How To Transform Your Old Boots With Dr Martens Wonder Balsam

Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam, why do I love this stuff? Well, if you’re anything like me and love Doc Martens, you’ll love this stuff too! 

Think of it as a balm for boots, like a protector, a blanket, a raincoat, all in one cute little pot, which will last you forever, well, not exactly forever, but for a very long time! 

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What is Dr Martens wonder balsam? 

Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam is a mixture of coconut oil, lanolin, and beeswax; it has no color and comes in an 85ml pot. You can use it on all leather except suede. 

How does it work? 

 What does Dr. Martens wonder Balsam do?

 It nourishes, conditions, cleans, and protects the leather to help you keep it soft and supple without polishing.

It keeps your boots and shoes looking as bright as they did on the first day you got them. 

How to use Dr. Martens wonder balsam

  1. Learn how to get into the tin!

    Firstly you need to know how to open your Dr. Martens wonder balsam. Now, this might seem a little strange to all of you grown-up people, but let me tell you, it’s not as odd as it sounds, and anyone who has spent 20 minutes trying to discover how to get into this little tin of goodness will wish they had read this first! 
    First of all, unscrew the lid of your Doc Martens wonder balsam (obviously), and remove the handy little sponge sitting in the lid. Now, underneath the sponge, you will see a small tray that the sponge rests in; this is the lid of the wonder balm. You need to remove this tray under the sponge to reveal the Dr Martens balm. 

  2. Remove any dirt and dust from the leather. 

    Make sure there is no grit, dust, or dirt which may scratch the leather. I dry dust first, then sponge over with a damp rag and dry off with a soft cloth.

  3. Remove the laces

    You don’t have to remove the laces. However, I prefer to remove laces as this enables me to get right into the nooks and crannies of boots, especially if you are breaking in your Docs and want to soften the leather quickly.

  4. Apply the balm generously.

    Apply the balm, take the sponge, and lightly dip it into the Balsam. Apply generously using circular movements and cover all areas of the shoe or boot.

  5. Apply wonder balm to the seams and stitching

    I like to apply around the seam and stitching to weatherproof and extend the stitching life

  6. Allow the balm to work its magic!

    Leave to soak in for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. I prefer to leave my balm overnight, particularly on new boots, when I want to speed up the breaking-in process and make my boots soft and supple. 

  7. Remove excess if required.

    Take a clean, soft polishing cloth and buff lightly to remove any extra balm; there is no polishing necessary, and the wonder balm should have brought back the luster to your boots. 

Pair of black Doc Martens

When to use Dr Martens Wonder Balm

  • I use Dr Martens Wonder balsam to break in new boots, as it’s incredible for helping to soften up the tough leather that comes with new Doc Marten territory.

I have written a very helpful post about the secret to breaking in new Doc Martens, so if your boots are ripping your heels to shreds or you’ve tossed your uncomfortable Docs in the cupboard, dig them out and read this post!

  • I like to use Doc Martens wonder balsam to care for my boots in the winter. It’s great to protect leather boots from watermarks and salt marks from the snow and heavy rain. I also think it gives them an excellent water-resistant coating. 
  • And last but not least, I like to use my Doc Martens wonder balm to restore my boots to a respectable finish when they look slightly worn, battered, and tired. 

Watch how to break in your new Docs using a hammer!

Some people break in their new docs using a hammer. Watch this video to see how to do it. (entirely at your own risk, of course!)

Frequently asked questions  

Does Doc Martens wonder Balsam waterproof your boots?  

The Balsam is weather-protective, therefore, it protects against water, liquid, and salt marks. If you’re looking for a waterproof layer, try using Dr Martens Ultra protector, which gives a breathable layer of protection against dirt, rain, and UV rays. You can get it here. 

Will the balsam takeaway scuffs? 

While the Balsam will undoubtedly make your boots look a lot better, it will not cover nasty scuffs; for this, you may need to use a docs shoe and boot polish in the color of your choice. 

How do I know if I should be using Dr Martens Wonder Balsam or dubbing? 

The dubbing is a wax formula to preserve waxy, oily, and greasy leather and is often used to speed up the breaking-in process in new boots and shoes. It also forms a waterproof layer on your leather. You can buy it here. 

Does Doc Martens wonder Balsam expire? 

You will find an expiry date printed on the tin; however, I’m still using mine past the expiry date, and it seems okay. I haven’t noticed any deterioration in either the product or its effectiveness. 

When using Dr Martens wonder Balsam how often should you apply it? 

When they get a bit shabby, I use the wonder balm to bring the luster back to my boots and shoes. It’s also a must in my kit for breaking in a new pair of Docs. 

I wondered where to buy Dr Martens wonder Balsam from. 

You can use any links scattered in this post to be taken directly to Amazon to get your Wonder Balsam. 

How can I make my Doc Martens last forever? 

The better you take care of your Doc Martens, the longer they will last, so regularly cleaning them, then applying the Wonder Balsam will extend the life of your favorite boots.
Dr Martens also provides a shoe care kit containing wonder balm, dubbing, shoe polish, and cloth; you can get it here. 

What are the best socks to use for Doc Martens when wearing them for the first time? 

It is always best to double sock when breaking in a new pair of Doc Martens. I like to go for the cool Doc Marten socks; you can get them here.
I wear two pairs for the first couple of weeks until the leather gets softer.
I reduce my socks down to one thick pair and one standard pair when they feel a bit softer.
Then I reduce it down to a single pair of socks when they start to feel comfortable.
You can buy your Doc Martens socks here. 
To read more about breaking in your new Doc Marten boots, read this post. 

I bought a new Doc Martens boot, and it’s hurting my Achilles tendon. What should I do? 

You could try softening the leather in your new boots; some people like to do this with the hammer. To find out how, read this post. 

Should I wear my Doc Martens when hiking at Yellowstone? 

If you are hiking for any length of time, you need to make sure that your boots are completely comfortable and well broken in.
For a long hike, maybe walking boots may be more appropriate, as you need to consider the terrain and the length of your hike. While Doc Martens are incredibly comfortable once broken in, walking boots are designed to deal with tough terrane.  

Can Doc Martens work as winter boots? 

Doc Martens are fantastic to use as winter boots. I have several pairs, and they’re the best for tackling the horrible winter weather in style. 
Leather or vegan leather boots are ideal for the winter, and canvas Doc martens or Doc Marten shoes are better for spring.

What is a good Dr Martens wonder Balsam alternative? 

I don’t know of any alternatives to the wonder balm; I’m so happy with this fantastic boot leather softener I wouldn’t use anything else! 

Is this good when my Dr Martens are tight? 

The Balsam helps when breaking in Doc Martens because the more supple the leather is, the easier the stretching process will be.  

Will this help to soften leather shoelaces?

I’m asked quite a lot how to soften leather shoelaces, and yes, the Dr Martens shoe leather balm would be brilliant at softening the leather. Just apply it to your leather shoelaces and leave them overnight. Wipe any excess cream from the laces before use.

Can I wear Doc Martens in the summer?

I love wearing doc martens with a floaty maxidress, a shorter mini skirt, or just a pair of shorts. you could always treat yourself to a fabulous pair of Doc Martens sandals; these are my favorite

I would like to wear Docs, but I need a heel. What can you suggest as an alternative to Docs?

You don’t have to compromise as docs do a fabulous range of heels like this one or this one. I also have a fantastic pair of Docs summer sandals with heels, which are amazingly comfortable.

My Docs slip slightly when I walk. How can I fix this?

I had this problem with a pair of my Docs, and I solved it by adding a couple of Doc Martens insoles; you can get them here.

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