How To Start A Summer Capsule Wardrobe. 

 Now is a great time to dig out your summer clothes and organise a great summer capsule wardrobe!

How to declutter your closet

  1.   Empty your wardrobe of anything you know you will not wear until next winter, We will be heading towards making a wardrobe which is both winter and summer compatible,  I shall be doing a separate post on that at a later date. So, for now, empty everything onto your bed. Now is a good time to assess clothes that haven’t been worn, that are uncomfortable,  don’t make you feel a million dollars or anything that you don’t love. If it fits any of those categories donate it immediately!
  2.  Wash all clothes but don’t iron them as you’ll end up doing it again next winter! Make sure to put it all away in clean, dry place. On the top shelf of the wardrobe is usually a great place to store winter clothes.
  3.  Now get out all your summer clothes. Go through each item the same way you did before with your winter clothes and follow the same process. Do you love it? Does it fit? Does it make you feel fabulous? If not donate it straight away!
  4. Sometimes it can be difficult to let things go if you have an attachment to them you read how to get help with decluttering here Wash and iron all the clothes you are keeping then put everything back into your wardrobe.
  5. You should now have heaps of space to view your summer capsule wardrobe and you should be able to create many more outfits with the clothes you have kept.
  6. Assess the gaps in your wardrobe, think about the key items which would complete your outfits. Write them down and keep in your purse so you buy things you need rather than impulse bargains next time you shop if you need help assessing  the  key essential items you need to build a capsule wardrobe  read here
  7. decide on 3 basic colours to have as your base colours and add one splash of colour.

My basic colours  are:

Charcoal grey



And my splash of colour is bright red.

Here is an example of how just a few items can all marry together if you stick to shopping within your colour pallet


Remember to shop within your four chosen colours. if you’d like to read more about how to choose  colours for your capsule wardrobe read more here 


  • Stick to this rule when shopping for clothes and you will find shopping so much simpler.
  • Patterns should only include your chosen colours!
  • You will always be able to quickly put an outfit together if you follow these steps to creating a capsule wardrobe as everything will always match.

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