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In this category, we have some amazing posts which cover all aspects of keeping your house clean. I share all my professional cleaning tips to help you keep your home clean with all the same products and tools I keep in my kit!


How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Carpet And Upholstery.

how to remove acrylic paint from carpet

Oh no! You’ve let your little darlings loose with the paints, and now it’s everywhere! If only you knew how to remove acrylic paint from carpet, upholstery, and clothes! Well, guess what, you’re in luck; getting acrylic paint on a carpet doesn’t mean they are ruined forever. I’ve been there and done that, so I’m going to share with […]

Modern Homemaking 101: All You Need To Know.

modern minimalist living room

Things are very different for the modern homemaker these days, with an over-scheduled calendar, work, kids and family commitments; it’s hard to know how to master the skill of modern homemaking. Modern homemakers do have an advantage over our predecessors in the way of washing machines, dishwashers, high-quality vacuum cleaners, steamers, a plethora of cleaning […]

How To Clean Wooden Combs: The Ultimate Guide

how to clean wooden combs

With the emphasis on saving the planet, more and more of us are choosing to buy natural products to help kick start our plastic-free journey. We often splash out a bit more money on these beautiful, natural products, and we’d like them to last us a lifetime.  With this, comes the added challenge of cleaning our gorgeous, new, wooden combs without ruining them. Whatever […]