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Do you long for a capsule wardrobe but don’t know where to begin?~ We take you step by step through all the stages of starting on your journey.

How many items do you need? ~ we’ve got you covered!

How do you stop your style from being dull and repetitive every day?~ We will show you how to add a splash of colour to your basic items in your wardrobe.

How can you build a capsule wardrobe from scratch? ~ Follow our simple guide!

Here at The Organizer UK, we like to keep things simple and we love to share our tips, so we have crafted some posts, checklists and shopping tools to help you get the style you deserve with very little effort.

How To Create An Easy Capsule Wardrobe Color Palette

minimalist wardrobe essentials

Capsule wardrobes are boring and bland, right? Not so, you can have a successful capsule wardrobe and be able to stamp it with your personality; you can add color, print, and texture to your minimalist wardrobe and be creative. This post will show you how to make a capsule wardrobe color palette in a few […]