7 Amazing Elf On The Shelf Coloring Pages.

Free printable coloring pages are a great way for your kids to practice their fine motor skills. These Elf on the shelf coloring pages will encourage your kids to use their imagination when they draw the elf’s body, you should then encourage your little ones to write their elf’s name underneath their elf on the shelf coloring pages. This will help them to practice their writing skills.  Don’t forget to teach your children to sign their work as this will give them some practice writing their name!

Our amazing elf on the shelf Christmas colouring pages will help to keep your kids occupied over the Christmas holidays. We have Elf coloring pages and an elf sheet for your little ones to practice counting with. These cute printable coloring sheets are a great way to keep your kids engaged at a restaurant, at home, when you need to wrap Christmas presents or write your Christmas cards!

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Elf On The Shelf Coloring Ideas

How to use your elf on the shelf printables.

  1. In the build-up to your elf arrival

    These super coloring pages of elf on the shelf are a great way to drop little hints about your elf’s impending arrival. Let your kids find these mysterious printables !

  2. To introduce your child’s elf.

    Leave one of these cute elf coloring pages with your elf arrival day. These realistic pictures of the elf on the shelf make the elf arrival day extra special.
    I’ve included both boy and girl elf pictures to color, depending on which elf or elves you have in your home!

  3. Use as an elf prop

    Use one of these elf on the shelf coloring pages when you need to find a quick idea for your elf.
    Prop your elf up and leave him with some crayons and allow your child to find their elf colouring in a selfie of himself! My kids loved to discover their coloring elf!

  4. Take them anywhere.

    These elf coloring pages are printable and portable, use them anywhere at any time to distract your child from a tantrum.

  5. Use as a reward from the elf.

    Leave one of these lovely colouring pages of the elf on the shelf each morning as a reward from your child’s elf for their good behaviour!

Elf on the shelf pictures to color.

Why not leave a few elf on the shelf coloring pages with your Christmas elf when the letter from Santa Clause arrives as a little gift for all the hard work and achievements your kids have accomplished over the past year! There are ten elf on the shelf coloring pages and three elf on the shelf worksheets.

I have included boy and girl elves in the bundle to match whichever elf you have at home, or you can print them all off if you prefer!   

Free elf on the shelf coloring pages

To print off each elf colouring page just click the link on the picture of each elf and it will take you to the free printable elf on the shelf coloring page!

How to announce the arrival of your elf on the shelf.

Have you downloaded your elf Christmas arrival letter yet?  Get organized this year and download this amazing letter from Santa and let your kids know that their elf has arrived! You can head over here to download it for free!

simple elf on the shelf coloring pages, elf on the shelf arrival letter from Santa

Amazingly easy elf on the shelf ideas.

Have you ran out of ideas for your Elf this Christmas?

I’ve got 25 super quick and simple elf on the shelf activities to share for when you’ve forgotten to move the little blighter. Don’t be caught out this year head on over to this post for my free elf on the shelf checklist to get you through the elf on the shelf chaos!

simple elf on the shelf ideas checklist, elf on the shelf coloring pages.

Well, I hope you have fun and games with all our elf on the shelf pictures to color and Christmas coloring pages in this post.  I hope you have picked up some fun ideas for your Christmas elves. For more free checklists and printables, sign up for our weekly updates and free resources library! Just hit the subscribe button below!

Frequently asked Q&A

Why is the elf on the shelf naughty?

How your elf behaves is entirely up to you. Our elves are a mixture of naughty and friendly, so our kids never know what to expect, and it also makes it exciting for them. Our elf on the shelf color pages have a mixture of mischievous elves and elves behaving well. The choice is yours!

Looking for a simple Christmas schedule to keep you on track? Jump right in here!

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