How To Clean Kitchen Tiles Easily, Step-By-Step

Ceramic kitchen tiles can be a magnet for greasy build up and grimy grout. In this post, I’ll discuss the easiest way to clean ceramic tiles and I’ll give you some top tips and amazing advice to keep your grout sparkling white.

How to clean kitchen tiles.

  1. Remove any residue

    Wash your ceramic tiles with hot soapy water to remove any residue of dust and dirt.

  2. Get rid of any grease.

    My go-to cleaner is Elbow Grease or any other heavy-duty degreaser and I always use a non-scratch scrubby to spot clean any areas which have a greasy residue.

  3. Use a scraper

    If the grease has been heavily engrained you may need to use a plastic scraper to scrape away any stubborn stains. Be sure to use the plastic scraper on a wet surface when cleaning, to avoid causing any scratches.

  4. Clean the grout

    Using a toothbrush and bleach solution of one part bleach to four parts water, scrub between the grout to remove any grease and to revive the grout to it’s original white, then rinse and dry well.
    If you have coloured grout, use a mix of baking soda and vinegar rather than bleach.

  5. Polish

    Using a glass cloth and glass cleaner polish the ceramic tiles until they are super shiny!

If after trying the tips above you still feel that your grout isn’t clean, try using a special tile cleaner brush and a grout pen.

clean kitchen tiles

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How to clean kitchen tiles with baking soda.

In my experience baking soda is not the best thing to clean kitchen wall tiles with, as it can be very messy and quite time-consuming.

  • I would use baking soda to spot clean kitchen tiles by mixing it with vinegar to make a poultice or thick paste and applying to the stain.
  • Leave the poultice for a few hours then scrub the area with a toothbrush.
  • Rinse carefully to remove any residue.
  • Dry well

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Cleaning kitchen floor tiles.

Knowing how to clean kitchen floor tiles the correct way can be a bit confusing with all the different products available.
I think the best way to clean kitchen floor tiles is on your knees with a scrubbing brush, I prefer the good old vintage way to clean!
After spending years and years cleaning other peoples kitchen floors, I know what is the most effective way to clean kitchen tile floors and by far it’s better to give them a good old fashioned scrubbing!

clean kitchen floor tiles
  • I like to use a bowl of soapy water and a scrubbing brush and I use a kneeling pad to protect my little old knees.
  • After scrubbing a small area, I rinse with a bowl of clean water and dry the area thoroughly.
  • If you find it difficult to get down on your knees you can use a mop and bucket of weak bleach solution to keep your grout from getting grubby.
  • Please be careful using bleach or any other harsh cleaning chemicals around animals and children.
  • To deep clean your tile floor, a steam cleaner is effective as a kitchen tile cleaner.

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how to clean kitchen tiles

Frequently asked questions 

How can I use vinegar to clean my kitchen tiles?

Vinegar alone may be ok to clean well cared for kitchen tiles , however if your tiles are particularly greasy and grimy you will probably need to degrease them first using a strong degreaser. You can then use a diluted vinegar solution to do the final polish for a streak free shine.

Let us know your kitchen tiles cleaning tips in the comments below!

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