How To Easily Start Thinking Minimalistically

Is it easy start living your life minimalistically? What does minimalistically  mean, is it even a word in the english dictionary? In this post, we will be giving you some insights into how a minimalist thinks and behaves.

What is a minimalist?

A minimalist is a person who deliberately reduces the number of possessions they own to only keep what is truly necessary. A minimalist is usually a person who values experiences over possessions and is someone who is mindful of their impact on society, the environment and others. there are many other ways to live minimalistically than to just get rid of your clutter.

How to start living minimalistically

There are many things we own which we do not need, and many things we  have an abundance  of which we could share with others;

  • Food
  • Time
  • Knowledge
  • Possessions
  • Money

If you’re anything like me, you have a constant battle to justify donating items which may have been a gift from a loved one or something that had a hefty price tag and has never been worn.

There are certain things we could easily give away without any guilt at all, our time and money are just a couple of examples.

How To  Donate your  Time.

Time is probably the most precious thing any of us have to give, and one which is appreciated by many people in need, there are many different ways we could give our time to help someone else

  • Helping an elderly neighbour with shopping or chores
  • Walking an elderly neighbours dog
  • Helping  a new  mum with  childcare
  • Volunteering at a  charitable organization
  • Running a marathon for charity
  • Help to teach kids to read  at your local school
  • Helping out at a local food bank

Simplifying our calendars to be less busy frees up some time to enable us to choose to give a little back. Just giving a couple of hours a week can make all the difference to someone in need.

The less busy we make ours and our children’s lives, the more time we have to give to others, whether its family or to  the community

 How To Donate Money.

  • When we reduce the amount of money we spend on things we don’t need, the easier it is to stay out of debt and the easier it is to give to a favourite charity.
  • Stay out of debt by spending less than you earn, put any spare money after bills into an emergency fund, staying out of debt allows us to start saving money and be in a position to give a little back.
  • Set up a monthly direct debit to your favourite charity for as much or little as you can afford.
  • Raise money to donate by doing something you’ve always wanted to do, such as run a marathon, skydive or hold a coffee morning.
  • Teach your kids the importance of giving to charity, help them raise money to give to their local charity.

How To Donate Food.

  • Food banks and shelters for the homeless are always grateful for food and things like shower gel and shampoo.  Shelters for the homeless also need coats, gloves and scarves in cold weather, and blankets, duvets, pillows and sleeping bags throughout the year.
  • Women’s shelters and safe houses need food, sanitary products, laundry powders, toilet rolls,  and clothes and toys for children too.
  • Animal shelters need huge amounts of food to give to the rescue animals whilst they wait for new homes. You can give tins of wet food or large bags of dry food. they are also grateful for bedding, pillows blankets for the animals to sleep on.

How to donate your unwanted stuff to charity

  • The unwanted stuff we keep stashed in our closets and overstuffed drawers will make someone else very happy,  give it a new home, and create some space in your own home.
  • Gadgets are improving and changing at such an alarming rate that it is very hard to keep up with today’s technology, we all have a gadget graveyard in our house somewhere which is crammed with spare leads from forgotten computers or tablets, old mobile phones from the 90’s never to be charged again! Many charities have places where you can donate your old mobile phones and other gadgets.
  • Old spectacles, there are many opticians who collect old spectacles to send to people in need, all you need to do is drop them off and they will do all the rest for you!
  • If you’re struggling to donate an item of clothing you’ve never worn or an unwanted gift from a favourite family member read some of my tips on how to declutter here.

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 how to think minimalistically

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