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In this category, we have some amazing posts which cover all aspects of keeping your house clean. I share all my professional cleaning tips to help you keep your home clean with all the same products and tools I keep in my kit!


How To Banish Dishwasher White Residue On Your Dishes!

dishwasher white residue

Hands up who has dishwasher white residue on their glasses and dishes. There’s nothing more off-putting than drinking out of a glass with a white film on it, especially when you’re in someone else’s home! What causes dishwasher white residue. Hard water deposits on dishes are caused by mineral deposits in your dishwasher. How to […]

How To Get Motivated To Clean When Overwhelmed By Mess.

overwhelmed by mess

Do you long for a clean house? Do you spend all day picking up stuff other people have dropped? Do you feel are you are constantly cleaning up after your kids and spouse? Do you dream of having a clutter-free home one day, clean enough for unexpected visitors? This post gives you some decluttering tips and shows you […]

How To Transform Your Old Boots With Dr Martens Wonder Balsam

doc martens wonder balsam

Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam, why do I love this stuff? Well, if you’re anything like me and love Doc Martens, you’ll love this stuff too!  Think of it as a balm for boots, like a protector, a blanket, a raincoat, all in one cute little pot, which will last you forever, well, not exactly forever, but for a very […]

The Cleaning Ladies vs you: Who is The Better Cleaner?

pink sponge washing window

Imagine being able to make your house sparkle, fizz and pop in just two hours! I guess you’re wondering what the secret is to keep your house clean, and how most cleaning ladies can clean your house a lot quicker than you can.  What are the magical secrets that these cleaners hold? How do these cleaning ladies do it? How can […]

The Top 22 Homemaking Skills You Definitely Need To Know!

vintage vacuuming

Remember when you used to visit your grandmother, the house was always clean, a freshly baked cake was on the table, and crisp white sheets were blowing on the line. I want to strip everything back and revisit those excellent homemaking skills our grandmothers found so easy. In this post, we will cover vintage cleaning […]