Removing Water Spots On A Car: Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Water spots, water spots, they are the bane of our lives, they seem to be everywhere, showers, granite, windows and for people like me who love to have super shiny surfaces it can be very frustrating! In my last post, I discussed how to remove water stains from granite and in this post, I’m going to be talking you through the simple steps of removing water spots on a car. 

What are water spots? 

 A water spot is made up of mineral deposits that have been left on a surface after it has been left to air dry. 

Why do water spots appear on our cars? 

Often when you wash your car you do it on a sunny day, the sun or wind dries the water on the surface of your car before you’ve had a chance to dry it off properly with a cloth. This often happens when driving off from the car wash, if the dryer hasn’t worked!

Obviously we cannot avoid driving about in the rain, and I’m sure none of us dries our car after every rainy trip. So, the rain spots dry and cause hard water spots often mixed with other dust and particles and these sit on the surface of your car making it look dull and ugly.

water spots on a 1950s car

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Removing water spots on a car. 

  1. Check the weather. 

    Avoid washing your car on a very hot or windy day and try to find a shaded area so the water doesn’t dry too quickly on the surface of your car.

    1950's car

  2. Clean the car thoroughly 

    Using soapy water and a soft sponge, clean the car of any mud and debris, use a soft car brush to get in between the wheels. 

  3. Rinse well. 

    Using a hose or buckets of clean water, rinse your car well and make sure there is no soapy residue left. 

  4. Dry thoroughly 

    As with any shiny surface, a glass cloth is your friend. If you haven’t already invested in these amazing little cloths then treat yourself, get as many as you can afford and watch them transform any shiny surface into a brilliant streak-free gleam!  Dry every surface of your car with the glass cloth to buff it to an amazing shine and prevent water spots. 

  5. Check for any water spots.

    Hopefully, your frantic drying with a glass cloth will have prevented most of the water spots from returning, however, there may be still a few on the surface of the car and you will want to remove these. 

    1950's car

  6. Removing water spots on a car using vinegar. 

    Using an equal solution of white vinegar and distilled water, wipe over the water spots using a very soft microfibre car cloth. The vinegar should break down any calcium and magnesium deposits in the water spots. 

1950s steering wheel

How to prevent water spots on your car. 

After you’ve washed your car and got rid of any hard water spots you should consider using wax to protect your car from the wet and further water spots. 

water spots on a car

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