How To Clean Your Whole House With Just One Product!

I am a professional house cleaner and I absolutely love to be able to reduce the number of cleaning products in my toolkit and my home.
This one little product has managed to replace 99% of the cleaning products that I carried to work with me. Elbow grease cleaning solution has saved me huge amounts of time and money and that’s why I wanted to share with you the many uses for this little spray and to let you know what it’s all about!
This elbow grease cleaning product will replace almost every other cleaning product in your kit!

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This is an amazing cleaner without a hefty price tag.
I also discovered it’s a great way to remove grease stains from clothes, who knew a cleaning product could do that as well as everything else?

30 uses for Elbow Grease

Elbow Grease cleaning fluid.

  1. This can be used in the kitchen to clean:

    kitchen worktops
    The inside of kitchen cupboards
    Greasy cooker hoods
    The inside of microwave ovens
    Toasters and grills
    Oven trays and casserole dishes
    Dirty ovens
    Kitchen hobs
    Extractor fans
    and dirty PVC doors

  2. It can be used in the bathroom to clean:

    Baths and showers
    Removing limescale
    Tiles and grout
    Grimy toilets

  3. I would also use around the home for Cleaning:

    Painted walls
    Skirting boards
    Fabrics as a stain remover and degreaser for clothes
    It’s also great for taking pen marks off some hard surfaces

  4. I would use it outdoors to clean:

    Outdoor furniture
    PVC windows and frames
    Barbecues and grills for removing grease
    Any children’s toys that have been left out in the rain
    Kids bikes, and for degreasing bike chains

  5. It can also be use on:

    It can be used on boats, caravans, engines, and alloy wheels
    what an amazing product!

Before using the product on any of the above items please make sure that you test on an inconspicuous area before use, and make sure any food areas are rinsed with water before preparing food.

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Does Elbow Grease clean ovens?

Yes elbow grease cleaning fluid is fantastic to degrease ovens and hobs just spray it on leave for a few minutes and wipe off! it really is that simple!

Is Elbow Grease cleaner tested on animals?

Is Elbow Grease vegan? this is the statement from the website.
“None of the ingredients used in elbow grease formulation has been sourced from animals neither the finished product not any of the ingredients have been tested on animals on behalf of 151 products Ltd”.

Do you have a favourite Elbow Grease Cleaning Product? Let us know in the comments below!

elbow grease cleaning product

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