How To Know If You’ve Got A Clutter Problem: Take the test!

If you can tick three or more of these, it could be a telltale sign that you have a clutter problem and your house is crying out for help!

  1. Your drawers and cupboards are stuffed to the brim, and there’s no more room for anything else!

    When you open a cabinet, everything spills out like Monica’s closet from Friends!
    Find out how to get rid of your junk drawer in this post!
    Read how to start decluttering in this post 

  2. You greet visitors to your home by saying “excuse the mess.”

    If this is your go-to greeting for visitors then you may have a clutter problem.

  3. You have a box of unused cables.

    You keep old cables even though you don’t know what they belong to. 
    I think most of us have a box full of tangled up old, unused cables. Do you even know where any of these things belong? If not, get rid of any that don’t have a home! 

    Unused cables clutter problem

  4. The hallway is cluttered with shoes, bags and coats.

    If people fall over all your clutter when they enter your home you should read this post!

  5. Bins and kitchen bins are overflowing.

    Overflowing bins can cause a problem with flies and maggots in the summer months . Bins should be emptied every few days if not daily!

  6. Your dining room table is full of clutter.

    If there is so much clutter on your dining room table that you cant eat a family meal at it, then you probably have a clutter problem.

  7. Your linen cupboard is bursting to the max.

    You have too many duvet covers, pillows, duvets, towels and your linen cupboard is bursting to the brim. 
    I keep one set of bed linen per bed, and wash, dry and put them back on the bed on the same day.
    For the kid’s rooms, I keep a few spare sheets and blankets for when the vomiting bug strikes!
    To find out how to clean up after the vomiting bug, read this post! 

    messy piles of bed linen

  8. Your kitchen is full of unused gadgets. 

    I love a kitchen gadget, but I don’t keep anything that isn’t used regularly.  

  9. Your kitchen worktops are full of stuff.

    Your kitchen should be clutter-free so you can easily make meals and drinks. To find out how the professionals keep their kitchens clutter-free, read this post!

  10. You feel you need a bigger house or want to pay for extra storage.

    You shouldn’t have to pay for extra storage to store stuff you never use. Paying for the room is just chucking more money down the rabbit hole and will also encourage you to hoard even more stuff.

  11. You have piles of CDs, videos, vinyl and DVDs never being used.

    With Spotify, Audible, and Netflix, you don’t need any CDs, videos or DVDs unless of course, they are sentimental or home videos of the family. You can take CDs and videos to a shop which will transfer them onto a USB port for you. 

    vinyl clutter problem

  12. You keep broken items you no longer use. 

    You should get rid of anything broken in your home that you cannot use. It will probably cost more to fix it these days, so it will just sit there collecting dust, unless you get rid of it!

  13. You keep unwanted gifts. 

    I do struggle with getting rid of unwanted gifts, but you’ve got to be tough, if you don’t use it and don’t like it then pass it on!   

  14. Your furniture is cluttered and the wrong size for your rooms

    There is nothing that makes a house look more cluttered than oversized furniture. Don’t hang onto any furniture that you have inherited from family if you don’t use it or like it.
    Overstuffed rooms are the first sign of clutter. Get rid of any broken furniture or anything too big for the area.  

  15. You are hanging on to sports and craft equipment that is no longer being used. 

    Many places like schools or youth clubs would be happy to take any unwanted sports or craft stuff you no longer use.  you don’t need to have it stuffed into every corner of your spare room or lounge!

    craft clutter

  16. Your wardrobe is over stuffed

    You keep clothes you don’t wear, are too small, out of fashion or needing to be repaired. 
    My top tip is to try every single item in your closet on without looking in a mirror. Doing this will help you to feel whether they are comfortable and well-fitting. If they aren’t comfortable, simply get rid of them!
    Check out more ways to simplify your wardrobe in this post. 

  17. You can’t let go of things given to you from bereavements.

    This category is so hard to try to overcome.  A memory box can help with smaller items, and I’ve heard of people taking photos of larger items before parting with them. Try to remember that when the physical possessions from bereavements are gone, the memories are still with you forever. 

  18. You have lots of books you never read. 

    I have a real addiction to books, so I know how hard it is to stop the book clutter. But with some carefully structured decluttering, I have managed to declutter my book collection from around 400 read and unread books to just four! To see how I did it read this post! 

  19. You have lots of magazines you never read. 

    The rule is to buy one magazine or newspaper, read it, then pass it on. If you have a magazine subscription and the magazines are piling up unread, then cancel your subscription!

  20. Kids toys are out of control

    Kids toys are out of control, have outgrown storage, and are broken or outgrown it becomes a clutter problem. Find out how I deal with toy clutter in this post! 

    child in a messy room

  21. You store possessions for people who longer live in your home, like grown-up children. 

    If your kids are old enough to leave home and get a place of their own, then they are old enough store their possessions! 

  22. You collect stuff and your collection is so big it doesn’t have a home. 

    Do you still need to collect all those pigs, elephants or comic books?  Can you just keep a couple of your favourites and get rid of the rest? 

  23. Kids clothes are being kept for sentimental reasons even though you’re not likely to have any more children. 

    This category is such a difficult one to overcome; I suggest cutting a small piece from any overly sentimental items and keep them in a memory box for each child. Or sew pieces together to make a patchwork pillow or memory bear for your room. 

  24. Your garage or basement is cluttered with things not being used. 

    It’s easy to shove stuff in the garage that you can’t be bothered to sort out today. Decide what to do with it today rather than building up a plethora of clutter in your garage!  Without all this stuff you might even be able to get your car in the garage again!

    messy garage

  25. You have broken TVs, unused laptops, DVD players, printers, video players, CD players or computers lying around. 

    Get rid of anything you don’t use!  

  26. Your floors are full of discarded stuff.

    If your floors are covered in laundry, dirty clothes, rubbish, toys and general mess, then that’s a telltale sign that you have a problem with clutter.

How did you do in our clutter problem test? Let us know in the comments!

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