How To Create The Best Stay At Home Mom Capsule Wardrobe

Do you feel like your mom style is non-existent? Are you stuck in a rut with outfit ideas? Being a mum and always having a wardrobe full of clothes for every occasion can be pretty daunting and bordering on impossible. If you are sick of your mom wardrobe and feel like you have a closet full of clothes you never wear, read on! In this post, we will talk you through each simple step to create a comfortable, stylish, and practical, stay at home mom capsule wardrobe to see you through any occasion and without having to buy any new pieces!

Whether you need a work from home capsule wardrobe or a stay at home mum wardrobe, we will show you how to make a capsule wardrobe to suit your life!

A stay at home moms capsule wardrobe needs to be comfortable, practical, and stylish, and it sometimes feels like an overwhelming task to create a classic capsule wardrobe and build wardrobe essentials that can survive the hours of a stay at home mom.

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Benefits of a stay at home mom capsule wardrobe

  • Having stylish comfortable, practical clothes to wear all the time
  • Being able to get dressed quickly.
  • Being able to create and plan stylish outfits without even thinking about it.
  • Everything you own, you love, and will wear.
  • You save money and spend less on clothes.
  • You have more space in your closet.
  • Travel packing just became a breeze!

Why you need a stay at home mom capsule wardrobe.

So why do we all need to run home and start creating capsule wardrobes? Well, we all have clothes in our closets we never have wor they tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Clothes waiting for you to lose weight
  • Clothes which you bought in the sales and you thought were a bargain.
  • Clothes other people have given you.
  • Brightly colored fun items you thought were a good idea at the time.
  • Oversized fur items which make you look like a bear
  • The short mini skirt that would be better suited to a 20-year-old.
  • Long flared jeans you never bothered to take up.
  • The very itchy jumper you’ve never worn
  • The impulse purchase after a breakup or lousy day at work.
  • All the  unworn designer labels
  • The party outfit you’ve only ever worn once
  • The wedding outfit and accessories you’ve only ever worn once

How many are hanging in your wardrobe right now?

Have you ever asked yourself why they are still there?

Do the following excuses pop up every time you try to clear out?

  • It cost me a fortune!
  • I’m going to diet!
  • My sister gave me this!
  • I’m waiting for the right occasion to wear it!
  • I’ve got nothing to match it.
  • I’ve had it since I was a teenager!
  • I’ll wear it again!

If any of these excuses sound familiar to you, they could be stopping you from having the stay at home mom capsule wardrobe you’ve always dreamed about.

Every time you open your wardrobe door, these items silently make you feel guilty.

Let me present an answer to those silent excuses you use for clinging on to stuff you never wear.

  • It did cost you nearly a month’s wages, and yes, that makes you feel seriously guilty, but you have spent the money, and the garment makes you feel crappy and guilty every time you notice it.
  • Just because you paid a fortune for it doesn’t mean that it’s of value to you, forget the designer label, if it had only cost £10, would you still keep it?
  • It’s great to hear that you’re going to lose weight, but let me tell you when you get down to your ideal weight, the first thing you’ll probably do is treat yourself to some gorgeous new outfits!
  • Your sister/mum/daughter gave it to you? Guess what; they didn’t wear it either!
  • If you are waiting for the right occasion, the chances are you’ll buy a more fashionable outfit to wear than the one you wore to your sister’s wedding in 1992!
  • If you loved it, you’d have found something to wear with it by now!
  • You’ve had it since you were a teenager?   Well, you’re now 40! (Insert age )
    You won’t wear it again!

I’m not saying you should get rid of stuff you love, but just the things that make you feel bad, the stuff you make excuses for!

The stay at home mom capsule wardrobe plan.

We will n t go on a massive shopping spree buying clothes to create your stay at home mom capsule wardrobe. There’s no need to run to the thrift stores. We will try to use as many items in your closet as possible.

You’ve probably already got a few items of clothing in your closet that you wear all the time, that you are comfortable in, and which make you feel good. We aim to get your wardrobe streamlined with clothes that make you feel good all the time! So, if you’ve got a favorite pair of Old Navy leggings and tank top, we will include them in your war robe plans.

Creating your capsule wardrobe

  1. Try on every single item of clothing you own.

    Put on every garment without looking in the mirror. See how each garment feels. Is it comfortable, does it feel nice against your skin,  can you move freely? If you can’t answer yes to all of those questions, put the item of clothing in the donation pile!

  2. See how it looks.

    If the garment feels fantastic, it is time to see how it loo s! Do you like the color, the length,  the style? If it meets all those criteria, then keep it. If not, put it in the donation pile.

  3. Categorize what’s left.

    Put them into piles of tops and bottoms, shoes, coats, and accessories with the remaining garments.

  4. Choose three colors for your s y at home mom capsule wardrobe-essentials.

    Pick three base colors for your stay at home capsule wardrobe. If you need help choosing your base colors, click here to read this post.

  5. Choose a splash of color.

    Pick one accent color for your wardrobe; you may find you already have a lot of this color in your closet, or you may want to choose something completely different. It’s entirely up to you at this stage. If you need help selecting an accent color, read this post.

  6. Donate all clothes which do not fit within your four-color rule.

    Donate any clothes that do not fit in with your four chosen colors. The reason for getting rid of mismatched clothes is so every item can match with any other garment in your closet. Having stray mismatched garments indicates you’ll be tempted to buy other unsuitable items to go with them, and your wardrobe will not be sleek and streamlined.

  7. Assess your stay-at-home mom capsule wardrobe needs.

    Write a list of jobs you do each day, b honest, and don’t miss anything out! For instance, if you visit a soft play area with your toddler every week, you need to make sure you’ve got clothes that are comfortable enough to crawl and climb around in!

