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In this category, we have some amazing posts which cover all aspects of keeping your house clean. I share all my professional cleaning tips to help you keep your home clean with all the same products and tools I keep in my kit!


85 Amazing Proverbs On Cleanliness, just for you!

Proverbs on cleanliness

We all need a little boost sometimes when it comes to housework and cleaning. So I’ve put together a little motivational post with some amazing quotes and proverbs on cleanliness to get you reaching for the feather duster! This post contains affiliate links that when clicked allow me to earn a small commission. Proverbs on […]

What Happened When I Tried A 1950s Housewife Schedule

1950's housewife

I decided to write a light-hearted post about how different our lives are today from our grandmothers and great-grandmothers of the 1950s. I chose to do a little research into the 1950s housewife schedule to see exactly how different things are today and see if I could gain some 1950s cleaning tips! The 1950’s housework […]

How To Make My Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Work For You!

bathroom cleaning checklist

I’m one of those sad people who enjoy cleaning bathrooms, I think it’s one of the few jobs that makes a huge difference, for not too much effort! Knowing how to clean bathrooms quickly will hugely speed up your cleaning time. I’m sharing my bathroom cleaning checklist and a few bathroom cleaning hacks to make […]

How To Stop Wasting Time And Start Organising Housework.

start organizing housework

This month’s blog posts are all about saving you time! I’ll be helping you get out of your housework rut and will be giving you some fantastic tips and tricks for organising housework. I’ll be giving you a simple housework routine, an extensive housekeeping checklist, and a beautiful cleaner planner, so whether you’re a working […]

How To Find A Cleaning Lady You Can Trust

pile of dirty dishes

Anyone who has ever used a professional house cleaning company knows that it can be complicated finding cleaning professionals you can trust, and it’s even more challenging to hold onto them once you’ve found one. I owned my own cleaning company for 15 years, so from a cleaners point of view, I will tell you […]

How To Clean A Toilet Without A Brush

a clean toilet brush

It’s not the most exciting topic in the world, but it’s a question I’m often asked! There are a vast amount of products on the market that promise to keep your loo smelling fresh and clean. However, without the correct tools and technique, your toilet can harbor up to 50 bacteria per square inch and three times as many […]

How To Clean When You Are Overwhelmed with Housework

motivation to do housework

Feeling overwhelmed with housework is common, and there can be many reasons you may be struggling to keep on top of things at home. In this post, we will discuss simple steps to help you with the struggle of everyday chores. We will give you some simple tips to follow to even make a tiny […]