Easy Meal Prep Ideas and Recipes For Freezing

We have come to the end of our meal planning month and it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share a few of my favourite super simple recipes with you.

The reason I love these batch cooking recipes is that they need very few ingredients are very simple to cook and are great for freezer meals. Which makes cooking in bulk even simpler!


I’m not the best vegetable chopper in the world, so I prefer to shred, mash or crush my ingredients instead of chopping whenever I can,  it saves me time, especially when cooking sauces and soups where the ingredients will be blended together at the end anyway!

Soups are great comfort food, healthy and convenient, that’s why I’ve included them in my batch cooking recipe ideas, they are also perfect to take to work in a food flask for lunch, or Tupperware if you’re lucky enough to have a microwave at work! Soup is a great alternative to sandwiches at lunchtime as it cuts down on your bread intake. Soup is also a great way to get extra vegetables into your kid’s diet if their school dinners aren’t very nutritious.


So without much further ado here are some of my easy meal prep recipes


Roasted Pepper and Tomato soup. 



roasted pepper and tomato soup recipe, healthy meal prep recipes

If you’re short of time you will need to make sure you grill the peppers until the skin is nearly black, this enables you to peel them really easily when they are cooked.

Did you know there could be up to 5 teaspoons of sugar in one 400g can of popular cream of tomato soup?  That is a scary thought, isn’t it?

With this delicious four ingredient tomato soup, you know exactly what ingredients you’re adding!

To make the tomatoes easy to peel, score them well, then place them in boiling water for a few seconds, if you struggle to get the skin off them the first time,  plunge them again, the skin should slide straight off providing you have scored it well.

Don’t waste time chopping and peeling the garlic get a garlic press which does both jobs in a fraction of the time, crushed garlic also adds more flavour to the dish. I like this one from good grips, click on the picture below to be directed to Amazon

Don’t be tempted to skip peeling the skin from the tomatoes and peppers, it’s worth the extra effort to get a really delicious smooth soup.



 The Organizer UK’s make-ahead stir-in pasta sauce.



batch cooking pasta sauce

This is a super easy stir in pasta sauce and is perfect to make ahead and freeze. It’s super sticky and naturally sweet, but it has none of the unhealthy ingredients usually found in shop bought sauces, and the kids love it!

Did you know there could be up to 6 cubes of sugar in one of the most popular shop bought jars of pasta sauce? So, there is every reason to ditch the jars and roll your sleeves up!

There are literally only three ingredients in this pasta sauce and you can make as little or as much as you need. If you are short of time you can pierce the tomatoes instead of cutting them in half.

When the tomatoes are quite soft, crush them with a fork to release all the sweet juice.  l like to stir grated feta cheese into the pasta along with this sauce as the flavours blend together so well and produce a delicious creamy pasta sauce. Leave out the feta if you prefer a healthier option!



Leek, potato and parmesan soup


leek and parmesan soup


Did you know there may be up to 2.6g of salt in some of the most popular 400g cans of soup? Which is just under half of the recommended daily amount for an adult. I can think of no better reason for adding your own homemade soup to your list of freezer meals. My kids love coming home to this delicious soup in the winter and I know always that it is not full of salt and preservatives.

If you cook the leeks and garlic over a low heat for a long time they go deliciously sweet and that’s what gives this soup its unique homecooked flavour.

Mash the chickpeas and potatoes together then add as much water as you need until you reach your desired consistency. My kids love a thick chunky soup, and this is definitely one of their favourites.

Don’t forget to adjust all the recipes if you are cooking large amounts!

Do you have a favourite soup recipe you like to freeze? Leave us a comment below.


Top tip!

Why not grab a soup maker to make soup making super simple!

This model only takes 21 minutes to cook soup from start to finish, and you can choose from chunky or smooth settings. The soup maker is easy to clean, really convenient to use and also makes juice and smoothies!

Click on the link below to go to Amazon!



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