Wow, look! Amazing Home Planners You’ll Fall In Love With.

You asked, and I listened. You asked for some home planners to keep your home running like clockwork, and that’s what I’ve created.
Some of you said that you knew how to get organized, but life got on top of you, and you couldn’t maintain an organized home.
I asked you what things you were struggling with, and the answers were pretty much all the same:

What’s different about these home planners? They come with small actionable tasks to help you create small pockets in your life that are organized and stay organized! Once these small pockets of your home are ordered, and you see how easy it is to maintain that space, you can then start to move on to other areas of your home. The great thing about this planner is that there’s no timetable to stick to.

The chores planner guides you to get into the habit of doing routine jobs at key times of the day rather than getting bogged down with jobs that are not productive.

Many of you said you struggled to keep on top of clutter and maintain what you’ve already organized, and we will cover those issues in my next post. The first thing we will address is your ability to feel in control, and these home planners should help you feel more organized, even if your home is messy.

Once we start to be less chaotic, we can start to gain control of the physical clutter.

Life is chaotic, and I know how hard it can be to stick to a list. Life gets in the way of our best-laid plans, and before you know it, you’ve forgotten your best friend’s birthday.

In this post I’ve created some beautiful home planners to print off and use around the home

In this home planners bundle, you will find:

Ok, the secret to keeping on top of things is to print off these home planners and stick them where you can see them every day! I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen, so I stick things inside my kitchen cupboards. This saves me having to get a binder out and look through it. It’s as simple as opening a cupboard and checking that I’ve not missed anything.

Each home planner comes with a task to kickstart your journey

To keep on top of things, you need to put in a bit of effort. That’s easier said than done when you are being pulled in several different directions.

So what does being organized really mean?
Is being organized to store all your flour and pulses in beautifully labeled jars?
Is it cleaning the bath every Tuesday and deep cleaning the garage every month?
Is it having a perfectly styled bedroom that looks like it just came out of a home living and designs magazine?

All of the above are simple to do if you live on your own, with no pets or kids and have plenty of spare time on your hands. But most of us don’t live like that!

Being well organized means different things to different people.

There is a lady who lives opposite me in her 80’s, and she goes out every day at 8 am and sweeps her garden with a dustpan and brush. Her home is immaculate.

I’d love to be so disciplined to stick to such a rigid housekeeping schedule however, life for most of us, is not like that. It’s the same old story every day, it is chaotic, and we are winging it!

For me being organised is:

  • Not forgetting peoples birthdays
  • Getting the kids to where they should be
  • Having a healthy meal ready most nights
  • Having clothes ready to wear for each member of the family
  • Being able to find stuff in a hurry
  • Having a clean home

Having a clean home is important, but not if everything else gets put to one side because of it.

My home is a wreck because we are in the middle of renovations, and not many things have a place. It’s a constant struggle to keep it tidy and running smoothly.

Yesterday my son asked me to play football with him when I had loads to do. I played football because I knew how much it meant to him. My house could wait. Life gets in the way, but if you’ve got a basic structure, then you’re keeping on top of it.

These house planners will help you to stay organized where it matters, pin them up and fill them in, refer to them every day!

How to use the home planners

  1. Birthday planner

    Because nobody likes to forget a birthday!
    Keep it pinned to the inside of one of your kitchen cupboards and check it each week!
    Task: empty a large drawer and keep spare birthday cards, try to buy unisex ones so you never get caught out again. I like to keep scissors, sticky tape, wrapping paper, gift bags, stamps, small gift boxes, and some colored tissue paper in there too. So when you’ve got some birthdays coming up, you can wrap them all at the same time.

