How To Prepare Simple Vegetable Bags For Meal Prep

In this easy meal prep guide, we will show you how spending some time preparing all the vital ingredients you need to cook your meals, will help you get healthy food on the table in minutes. Meal planning and wise food storage are critical for preparing simple bags for meal prep, which are ready to use when you need them. In this post we will show you some simple meal prep tips and tricks!

Do you ever wish you could just open your fridge and have endless healthy food options readily chopped and prepared to choose from, for snacking or for speeding up your cooking time? If you are relying on supplements to boost your diet instead of eating healthy foods then stop right there!

In this post, we will talk you through some healthy meal prep ideas and show you how to meal prep vegetables and snacks to grab and go, so you get all the healthy vitamins and minerals you need in your diet!

What you will need for meal prep bags:

  1. Chopping board
  2. An empty uncluttered space to work at
  3. A sharp knife 
  4. Some large bowls
  5. A clean organised and decluttered fridge and freezer.
  6. Some meal prep bags 
  7. Meal prep containers or lunch boxes
  8. Large bowls
  9. Food processor (optional) for chopping and grating 
  10. Uninterrupted time to complete your bags for meal prep 

The benefits of meal prepping are:

  • Less waste: think about all the food you throw away each week after all the food starts rotting in the back of the fridge because you didn’t have time to prepare them after a busy day at work. meal planning and meal prepping reduce the waste as you will only be buying food you will eat and will be planning for. Healthier food will be more convenient, therefore you will be more inclined to reach for the healthy option rather than the chocolate bar!
  • Meals are made in minutes:  because all your food for the weekly/monthly meal plan has been prepared well in advance.
  • Meals and snacks become healthier: As fruit and vegetables are easier to grab and to add to dinners, sandwiches and to eat as a snack. 503
  • You can use a portion control container for easy meal management if you are meal prepping for weight loss and fitness programmes.
  • You can meal prep straight into a lunch box with an ice pack to take to work, this will save the many trips to the burger van or the pasty shop!

We all know how difficult it can be to get a healthy home cooked meal on the table after a long day at work, we also know how daunting it can be to start meal planning when you’ve never done it before that’s why this month we are taking you step by step through all the stages of meal planning ,this includes:

  • Food shopping and pantry staples
  • Meal planning
  • Meal prep
  • Batch cooking
  • Meal prep containers
  • Bags for meal prep

Cupboard staples

The first thing you need to do when meal prepping is, make sure that your pantry is always stocked with some staples so that you can always put together a healthy meal from scratch. If you missed my post on stocking your pantry you can read it by clicking the button below!

bags for meal pre , how to declutter your home, how to meal plan for beginners . free fridge staples checklist

Meal planning

An essential part of meal prepping is to plan your weekly meals in advance. if you know which meal you’re are eating for breakfast lunch and dinner, you can purchase the food you need and begin meal prepping! To help you to plan out your meals for the week or month, I have written a step by step guide outlining all the stages you need to follow with free meal planning templates,  in case you missed it you can click the button below!

Weekly menu planner , bags for meal prep

  1. Meal prep for breakfast

    My kids love smoothies, they will eat them for breakfast dinner and lunch!
    This is a fantastic way to get more fruit and vegetables into your kids without a huge fight! to freeze individual smoothie portions.
    I grab some bags for meal prep and add a base of spinach, then I add a combination of 2-3 other fruits from the list below.
    There is no need to thaw these bags, you can just throw into the blender in the morning with some chocolate soya milk, almond milk or coconut water for a healthy delicious breakfast! You can even add some seeds on top for an extra protein punch!


    ssmoothie bags for meal prep

  2. Meal prep for salads and sandwiches

    If you are going to start taking lunches to work with you , make it easier to knock up a sandwich or a salad to go! If you can prepare everything you need for the week , sandwich making will take you seconds and you’ll be less likely to grab a takeout!
    Like wise , if you have kids who have a packed lunch at school this is a game changer in the packed lunch making department!
    Red onion
    Sweet peppers
    Grated cheese
    Grated carrot

  3. Meal prep evening meals

    There are many ways you can speed up your evening meal preparation by batch prepping and chopping vegetables to add to sauces, stews, salad, soups and for use as a side dish. once you get into the habit of meal prepping your vegetables you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can knock up a quick and healthy meal!

