How To Recharge In Minutes: Free Self Care Checklist.

It can be a struggle to know how to take care of yourself when you’re trying to juggle a million things at once our self care checklist printable is a great way to give you some ideas on how to care for yourself when you’re short of time.

Kids come in all shapes and sizes with amazing little personalities.
I happen to have two boisterous,  active, funny little kids, with larger than life personalities.
While this makes our day crazy, hectic and somewhat frantic, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
However, I often find myself needing time to recharge my batteries over a cup of coffee which hasn’t gone cold! In this post, we talk about the things you can do to look after yourself without spending hours away from home or spending tons of cash.

In our free self care checklist, you can choose one of our 5-minute self care activities for a quick recharge, or 30 minutes if you’ve got more time!
Like most kids,  mine are always demanding food, or stuff, or support with something, and of course my time and attention.
 The struggle is real to stay on top of everything, sometimes it can take a good 45 minutes just to unload the dishwasher some days.
It is also quite clear that planning a full family day out, does not satisfy my kid’s longing for my attention when we get home either!
It seems the more attention I give my kids, the more they need from me, and as all tired parents know, this can leave you in a permanent state of physical and mental burnout.

You’re an overtired mom when …

  • You go to the bathroom but as soon as you leave the room, your kids urgently need to go to the toilet and are so desperate they can’t wait until you’ve finished!
  •  You have a shower with one child on the toilet and one trying to clamber into the shower with you.
  •   You’re cooking a meal, they follow you in and shout requests for drinks and  “how long is tea going to be? ”  every 2 minutes!
  • They never sleep

Parental burnout symptoms

  •  Feeling parental fatigue
  • Being too tired to parent properly
  • Feeling overtired
  • Being an overwhelmed mum or overwhelmed parent
  •  Feeling as if you’re not enjoying motherhood
  • Feeling tired, grumpy and not quite right, most of the time
  • Experiencing lots of stress
  • Sleep disruption and insomnia
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Feelings of sadness
  • Feeling guilty for no reason.
  • Not looking after yourself properly
  • Poor mental health
  • Self-care deficit
  • Not eating properly.
Self-care and emotional self-care are hugely important for tired parents to enable us to recharge and regroup and get ready to face the challenges of another day.

Self-care tips for overtired moms.

Decide how much time you can devote to self-care, per day, week and per month.
If you have a majorly busy family or work life, you may only be able to spend five minutes per day on yourself, that’s ok, pencil it in and book out the time.
It doesn’t matter how much or how little time you intend to schedule for yourself, the first step is to write it down.<

For example: at 9 pm every weeknight schedule five minutes to yourself after the kids have gone to bed. 

Next, write a list of the things you enjoy,  download my beautiful free daily self-care checklist by subscribing to our updates here,  for ideas and activities you can squeeze into 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes,  30 minutes and an hour!

  Self Care Checklist.

free daily self care checklist

Balancing motherhood and self

Some mornings when I’m up before everyone else in the house, I sit outside with a hot coffee, I find five minutes breathing in the cold, fresh air, invigorating, its precious quiet time before the demands of a busy day.

Five-minute breathing exercise.

Lie on your bed and do a quick five-minute deep breathing session while you’re waiting for the kids to go to sleep. this is a great way to recharge after the craziness of the school pick up and before you start on all those evening chores!
Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and breathe. Count your breaths in and out until you have counted ten breaths in and ten breaths out, then,  start counting your breaths again from one, repeat this counting pattern for as long as you have time.

Some weeks are more hectic than others, and it’s crucial that on those busy weeks take care of yourself and take time to recharge even if it’s only possible for five minutes a day! It’s surprising just how little time it takes to reset your focus.

  • Five minutes a day adds up to 35 minutes a week
  • 10 minutes a day gives you 70 minutes of self-care per week.
  •  For a busy mum or a workaholic, this can have a hugely positive impact on your stress levels and productivity.

You may like to schedule a few minutes per day, then, a more significant amount of time weekly or monthly if childcare allows, how much or how little you feel you can devote, is up to you, as long as you are doing some self-care practices.

Self-care nutrition

To enable you to feel great and fill up your self-care deficit you need to make sure you are looking after yourself from the inside.

  •  Stay hydrated drink plenty of water, I  feel better after drinking at least 1 litre of water per day.
  • Eat well,  eat plenty of fruit and veg, at least five portions of each per day. Reduce your salt, fat and sugar intake.
  • Avoid sugary drinks replace sugary drinks with sugar-free varieties or plain water.
  • Eat a balanced diet avoid processed and junk food and opt for homemade healthy meals instead.
  • Self-care tips for tired moms

    These suggestions range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes and above. Try to fit at least one into your busy day to help care for yourself and recharge your batteries.

      • 5 minutes deep breathing
      • 5 minutes lying down
      • Paint your nails
      • Read a magazine
      • Sit outside
      • Sit and do nothing
      • Go for a walk
      • Have a shower
      • Read a book
      • Walk the dog
      • Meditate
      • Do some stretches
      • Call a friend
      • Do some yoga
      • Have a long soak in the  bath
      • Go to the gym
      • Go for a run
      • Go for a swim
      • Go for a coffee
      • Meet a friend for lunch
      • Have a brisk walk
      • Take a nap
      • Get a manicure and pedicure
      • Get a haircut
      • Have a facial or massage.
      • FAQ and answers

        What are some good self love habits? Eating well, drinking less, stopping smoking and getting plenty of sleep are the best self love habits to develop for yourself as these have the biggest impact on how you feel in the shortest time.

        • Eating well gives you a fast boost of energy and helps to reduce lethargy, giving you the motivation to tackle most things that come your way.
        • Excessive smoking and drinking have a huge impact on your day today wellness, try reducing the amount you consume even by a small amount to start to feel a difference in your health.
        • Getting more sleep enables your body to recover from stress and hard work from the previous day and acts as a supercharger to your energy levels.

        How do you practice self care when you’re busy?

        Start with something small each day that you choose to do for yourself, our daily self care checklist has many five minute ideas to get you started. You might like to write out a basic self care checklist of things you can do on each day of the week, so taking care of yourself becomes part of your daily routine.

        Can I use the self-care checklist if I suffer from depression?

        As with all medical conditions it is recommended to see a medical professional to seek help and advice. Our self care checklist for adults is designed to work alongside conventional medical treatments to give you some more ideas about how to care for yourself.

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        How do you practice self care as a busy mum? Comment below or contact me at [email protected]

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