Why You Need To Grab This Free Elf Arrival Letter Today!

It’s that time of the year again! It’s nearly November and as we all know, in December they’ll be back! All kids love the elf on the shelf,  however parents everywhere are pulling their hair out,  with yet another thing to remember at this busy time of the year!  Hundreds of panic-filled parents are trying to think of all sorts of arrival ceremonies to introduce this little bundle of craziness back into their already bursting and chaotic lives!  If this sounds like you, check out my elf arrival letter and last-minute elf ideas created just for your elf!

Are you searching for the perfect elf on the shelf return letter ideas?  
 Look no further! The search is over!

In this post, we are going to be sharing with you some fantastic elf on the shelf arrival letters.

Don’t let your little elf arrive this year without a welcome letter from Santa!
Download our free printables and let’s get the Christmas season off with a bang!

Things have really stepped up in the elf wars this year, parents have added yet another dimension to the ever-increasing elf on the shelf game, apparently, now we need to have a letter, an elf on the shelf door to announce the appearance of this crazy little newcomer into our home. Gone are the days that we drag him out of the plastic bag at the back of the wardrobe, shake the dust off and stick him upside down in the Christmas tree for the kids to find three days later.

Oh no!  This parade has turned into some kind of trooping of the colours, so buckle up, suck it up and have a peek at these elf arrival letters.

To make the elf on the shelf arrival a little bit easier for you I have created boy elf arrival letters and girl elf arrival letters in each design, just click on the download button below the elf downloadable letter and it will take you straight to the printable elf on the shelf page.

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The elf on the shelf is very popular in our house and my kids love receiving their elf on the shelf welcome letter from the North Pole, they love it because it describes everything that they’ve accomplished over the past year.
This year I’ve made the search easy for you by creating a free printable letter for you to leave with your elf on his arrival home!

For your elf arrival, I have created:

  • Elf on the shelf arrival letter from Santa
  • Boy Elf on the shelf arrival letter from Santa
  •  Girl Elf on the shelf arrival letter from Santa
  •  Elf on the shelf arrival letter template printable 
  • Girl Elf on the shelf arrival  letter from Santa printable 
  • Boy Elf on the shelf arrival letter from Santa Printable 
  • Links to all my other elf on the shelf free downloads and templates

Elf arrival letter

This is a simple elf arrival letter from Santa, which lets your child know that their elf has returned, this is an editable elf on the shelf letter, as there is space for your child’s name and also space for you to write five things that they have done well this year, and two things that they need to work hard on, for self- improvement. I love the fabulous photos of Santa I’ve included on these elves printables too! I also have designed a boy elf arrival letter and a girl elf arrival letter for you to choose from depending on your elf dynamics! I’m sure your kids will love this Elf is back letter!

Boy elf printable arrival letter

elf arrival letter, elf is back letter, letter from Santa

Girl Elf is back letter

Elf on the shelf arrival letter template

This is a blank elf on the shelf printable letter. It has pretty graphics and a signature from Santa, with plenty of space for you to write your own message to your child. This is a simple elf on the shelf letter template download is great for parents with more than one elf, or if you haven’t found any letters from elf on the shelf that are a good fit for your elf! maybe you’ve got some personal message you’d like to say to your child about their behaviour this year. Or perhaps you want to tell them how much they are loved or how well they are handling a certain situation at school or home, the beauty of this free printable elf on the shelf letter is that you can make it your own!

christmas cleaning and organising

Letter from elf on the shelf printable 

This elf arrival letter is super cute and talks about how the elf may get into mischief! It talks about how Santa has left the elf with the child to encourage the child to teach the elf how to be good. This encourages the child to show kindness to others and supports good behaviour. It also communicates to the child that their good behaviour throughout the year has been recognised. As with the previous elf arrival letter I have made a girl elf arrival letter and a boy elf arrival letter especially for your elves!

Elf on the shelf arrival ideas

Are you worried about getting stuck for elf on shelf arrival ideas this year or are you like me and always forgetting to move your elf? Well don’t panic I’ve got you covered! I’ve created this fabulous post with some great elf on the shelf ideas for first arrival and elf on the shelf checklist, with 25 last-minute elf on the shelf arrival ideas to get you out of a pickle!

elf arrival letter and elf on the shelf ideas

Free elf on the shelf printables

Are you looking for some Christmas colouring pages to add to your Christmas crafts box? Look no further I’ve created 10 fabulous printable elf colouring pages to compliment your printable letters which will get your Christmas craft party started in style!

elf on the shelf coloring pages

Frequently asked Q&A

What do I do with my arrival letter from elf on the shelf? When your elf on the shelf arrives in the morning, you leave the letter with your elf for your children to find. This is a very exciting moment for your kids because they love receiving letters especially one filled with all the good thing they’ve been caught doing this year!

What do I do if I have more than one elf?   It can be really hard to find elf on the shelf letters which fit in with ever-changing family dynamics,  the elf on the shelf letter template download is perfect for anyone who is struggling to find the perfect elf letter!

Where can I buy an elf on the shelf from?   Many high street stores sell elf on a shelf, however,  I prefer to get mine from Amazon, as I’ve nearly always got the kids with me when I’m out shopping! You can get your elf on the shelf from Amazon by clicking the button below!

If you are struggling to get organized this Christmas why not follow our free Christmas countdown planner packed full of cleaning and organizing tips to get you ready for Christmas day join the fun here!

What crazy antics does your elf on the shelf get up to? We’d love to hear your best ideas! leave us a comment below! 

Look out for our next post where we will be sharing with you a fantastic elf goodbye letter to take the sting out of having to say goodbye to those crazy little elves! If you don’t want to miss a post and would like the exclusive code to unlock all our other free printables, hit the subscribe button below!

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