schedules and cleaning charts are available in a pdf printable version when you sign up to our regular updates. You will then be able to print each checklist off and check it off as you do each job!

How often should I use this cleaning chart?

Every day if you have time, if you miss your weekly jobs from the house cleaning chart Monday to Friday, you may need to catch up at the weekend if you prefer not to miss a week!

Do you follow this home cleaning schedule?

This is the schedule I follow every day. Sometimes I may miss a job or two from the weekly housekeeping schedule, but I make sure that I tick that job off either the next day, at the weekend or occasionally I’ll skip it for a week. However, I make sure I never miss doing the daily schedule, as this daily routine is the glue which holds the clean house schedule together!

the ultimate housekeeping checklist

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Do you follow a housekeeping list? Which jobs are on yours? Let us know in the comments!

Under the sink cleaning caddy
The best housekeeping checklist ever!

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