How to get dog hair out of clothes without a lint roller

Out of all the pet hair questions we get asked, how to get dog hair out of clothes without using a lint roller is one of the biggest areas of concern. Despite washing your clothes, many of you still find pet hair on your laundry and go through endless meters of lint roll. Today I am covering how to get dog hair out of clothes without a lint roller. Lint rollers are great for removing dog’s hair but are wasteful and bad for the environment, so I’ve come up with some simple solutions to remove pet hair from clothes without being so wasteful.

a puppy transfering dog hair onto clothes on the bed

If you are a pet parent, it doesn’t matter what you wear, how little or short-haired your pet is, there’s always hair around your home, and it gets on your clothing. For anyone with allergies, this can be a total nightmare.

Getting pet hair out of clothes without a lint roller is easy. But before I talk about how to remove dog and cat hair from clothing, I wanted to let you know that the less hair around your home, the less chance it has to get on your clothing. So we have some great tips on stopping cat and dog hair from sticking to your clothes.

It might be tempting to chuck everything into the washing machine when things get hairy, but this can be the worst thing you can do. If you mix water and pet hair, it will clump together and can get caught in those tiny drain holes inside your washer drum or even clog your drain pumps, which can put a lot of stress on your plumbing. The best thing to do is to deal with pet hair before placing your laundry in the washer.

  • Groom and brush your pet every day. The best thing you can do to minimize the amount of stray hair floating around your home is to practice a proper grooming and brushing routine. The first step is to brush your pet every day to keep loose hair to a minimum. A lint roller can be a quick fix and a best friend for pet owners in a pinch. The problem is that they’re not reusable, they’re not eco-friendly, and if you have multiple animals like me, you will go through hundreds of lint rollers a year. It will be expensive and bad for the environment.
  • Make sure your pet has a healthy diet. There is lots of information about a good diet for your pet for you to refer to. If your pet is on a poor quality diet, their skin will be in poor health, which means they shed more cells. Reducing shedding helps to keep the home hair-free. Read more about your pet’s diet here.
  • Creating a good vacuuming routine around your home is another top tip. Sucking up the hair from the floor and furniture means less hair sticking to your clothing. Read which vacuum I recommend for pet hair in this post, and read which broom is best for removing pet hair from tiled floors in this post.
  • Keep your dog’s bedding clean. Wash your dog’s bedding regularly to reduce the amount of hair in your home.

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How to keep dog hair out of your washing machine.

If you notice a lot of hair inside your washer, it’s time to give it a good clean.

  • It is also a good idea to run an empty wash cycle every once in a while using the hottest program possible.
  • Add a cup of soda crystals to the drum, or you can also use a pet hair dissolver like this one to help speed up the process.
  • Wipe down any hair left on the inside of the door.
  • Let the machine air dry.
  • Use the soft attachment tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining hairs in your machine.
  • Read this post to see how to give your washing machine a deep clean

How to get dog hair out of clothes without using a lint roller.

My family loves our two cats but not their hair. It goes all over the house, gets over everyone’s clothes, and gets everywhere.

It can be tempting to grab the hair-covered item of clothing and shove it in the washing machine, but did you know it can also be a problem for your washing machine? Washing pet hair off your clothes could create a few issues.

Here are some fantastic pet hair removal tips to help get dog hair out of clothes without using a lint roller. These are all helpful suggestions to keep pet owners and their washing machines happy.

  1. Use the tumble dryer.

    So, here’s the best chance you have to remove pet hair from your laundry and have clean clothes.
    Think about your clothes for one second. They are static and silky.
    Think about pet hair; it’s fine, sharp, and gets into loose fabrics.
    Any static buildup will keep hair bonded to the fabric. So, if we can loosen the hairs before and after washing, we have a better chance of getting rid of them.

    ✔️ I recommend pre-treating your clothes before washing by placing them into the dryer for ten minutes on a heat-free tumble-only cycle.
    The heat-free tumble cycle will help loosen the hair trapped within the fabric strands and get rid of any remaining hair in preparation for your wash. The best part is that it all gets caught in the dryer filter.

    ✔️Clean the lint filter halfway through the drying cycle because the cleaner the filter is, the more hair it can catch. Remember to empty the lint trap after the cycle has finished. Clean your dryer’s lint filter after each load and clean the dryer duct yearly.

    ✔️After the dryer has finished, shake the clothing well to remove any remaining pet hair, place each item of clothing into the washing machine, and wash as you usually would.

