How To Create An Easy Capsule Wardrobe Color Palette

Capsule wardrobes are boring and bland, right? Not so, you can have a successful capsule wardrobe and be able to stamp it with your own personality, you can add colour, print and texture to your minimalist wardrobe and get creative. we show you how to make a capsule wardrobe color palette in a few easy steps!

Creating a capsule wardrobe color palette

Choosing your capsule wardrobe colours

  1. Create a basic capsule wardrobe 

    For an in-depth guide to creating a basic capsule wardrobe head over to this post,I run through the simple steps you need to follow to create a basic wardrobe of essential items. in this post, we discuss how to create a capsule wardrobe color pallet to add to those basics.

  2. Go to your closet and pick out your favourite outfit

     Pick out the outfit which always makes you feel fabulous. The go-to outfit that you can always rely on to make you feel good.

  3. Now pick out a few other favourite pieces

  4. Lay them all out on the bed and take a good look at them, do they all contain the same colour?

    Do you notice that all your favourite clothes are within a certain colour range . do you tend to wear a lot of blue or red? study your favourites and see which colours you are usually choosing to wear without realising.
    If they do have a colour which stands out to you,  you’ll probably find that this is the colour pop you’ve been looking for to add to your closet and you can eliminate the rest. We tend to wear colours which make us feel good

  5. Decide on which colour you would like to be your accent colour 

    Once you’ve chosen your accent colour you can begin to add items to your wardrobe in your chosen colour such as a pop of blush pink as featured here. You will only need to add a few carefully chosen pieces to wear with your basic wardrobe to create lots of fantastic outfits. 

  6. Try to use as many items from your closet as you can to avoid having to splash the cash!

    There is no need to spend lots of money on new clothes, remember we are trying to create a capsule wardrobe here. Choosing a capsule wardrobe colour palette from the clothes you already have will keep costs to a minimum.

  7. Look at some colour pallets for some inspiration

    If you are struggling to find some colour inspiration have a look at some colour pallets to see how colours work together.

    how to create a capsule wardrobe color palette

In my last post you learnt how to streamline your closet, and to strip everything back to a basic skeleton of go-to items.
If you missed it click here to follow the first step! We also showed you how to choose the base colours for your capsule wardrobe.

In this post you will be learning how to create a  capsule wardrobe color palette  to really bring it to life, this will help:

  • Always have matching items to hand.
  • Make dressing easier
  • You spend less money on clothes
  • Make clothes shopping far easier
  • You to choose comfortable clothes to wear all day every day.

All of the items I have chosen as an example, work well with the 4 base colours we visited in my last post simply because I have not broken the four colour rule!

Every item I have chosen is either plain or has one or more of my base colours in it , this makes it super easy to throw together a stylish, matching outfits in no time , no matter the weather, climate or occasion, everything matches, casual or smart, the possible outfits are endless, and shopping is effortless.

Spring capsule wardrobe color palette


Winter capsule wardrobe color palette

As you can see you can be adventurous with your choice of patterns as you like, as long as they don’t venture away from your choice of base colours.


Summer capsule wardrobe color palette

  Choosing capsule wardrobe shoes

It’s important to have only a few shoes which go with every outfit you create, depending on your lifestyle.

  • Boots
  • Flats
  • Wedges
  • Heels
  • Pumps

Patterned shoes are also ok, as long as you stick to your chosen color palette


Studs, spikes, fur, prints and sequins can give your look an edgier feel and make you feel fabulous darling!


  Capsule wardrobe accessories

Keep accessories simple, but make a statement!
keep within your colour scheme!
Most of all have fun creating, and building your new capsule wardrobe!

Why not try to build a kids capsule wardrobe to make it easier to get your little people dressed every morning? My kids love being able to put together a stylish outfit and no matter how crazy the combination of clothes they pick out it all still looks good together!

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What exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a way to minimise the amount of clothing you own but increase the number of outfits. This is achieved by creating a closet of good quality basics using three tones from your capsule wardrobe color palette then adding a few key pieces in one accent color. Once your color palettes have been chosen all your items should work well together.

What is the best solution to create a basic minimalist wardrobe?

Head over to this post to follow the simple steps to create a minimalist wardrobe 

How do I chose clothes easy to combine?

sticking to the four-colour rule when choosing clothes will ensure that all your clothes combine to make stylish outfits every time. 

Where are the best places to shop for capsule wardrobe clothes

try to create a capsule wardrobe from the items you already own in your  closet first. removing anything which doesn’t fit your capsule wardrobe color palette. Once you’ve done this you can then fill in the gaps with good quality clothing. I would avoid the budget branded stores and often the high-end clothing as they do tend to go out of fashion quite quickly. when shopping for quality pieces check the stitching and finish of the item . you don’t have to pay a huge amount for good quality items just shop within your budget and slowly fill in the gaps. try shopping in the sales at higher quality stores, but make sure you stick to your colour palettes so you don’t buy stuff you don’t need!

What color matches with gray?

Grey is a really universal colour it is one of the best wardrobe colors for matching and one of my basics. I love a blush pink with grey but it also goes well will most other colors in the wardrobe color wheel. choosing grey as one of your capsule wardrobe color palette is a wise choice as it matches well with the other base colours such as black , white and charcole. and gives you more freedom when choosing your accent colors
capsule wardrobe color palette pink and grey

What are some colours that go well with navy blue?

 Blue color palettes are one of the best to chose for your capsule wardrobe colour palette, as they go well with both accent colours and your base colours. I love the nautical look of red white and blue. Navy blue is also great with denim and pastel colours.

What should I choose for a summer color palette?

all the pastel colors are fabulous for summer color, if you wanted to be a bit more daring with your style you could include yellow or bright orange for bold color palette fashion

Do you have any great wardrobe tips?

Buy less and wear more! By buying fewer clothes we are able to see what is in our closet and are able to make better choices when getting dressed. Having a minimalist wardrobe allows us wear 100% of the clothing we own rather than the average 20%!

How do I chose wardrobe colour combinations when I keep changing my hair color?

Try to chose colours which are accented neutral if you tend to go for bold hair choices. They do not have to be bland , you can still go for edgy but try to stick within the four colour rule including your hair!

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capsule wardrobe color palette

Have you tried creating a capsule wardrobe color palette let us know in the comments!

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capsule wardrobe color palette

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