    Butternut squash

  4. Meal prep kids snacks.

    If your kids are like mine they are always looking for food and always want it when you are majorly busy and don’t have time to start chopping stuff up! I always have little bags of healthy food chopped up ready for my kids to just grab out of the fridge.

    Cucumber sticks
    Carrot batons
    Sweet peppers

  5. Kids snack bags

    I make my kids little bags for meal prep, to help me control and reduce the amount of sugary and salty snacks my kids eat in between meals. The price of kid’s healthy shop bought snacks is astronomical so this is a good way to save money too!  I usually add a mix of anything I’ve got in the cupboards 

    Dried mango
    Sultanas or raisins
    Dried pineapple
    Banana chips
    Dried apples
    Dried cranberries
    Mixed nuts
     Mixed Seeds
    Fresh fruit
    Carrot sticks 

    I prepare approximately ten bags for meal prep at a time and put them in the fruit bowl as a healthy size grab bag for school or after-school sports; it’s a great way for your kids to get a quick burst of energy and protein and also easy to grab for packed lunches.

    For advice on kid’s recommended portion sizes click here 

  6. Chop food in advance

    After unpacking my grocery shopping, I always prep my vegetables and fruit for the week ahead. Chopping and preparing food makes it quick to prepare meals, snacks, lunches, and sandwiches. It ensures that it’s easy for you to include fruit and Vegetables at every meal.

  7. Meal prep for freezing.

    Freeze bags of meat ready to thaw each morning for your evening meal. Try to freeze your meat as flat as you can in your meal prep bags, this will speed up thawing time when you thaw it out the night before you need and will help if you want to bung it in the slow cooker before you go to work! 

    Stewing steak
    Chicken mini fillets
    Ground beef
    Pork shoulder for pulled pork
    Beef brisket
    Lamb Chops

 How to get into a meal prep routine!

  1. Before bed check your Meal Planner to see what you are cooking tomorrow.
  2. Thaw the meat needed for your meal.
  3. Prepare sandwiches for lunches and snack bags with prepared vegetables and fruit and place in snack bags for meal prep, then store in the refrigerator ready for tomorrow.
  4. In the morning,  throw all pre-chopped ingredients and defrosted meat or meat substitute into the slow cooker with stock and switch on. (Slow cooked meals only).
  5. If you are not using a slow cooker, the evening meal can be prepared using all the readily prepared food in the fridge.

 For more ideas about how to batch cook for the week head on over to my batch cooking for beginners post by hitting the button below!

Bags for meal prep,  spaghetti bolognese

Meal prep containers 

Make all your storage stackable for fridge and pantry preparation, this makes it easy to see what you have and stops things getting pushed to the back of the fridge! Here are some of my favourite stackable dishwasher safe meal prep containers to make meal prepping a breeze!

Meal prep lunch boxes

If you are meal prepping lunches or dinners these meal prep lunch boxes are ideal to stack in the fridge and can be reused, just pop them next to some frozen gel packs for a fresh healthy easy lunch!

The best bags for meal prep

hese IKEA bags are my go-to meal pre bags as they are tough, reusable and are great for batch cooking and freezing. They are fabulous for meal prepping kids snacks too. In my view, these are by far the best bags for meal prep!

Frequently asked Q&A 

What is the best way to meal prep?

Firstly plan your meals, then make sure you have sufficient containers or bags for meal prep. Then follow our meal prep guide to get you started!

Which foods can be prepared in advance for the week?


Which meals can I prep ahead?


Which is the best way to prepare food in advance?


What are your best tips for meal prep and planning for lunches?

If you are meal prepping a lunch bag, buy stackable meal boxes to store in the fridge, these are also useful to freeze any leftovers which you can defrost and microwave at work.
dressing free salads, rice and chicken are all easy to meal prep, and I also like to meal prep soup for a healthy lunch, just remember to carry it in a leakproof container to avoid spillages!

Can I meal prep if I am trying to lose weight?

Meal prep is perfect for people who are looking to improve their diet, you can pack your lunch in portion-control containers which will help to allow you to stay on track.

Does salad work well in meal prep?

Salad works perfectly well in meal prep bags or boxes as long as it is dry and undressed. It is best carried in insulated lunch boxes or with ice packs to help keep it crisp and cool. some

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