  8. Think about what you require from your stay at home mom clothes.

    Write down all the things you require from your clothes, e.g., comfort, loose, fitted, long, short, etc. If any of the remaining garments you have selected do not fit these criteria, put them in the donation pile.

  9. Take stock.

    You should be left with a selection of comfortable,well-fitting clothes that match.
    It would be best if you now started to create a practical wardrobe that meets all your daily needs from the clothes you already have.

  10. Start with your underwear.

    Make sure all your underwear is comfortable and fits well. It should be so well-fitting that you can’t feel that you have any on!

  11. Next, choose your essential items.

    Next, choose base layers such as t-shirts or vests in your base colors. These are the items closest to your skin, so make sure you have one for every day. I have four black, two grey and one white vest. They are all the same brand as I know they are the correct length for me. to learn more about the essential items you need in your SAHM capsule wardrobe, read this post

  12. Next, choose which pants you’re going to keep.

    Next, choose some pants. There is no rule here except that they should be within your four chosen colors and be comfortable enough to move freely. Trousers, jeans, and leggings get very dirty when running around after small children, so my advice is to make sure you have a clean pair for each day of the week. I find that jeans, dungarees, shorts, playsuits, and leggings are much more practical than skirts or dresses if you have tiny toddlers.

  13. Decide which tops to keep.

    Tops, the rule here is to keep within your chosen colors and consider what was on your capsule wardrobe planner (list of clothing requirements). If you like to cover your bottom, there is no point in buying a  pretty short top as you will never wear it.
    Look for a long tunic or shirt instead.
    You can choose a patterned top as long as it has only your desired colors in it. Choose simple tops that will be just as pretty to go out for a coffee with friends as they would at the soft play with your toddler.
    If you wear plain tops, you can get away with wearing the same top more often. Therefore you need fewer items in your closet. However, if you prefer to wear patterns, it’s not easy to get away with the same outfit more than once a week, so this is something to bear in mind when shopping for essentials.
    I like to buy a plain top with a hint of my accent color somewhere on the garment.
    To read about creating your uniform, read this post.

  14. Choose your knitwear.

    Jumpers and cardigans s ould be practical, within your chosen colors, and fit in with your needs list. Having a cardigan in each of my four chosen colors ties all my outfits together and makes capsule wardrobe planning easier.

  15. Simplify your accessories.

    Splash out with colors here; bags, belts, shoes, and scarves can all be a stylish, practical addition to your stay at home mom capsule wardrobe.

  16. Create a capsule wardrobe checklist.

    Create a checklist of all the items you are missing in your stay at home mom capsule wardrobe. Take it with you when you go clothes shopping, so you don’t end up buying stuff you don’t need!

Shopping for clothes when building a capsule wardrobe.

The decluttering guru, Marie Kondo,  has a theory that when purchasing an item, we get the thrill of the purchase, which dissolves almost immediately when we walk out of the shop. She believes that the item you have purchased has done its job. It made you feel great at the time; therefore, it has served its purpose, and it’s time to let it go.

I found this advice invaluable when letting go of those items and getting them out of the house without feeling guilty, especially all those designer items with the price tag still attached!

It’s amazing how differently I shop now too. I’m a lot more mindful of how much I’ve discarded; I now see each purchase as a future charity shop donation, so it makes me more mindful of what I am buying.

I quickly released that these made up about 95% of the clothes in the donation pile unworn. I steer clear of bargains and cheaper brands.

I never go shopping without my minimalist wardrobe checklist, so I know what I need to buy!

For more tips on how to stop yourself from buying more stuff, read this post

Why do men never have this problem?

Have you noticed that men never have a problem with having unsuitable and unworn garments? They can always open their wardrobe, grab whatever is on the top of the pile, and be out of the door within seconds.

Men can get dressed in a hurry every time without a second thought because they only have a few plain colors to choose from and virtually no over-complicated patterns. They always dress for comfort and simplicity.

You can do this too if you are skillful with your color palette.

Once you find your signature color,  shopping for clothes becomes amazingly simple and a lot cheaper, as every item you buy will go with every other piece you already own, to create a plethora of new outfits.

Here is an example of how a few well-chosen pieces can work well together to create lots of fabulous outfit opportunities.

I’ve chosen Navy, Grey, and Black as my base colors and Yellow as my accent.

I picked comfortable, stylish clothes with a slightly edgy twist that would transition into casual evening outfits, too.

Once you have created your essential stay-at-home mom capsule wardrobe, you will be able to see the missing essential garments, and you can pick them up when clothes shopping instead of wasting your cash on something you will never wear!

If you struggle with finding the motivation to declutter, read this post

Have you ever tried to streamline your closet into a capsule wardrobe? Did you succeed or go back to your old habits?   Let us know in the comments!

For advice on starting a minimalist summer wardrobe that quickly transitions into a fall capsule wardrobe for autumn, read this post!

Read this guide to learn how to build a kid’s free mini capsule wardrobe and stop the clothes clutter.

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  1. The Sun Mama says:

    I am pretty good about decluttering… Once a year I go through and sort stuff to donate or sell that I haven’t used or worn in at least 2 years… I also find that the older I get , the more minimal I want the stuff I actually have to be…

  2. Tee says:

    Yes, i find it hard to let go some of my clothes but I eventually do when other cool pieces become trendy! I’m learning thought to either sell or giveaway as soon as I realise I’m not wearing it…
    Thanks for the great post. Some cool tips I’ve picked up on…

  3. karlapitzen says:

    I do hold on to some stuff for too long for all of the reasons you mentioned. I feel better about the areas in my house where I’ve done some purging!

  4. Rachel blackmore says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips and I am definitely going to
    Use these tips. I hate getting rid of clothes but I will give them to people who need them more than me

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