    ✔️You can even add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the machine’s rinse cycle, which will help relax the fabric’s fibers even further. Vinegar works as a natural fabric softener to help loosen pet hair. It reduces the static in the clothes and prevents hair from sticking to them. It works a bit like fabric softener sheets to prevent sticking.
    ✔️ Once you’ve your clothes, shake each garment well before putting it back into the dryer, then, using a regular cycle, dry your clothes well.

    ✔️ Now, you can use dryer sheets to help reduce static cling, which helps break the bond between the remaining hair in the clothing and removes any remaining hair.  

    ✔️ You can also use wool dryer balls like these ones , I use as many as I can find per load. My son likes to use them as footballs. But I aim to use about three per load.

    Do this little routine, and you should see your clothes come out significantly more hair-free, and I promise you’ll be impressed.

    tumble dryer filter

  2. Sticky clothes rollers

    Another quick fix if you are in a hurry is to use a silicone sticky pet hair roller like this. These work as well as a lint roller but without the wastage. You can run it under a tap to clean and reuse it.

  3. Use a dish sponge

    A dish sponge like this may seem like a strange cleaning product for getting pet fur off clothes, but it works well on winter coats. There’s a yellow soft sponge side and a rough greenside on these sponges. I like to use this green side on my heavier winter coats, the coats that look like a wool blend, and the hair sticks inside the fibers. The hair is nailed in there, and you can’t get it out. The rough green side of this dish scrubby causes enough friction to loosen up the embedded hairs and knock them out. dish sponge

  4. Use your hands

    This is a great tip when you’re stuck in public, covered in pet hair, and not looking so good.
    Go to the bathroom, wet your hands, rub them together, flick the water off until they’re slightly damp, and start rubbing your hands on your shirt or pants.
    All the pet hair will gather on your hands. You roll them together and make a furball to throw in the bin.
    This method works very well for small amounts of pet hair, but don’t use too much water, or you’ll end up wet.
    If you don’t have access to a bathroom, you can also do this in the car with your water bottle. Just pour a little tiny bit of water into your hands, and smooth them across your clothing to eliminate any pet fur.

  5. Damp rubber gloves

    A damp rubber glove lets you sweep hair and lift it off quickly.
    Any rubber gloves will work well for getting pet hair off your pants.
    Start the top of your legs and rub downwards, or depending on the fiber types of your pants, you might want to start at the bottom and rub up.
    The slightly damp dish gloves will gather all the pet hair into one big section. You can use any dish gloves you can buy in any grocery store or use disposable latex gloves like these.
    The pet hair sticks to the rubber, and all you have to do is rinse the glove under running water to remove the hair.
    The best part is that you’ve only spent £0.99 on a pair of gloves that you can use repeatedly. Rubber gloves work well on sofas, curtains and carpets, and clothing.

  6. CarPet hair remover tool

    This Carpet Pet hair removal tool is great for quick tidy-ups when you are in a hurry. You can pop it into a bag or briefcase to use on the go. They are made from a rubbery material and have little nubs, which are rough to cause static and loosen the trapped hairs. This product is reusable, so it will be more cost-effective than a lint roller in the long run.

  7. Pet hair glove

    Pet hair remover glove like this one is a glove that you slide on, and it catches hairs in the glove. I have a heavy sweater covered in pet hair as I left it on the couch, and the cats made a nest in it. So I used this first to take off as much hair as possible before putting it through the washing machine.

    get dog hair out of clothes with a pet hair glove

  8. Use masking tape.

    Masking tape picks up hair where pet hair is embedded into the fabric. You could also use sturdy packing tape wrapped into a circle around your fingers with the sticky side out. It works just like a lint roller, but it’s not eco-friendly, so it’s best only used for emergencies.

And of course, the best way to keep your home hair-free is to brush your pet as often as healthy for them and bathe them where possible. Everywhere you remove hair from is one less hair for you to clean up.

If you have any suggestions about how to remove dog hair from clothes without using a lint roller, you can email me or leave a comment below.

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I’d like to know how to get dog hair out of black clothes.

Black clothes and dog hair do not mix well! However, one of the best home remedies to remove pet hair from clothes is to pre-treat the clothes in the dryer before putting them in the washing machine.
The method is outlined above in step one.

Can you explain how to get dog hair out of clothes in the dryer?

If you see a significant build-up of dog hair in your dryer, it is time to give it a good clean. Empty the lint catcher. Clean the filter by following the manufacturer’s instructions and use a vacuum cleaner or long brush to clean the dryer ducts.