  2. After school activity planner

    Kids have so many activities it’s easy to forget what time they should be at certain events. I keep this planner stuck to my fridge above my meal planner, so I know where I’m supposed to be and at what time. This also helps me schedule a quick tea or slow cooker meal for the evenings we are busy.
    Task: Clear out and designate a large drawer to keep all your child’s sporting kits, including boots and socks.
    Separate each activity by using a basket. These are my favorite baskets, make sure you measure the space before you buy!
    My son has his full rugby kit, including boots in one basket, a karate kit including a belt and sliders in another basket, and swimming trunks in another basket.
    All the baskets go in one drawer.
    Every time a kit is washed, put it away in the correct basket, it is easier for your child to get dressed, and things don’t go missing. Make sure the basket is big enough to hold the full kit.
    If your child has swimming lessons, pack a rucksack with their towel, toiletries, and goggles.
    Make sure this bag is repacked as soon as the kit has been washed so you can grab and go each week. Hang the rucksack on a peg by the door.

  3. Meal planner

    I’ve designed this meal planner so you can write at the top where you’ll be on each day. You will then know to schedule a quick meal for the evenings that you are out. There is also space to jot down any ingredients needed.
    Task: Get everything out of the fridge, check expiry dates, throw away anything out of date. Throw away anything you don’t use regularly. Wipe down the inside of your fridge with soapy water and then dry well.
    Only put back what you use.
    Use fridge separators like these to hold condiments, cheese, fruit, and vegetables. Make sure you can see everything you have in the fridge. This will stop you from overbuying.
    Now you are ready to start meal planning!

  4. Shopping list

    I keep my shopping list on the fridge or inside the cupboard and take it with me when I go out. This helps me grab what I need when I’m already out.
    Sticking to a shopping list helps stop me from buying stuff I don’t need and helps keep me focused.
    The list is separated into sections to make it easier and quicker for you at the supermarket and make it less likely for you to put stuff in your basket that you don’t need.
    Task. Empty the cupboard where you keep your tins and packets. Throw away anything out of date or that you don’t use. Put back only what you will use. Shallow baskets like these, so you organize like items, only buy what you can fit in your basket. This will stop you from hoarding food and overbuying. When you run out of something, put it on your shopping list.
    You’re now another step closer to meal planning for the week

  5. Daily planner

    I love this little planner as it has space to write errands you need to run, a menu reminder, and a shopping list for things you may need to get, like stamps or stationary.
    Task: Write down five things you need to do, number them 1-5 with 1 being the most urgent, and get them done today starting with number 1!

  6. Daily checklist

    These are the jobs you need to do every day to keep your house running smoothly. You will also need to do other chores outside of these, and you can follow them in this post but for the time being, concentrate on getting these jobs done daily. Once you’re on top of these tasks, you can start to tackle the other jobs.
    There is also space to write your own jobs if you need to.
    Jump in where you can, but start now. If it’s the afternoon, start with the afternoon tasks and take it from there.
    You’ll soon find that concentrating on these simple tasks in order, each day will make a huge difference to the chaos in your home.

  7. Password keeper

    Stick it where you can see it but away from prying eyes!
    Task copy five passwords down each day onto your sheet. Before you know it, you’ll have them all safe in one tidy place instead of on several scraps of paper.

  8. Emergency planner

    This is a list of the numbers of people you need in a hurry!
    Task: Jot down the number of everyone you would need in an emergency: electrician, plumber, gas, doctors, local police station, hospital, dentist, etc.
    If you have kids put your number and grandparent’s numbers on there too.
    I keep mine stuck to the inside of a cupboard, so the kids know where to find it.

  9. Things to remember,

    I love this little sheet to keep organized as it has space to write down a list of people to phone, things I’ve ordered, stuff to pay, and emails to send. I keep this at my desk and cross stuff off as it’s done or delivered.
    Task: Fill in all the columns and number the tasks 1-5 with 1 being the most urgent. Work your way through the list, starting with the jobs numbered!

  10. Telephone numbers

    I know what you’re thinking, who needs a list of everyone’s number?
    We all do. If you lost your phone, you need a back up of people’s numbers!
    Task: Set your timer for five minutes each day and jot down as many as possible until the timer goes off. Repeat each day until you’ve worked through all your contacts.
    Tip! As you’re doing it you can delete any outdated numbers on your phone!

Ok, are you ready to download the home planner? Grab it now because it’s on sale, and you can save a whopping 50% off. There’s no better time to start getting rid of the chaos in your life.

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