10 Excel Templates To Help Manage Your Budget

Managing your money accordingly requires careful planning. After all, spending can quickly get out of control if you treat all of your money as “disposable income.” Fortunately, this is where budgeting can come in handy. A realistic and detailed personal budget template can help ensure you don’t spend more than you are supposed to. 

Regardless if you’re projecting your company’s annual cash flow or managing your personal monthly expenses, there is always some budget management required. If anything, proper budgeting is much more important than most people realize.  

While budgeting is often considered challenging by many, it is reassuring to know various Excel templates can help make budgeting less complicated and more bearable. From personal monthly budget worksheets to monthly budget planners, below are ten of the best Excel templates that can help simplify any budget management task: 

1. Monthly Budget Planner 

If you need a user-friendly planner that can help you keep your finances in check, you can never go wrong with the monthly budget planner. Every page of the spreadsheet is divided into several sections. The sections are designed to help you categorize and sort your expenses. 

Sorting and categorizing your expenses is crucial so you have a better idea of where your money went. The monthly budget planner also has a summary page so you have a clear and quick overview of your savings and debts. 

2. Simple Invoice 

This is another template that’s ideal for personal use and small start-ups and businesses. Understandably, when starting out, you most likely have to do everything on your own—from issuing receipts to making sales.  

Fortunately, you can effectively make things a lot easier by using the simple invoice template, as it can calculate transaction totals and subtotals with the utmost ease. Just like most Excel templates, the simple invoice is easy to customize.  

It also gives you the option to incorporate your business logo and information to make it look more professional.  

3. Small Business Budget Template 

If you are running a start-up or managing a small business, the small business budget template can be one of your most powerful allies. Think of this template as a versatile go-to tool designed for both short and long-term budget management. 

The small business budget template is also considered ideal for small-scale business owners. It is user-friendly and provides users with beneficial insight into the overall efficiency of their current budgeting strategy. 

4. Annual Budget Template  

If you are in-charge of fund allocation, an annual budget template can be a compelling addition to your arsenal of Excel templates. The yearly budget template is also designed to hold a year’s worth of budgeting data.  

The annual budget template also comes with customizable sections and cells that allow you to input investments, incomes, and expenses. This Excel template can also give you a comprehensive overview of where you are finance-wise. This can help you achieve one fundamental objective: keep your incomings and outgoings aligned. 

5. Cash Flow Projection Template 

Any business must manage their cash flow accordingly if they want to be profitable (or at the very least stay competitive). This is also necessary so the business does not spend more than it can afford.  

While massive companies have advanced software and several people that can track and check their cash flow, smaller-scale companies can benefit from using more straightforward tools like the cash flow projection template. This template can also make it very easy for users to identify and meet financial obligations for a particular time frame. 

6. Project Budget Template 

Creating a budget for an upcoming project can be challenging since you need to consider many vital factors. Fortunately, the project budget template can help make budgeting less complicated. This template also allows you to track the expenses and budget requirements of your project efficiently. 

Furthermore, the project budget template also allows you to closely monitor specific sections and details of any project to monitor your spending and make sure it is aligned with the budget you have set. 

7. Balance Sheet 

Balance sheets are considered an integral part of the budgeting process. However, many consider using a balance sheet to be such a pain. For many, analyzing and itemizing assets, expenses, liabilities, and revenues annually can be a stressful and time-consuming process. 

With an Excel balance sheet, you can save yourself some precious time and get things done faster and more accurately. 

8. First-Year Budget Calculator 

If you are running a new business or if you intend to start one, you should consider using the first-year budget calculator a must. For starters, this calculator slash tracker template can help you determine the amount of money you need so you can sustain your business through the first year.  

If you want to project your business’s initial income and expenses, the first-year budget calculator can also help. 

9. Money Manager Template 

While allocating the funds needed by your business is easy, sticking to the budget you have set can be quite tricky. Thankfully, the money management template allows you to record, budget, and track all of your financial transactions using a single tool. 

The money manager template is also an efficient all-in-one budgeting tool that’s packed with several useful features. It can even be used to balance your checkbook. No wonder many love and use this template. 

10. Detailed Financial Projection Spreadsheet 

The detailed financial projection spreadsheet is deemed one of the most advanced budget management tools on this list. This template is considered ideal for businesses that require more extensive and more complex computations. 

This template can also be used to track, record, and project business expenses and revenues. And since it is in Excel format, sharing it with different departments and other key players in the organization is easy. Undeniably, it can be your helpful ally if you are looking for accountability and transparency. 


The importance of creating a budget cannot be overemphasized. The good thing is there is no shortage of helpful and powerful templates you can use to ensure you stay within the budget and you can achieve any financial objectives with much ease. 

Guest post by Anthony Stephens:

Anthony Stevens is the Content Specialist for Excel Templates, a resource for free Excel templates including calendars and charts. When not writing, he spends time building furniture and running with his dog.

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