How To Write An Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letter.

When the holiday season is nearly over and parents are cheering at the thought of getting rid of the Elf On The Shelf, it can be especially difficult for the little ones to say goodbye.  It can be quite a challenging time to negotiate through all the sadness of saying goodbye coupled with the excitement of Christmas Eve.
So,  if you’re wondering how to negotiate through this tricky time and how to end elf on the shelf antics, I have created a gorgeous elf on the shelf goodbye letter free printable from Santa.

I have also given you a bonus free elf on the shelf goodbye letter template, in case you would like to draft your own letter.

An elf on the shelf goodbye letter makes it easier for your children to understand that the Elf is leaving, but that he will be back before they know it next year!

The elf on the shelf goodbye letter, also lets your child know how well they have looked after the elf and that the elf has reported good behaviour from the child. 

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How to write an elf on the shelf goodbye letter.

Saying goodbye to your elf on the shelf 

  1. Decide whether or not your Elf will return next year.

    This will determine how you are going to word your elf on the shelf goodbye letter.
    If you feel that it was too much work to keep remembering to move your elf on the shelf, you might like to tell the child that the elf is going back to the North Pole to live with Santa permanently as he is so busy, but thank you for letting the elf stay.

  2. Write a list of all the things your child has done well since the elf arrived.

    You will include these in these in your goodbye letter from the elf

  3. Download our free editable elf on the shelf letter.

     Say thank you for looking after the elf and for being so kind to him and explain to your child that they will (or will not) be returning next year.

  4. Explain that the elf now needs to go and help Santa deliver all his presents.

    Your child will then know that the elf has said goodbye and has had to leave because he had an important job to do!

  5. Leave a small treat like a cookie and a glass of milk for your child from the elf.

     Hopefully, this softens the blow slightly of the Elf going home! 

  6. Remind your child in the elf goodbye letter that they need to be in bed early!

    My kids are very keen to go to bed early if the elf tells them to! 

  7. Take a break and be glad you got through November and December with the elves!

    Phew, it’s over for another year!

Boy Elf on the shelf goodbye letter free printable 

boy elf on the shelf goodbye letter

Girl Elf on the shelf goodbye letter free printable 

girl elf on the shelf goodbye letter free printable

Elf on the shelf goodbye letter template

elf on the shelf goodbye letter free printable

Last-minute elf on the shelf ideas

If you’re looking for more elf on the shelf ideas, I have the perfect post for you. I’ve created a comprehensive list of last-minute elf on the shelf ideas for you to use if you have a busy life and are short of time, or if you have forgotten to move your elf and don’t want to get caught out! (every parent’s worst nightmare). Your kids will love all of these simple elf on the shelf ideas and you won’t have to worry about forgetting ever again!

elf on the shelf  ideas

Christmas Elf on the shelf crafts

Looking for some Christmas crafts and Christmas home decor colouring? Why not download our free printable elf colouring pages to keep your family busy over the Christmas season and to help get your Christmas party off with a bang! It’s one of the easy ways to keep your child busy while you wrap a few presents or work from home!

elf on the shelf coloring

I hope your kids enjoy their elf on the shelf goodbye letter free printable from the North Pole. Let us know how your elf goodbye goes!

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Frequently asked Q&A

What is the elf on the shelf? 

The elf on the shelf normally arrives with an elf arrival letter from the North Pole and has been sent by Santa.
Traditionally the elves move during the night and get up to all sorts of mischief while the family sleep.
The elf on the shelf doesn’t move during the day if the Elf gets touched by a family member the elf loses its magic and will not move at night! The elf generally returns home to the North Pole with an elf goodbye letter on Christmas Eve.

How do you get a free elf on the shelf goodbye letter?

All our Elf on the shelf goodbye letters are free to download.
 Just click on the button below the picture of the Elf, to be directed to the printable elf on the shelf goodbye letter.

Why is the elf on the shelf only played at Christmas?

 The elf on the shelf is a Christmas tradition for the month of December, similar to that of an advent calendar whereby the elf goes back home to the North Pole to live with Santa for the rest of the year.

Where should I leave the goodbye letter from the elf on the shelf?

The elf on the shelf goodbye letter can be left anywhere you like. I tend to leave it on the breakfast table with some cookies and milk from the elf as a goodbye treat to the children.

Do you use the elf on the shelf to make your kids behave?

I do use the elf on the shelf to help my kids behave. I sometimes leave printable letter or note from the elf on the shelf to let my children know that they have done something special that has made the elf proud.
I also make sure that I include any good behaviour in a list from the elf on the shelf in their last night note. This lets them know all the good things that they have done throughout the time the elf has been there. This also makes goodbye note from the elf on the shelf a positive experience.

What are your expert tips for using Elf on the shelf with your children

Make sure you use my personalised letter with your child’s first name to announce the arrival of your elf, and remember to send a goodbye letter from the elf on the shelf to your child in the New Year when he goes home this helps your child understand that he will be returning next year if they look after him .

Could my elf arrive at my child’s birthday party?

A child’s birthday party would be a great way for an elf to arrive, however, I would be sensitive to the fact the other children may not have an elf, therefore, I would have him arrive in a gift bag to open when your child gets home.

I am worried about getting an elf in case my child gets sad when it has to go home.

You can handle the goodbye really sensitively especially if you download my goodbye letter from Elf on the shelf free printables.
If you prefer to write your own Goodbye Elf on the shelf letter in a sensitive way I have an amazingly real template which will help you, which will look as if it’s come directly from the North pole.
You can also prepare your child by making sure that when the elf arrives they will only be staying for a short time. My elf arrival letter lets the child know how long the elf will be staying for.

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