Meditation For Mums ~ Calming The Monkey Mind.

How to calm the monkey mind.

What is the benefit of meditation for mums?

How can it help you today?

As a mum of two small children, I’m all too aware of the pressures we face as mothers to keep all our plates spinning at once.

  • We rob time from Peter to pay Paul
  • We sacrifice one child’s spellings practice so we can help the other child with their homework.
  • One child can’t attend sports when the other child is ill
  • The kids fight with each other
  •  We are grumpy with our spouse
  •  They’re cranky with us
  • We are normally tired
  • They’re tired
  • Work
  • School
  • Bills
  • Illness
  • And so it goes on!

  “ What is the monkey mind? ”

  • The monkey mind is when the brain just can’t stop jumping from one thing to another.
  • Thoughts are unable to slow down and control themselves.
  • The constant barrage of worry and over thinking invades thoughts and sleep, rendering a person unable to focus on what is happening now.

Meditation or mindfulness allows us to calm the monkey mind.

  • As little as ten minutes a day can help us start to feel less agitated, and calmer during the day which allows us to think more clearly and make better more informed decisions.
  • It helps us to get to sleep more easily as our thoughts are quiet and not so busy.
  • Meditation or mindfulness gives us a greater sense of wellbeing.

One day, during a yoga class, it occurred to me that I got more benefit from the relaxation technique at the end of the session, where they guided us into a five-minute meditation session than I did from the rest of the class.

(I was unaware that this was meditation at the time ) .

Years later I stumbled upon some guided meditation sessions and realised that this was what I had experienced all those years ago in my yoga lessons.

Where to start, and how to calm the monkey mind.

Guided meditation.

What is guided meditation?

Guided meditation is a  great  place to start for beginners

  • The narrator guides us through several techniques such as focusing on the breath, body scan, (which is learning to relax every muscle in our body from top to toe) and guides us through a relaxing scene such as sitting on a beach or walking through a beautiful garden.
  • There are guided meditations to help you get to sleep, to relieve anxiety, anger and to improve many more stressful situations.

After a short time practising guided meditation, you will probably find you are ready to move on to quiet contemplation in which you practice concentrating on the breath and allow your thoughts to come and go without engaging with them.

You can choose to meditate for as long or short a time your lifestyle dictates, however, the more you practice meditation, the easier it is to sit for more extended periods of time.
The beauty of meditation is, that no matter how busy your life is you can feel the benefits of even just five minutes practice a day.

Even with a stressful job and a busy family life, it is a do-able practice.

 How To Practice Meditation In A Hurry.

There are a few apps I’ve found helpful when pressed for time, one I use daily is a free app called Insight Timer, it offers thousands of free guided meditations to get you started.

Give it a go, if I can do it with a 10yr and 6yr old,  anyone can.

And if meditation sounds  too time-consuming,

just try breathing quietly for five minutes a day,

because that’s pretty much all there is to it!



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