How To Get Rid Of Cobwebs In The Home And Garage

Spiderman, spiderman, clings wherever a spider can, just like his webs!
Spiderwebs come in all shapes and sizes and are found in every nook and cranny in the home and garage.
It may be difficult to remove cobwebs in some areas, especially if they are in a greasy space such as the kitchen, or if they have been in an area for years and maybe stuck to the walls, such as in the garage. In this post, I discuss how to get rid of the cobwebs of all shapes and sizes.

Getting rid of smaller cobwebs

To clean cobwebs in small places such as bone china or houseplants I would recommend using a small feather duster which will delicately get in between all the little spaces to remove the spider web.

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Removing larger spider webs

To get rid of larger spider webs which are dangly and attached to the ceiling I would usually use the vacuum cleaner extension to reach them.

If your vacuum cleaner extension doesn’t reach, you can put your feather duster down the end of the tube and reach them that way. This should be done whenever you are house cleaning to save you having to make a special job of it.

Getting rid of greasy spider webs

Getting rid of greasy spider webs is not so easy as the others. I usually use some step ladders and get up there armed with my degreaser spray and a long-handled brush such as a dish brush.

If you don’t have step ladders handy, you could use a clean stiff yard brush. After spraying the cobweb I wipe the area down with soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Removing webs from upholstery

To remove cobwebs from upholstery use a lint roller to remove any cobwebs from the fabric then vacuum the furniture as usual.

Removing cobwebs from a popcorn ceiling

To remove cobwebs from a popcorn ceiling wrap some duct tape, sticky side out, around a paint roller to make a type of large lint roller and go over the area a few times until the cobweb sticks to the duct tape.

Getting rid of cobwebs in the garage

The toughest job when getting rid of spiders webs is definitely when you have to tackle the ones in the garage. These can be thick, dusty cobwebs which stick to everything. I tackle these by sucking as many as I can into either an old vacuum cleaner or a leaf vacuum. Then I sweep the rest away with a stiff yard brush.

I recommend spraying the area with a peppermint oil solution, to act as a spider repellent and to prevent spider web build-up in the future.

get rid of cobwebs

If you are worried you have a problem with spiders I suggest that you contact pest control, who will let you know what you need to do next.

Do you have a simple trick to get rid of spiderwebs? Let us know in the comments!

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