How To Supercharge Your Christmas Preparations.

Christmas preparations! It’s that grizzly time of the year again when we’ve got a humongous list of things to do and a minuscule amount of time to get it done! We battle through the crowds, grasp last-minute presents, write cards that don’t get sent because we’ve missed the last Christmas post. We have expected guests, unexpected guests, food to prepare, drink to purchase and nibbles to serve and of course the Christmas cleaning to stay on top of. We work full-time, look after our kids and try to do it all by ourselves.

Could you imagine if this year by some miracle you were so organised that everything literally just fell into place?

Well, I’m here to tell you that will a sprinkle of Christmas magic and some super duper easy Chrismas preparations you can be the fairy godmother of Christmas present and have everything in control well before Christmas eve!

Every year I struggled with getting organised time for Christmas. I searched a Christmas planner that would help me figure out what to do and when to do it in the run-up to Christmas and throughout the holiday season. However, everything I found fell short of my needs.

 I needed a day by day countdown for Christmas preparations which would  cover:

  • Christmas cleaning
  • How to win at Christmas shopping
  • Christmas food shopping
  • Christmas post and parcel deadlines

 I needed an amazing list that would help me get organised in the run-up to Christmas without taking up too much precious time.

So I decided to write a list of my own to use each year to keep me on track.  And guess what? I have decided to share it with you, completely free of charge (I’m nice like that!)

Christmas preparations.

In this super slick post you will learn:

I used to spend a whole day cleaning before guests arrived which left me exhausted and unable to enjoy my family during the holiday season. No matter how hard I tried, I never felt as if I had an organized home during the Christmas holidays, despite chasing my tail around for weeks!

My 31 day Christmas cleaning and organising guide will give you a schedule to follow to clean your house for Christmas without getting swamped and overwhelmed or having to struggle to do it all at the last minute.

Are you ready to jump into our super-simple Free Christmas cleaning and organising  Workshop today and follow our 31-day steps to an organised Christmas Day? Woohoo, let’s go!

Getting started

  1. Start this workshop as soon as you can, and start at week 1. I would advise starting it early November or slightly before if you can. This workshop has been designed to start in the months before Christmas so you have a clear run of jobs and tasks to tick off your list before Christmas day comes. It’s designed to get the small time-consuming tasks out of the way well in advance, so you have got a few days to stress-free before Christmas, to put the finishing touches to your Christmas day party or family get together. 
  2. Complete one task a day, you will find a new task every day for 31 days.  One of the reasons I decided to create this list was to break down the month of December and all the work that goes into Christmas planning and Christmas cleaning into bite-sized manageable pieces, and in an order which brings you smoothly to Christmas day with everything ticked off your list. Follow the Christmas cleaning tips so you don’t have to deep clean your house the day before your guests arrive!
  3. If you miss a day it’s not too much of a problem, however, try not to miss more than a couple of tasks on the list, or you’ll find you will run out of time to get all the tasks done and get organized! For instance, if you don’t write out your cards early on in the month and purchase stamps you’ll miss the final post date for Christmas cards! Follow our Christmas cleaning and organising plan and you won’t miss a thing!
  4. Some days are shopping tasks. Some of the shopping preparation could be done on one trip to the shops and crossed off your list! For instance, Christmas cards, sticky tape, wrapping paper and stamps and some non-perishable foods can all be purchased well in advance in one trip to the supermarket, however, I have listed them separately so you have the choice to do them when you can!
  5. Some days are dedicated are pre-planning for the Christmas season. This includes menu planning, to find out more about how to start menu planning read this post 
  6. Some days are for holiday cleaning tasks. This is one part of the workshop that shouldn’t be compleated out of sequence. The reason for this is that you can start deep cleaning your house for Christmas a month prior to the big day by doing a few small jobs each day. By the time Christmas day comes, the majority of your big Christmas cleaning jobs will be done and you will only have to do a quick touch up and maintenance cleaning from then on. If you’d like some tips and help with cleaning motivation click here you can also check out my what essential products I keep in my cleaning kit by clicking here.
  7. Some tasks are quick and easy while others are more time consuming, so you may want to pick a task that suits your schedule, it’s ok to swap tasks but try not to skip any!
  8. Tick off the tasks as you complete them so you know which ones you’ve compleated and which ones you still need to do, that way nothing gets missed!

I’ve tried to cover as much as I could for the average family, but if plans differ in your household you may like to substitute a task which isn’t relevant for you, with one which is, such as booking flights/taxis if you are planning on travelling for instance.

Christmas cleaning and organizing 

If you’d like to print the workshop so you can put it in your Christmas planner and cross off all the Christmas preparations as you complete them, just click the button below!

Getting your house clean for Christmas can be a struggle if your house is cluttered. If you have some time to spare in the run-up to Christmas you may like to follow our decluttering tips so you are don’t get so overwhelmed with trying to keep your house clean and organised over Christmas. If you are struggling with motivation to declutter we have some tips to help you simplify and create more room for the things you love.

If you’d like advice on starting a Christmas budget read this post 

for advice on having a debt free Christmas read this post

Frequently asked Q&A

How do you decorate your house for Christmas?

I like to keep my Christmas decorations simple and meaningful. We have a tree full of candy-themed ornaments for the kids such as gingerbread men, candy canes and doughnuts etc. My focus is always on lighting to make the house feel cosy and warm.  I love glowing twinkly Christmas window lights to make the house inviting to Christmas visitors. 

What do you plan to do on Christmas day?

We get up super early with the kids and spend the morning cosying down together, then, in the afternoon we visit family for Christmas dinner and have a family stroll in the dark to walk off the Christmas pudding!

How do I get my dirty carpets clean in time for Christmas? 

The best way to spruce up grimy carpets would be to use a carpet steam cleaner. This is one of the best methods of carpet cleaning and it can be used as an upholstery cleaner too depending on which model you hire. Steam cleaning machines can be hired relatively cheaply, or for the best carpet cleaner, you could hire a professional carpet cleaning company for professional results.

Have you jumped on the Elf On The Shelf train yet?

Well, if you have you might want to check out and download our phenomenal free printable  Elf on the shelf ideas list,  and put it in your Christmas planner! Full of a whole months worth of last-minute no plan ideas that are perfect for the nights that you’ve forgotten to move the little fella!

christmas cleaning and organising

Give your elf on the shelf the arrival it deserves this Christmas with our free fabulous elf on the shelf arrival letters! These letters are designed for boy or girl Elves and I have also included a blank letter if you’d prefer to write your own!

Keep your kids occupied while you get your Christmas preparations and organising done, download our free Christmas elf colouring pages!

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