How To Get Makeup Stains Out Of Carpet.

If you live with a teenage daughter as I do, you will have makeup stains on a carpet somewhere in your home. My daughter likes to sit on the floor to apply her makeup and often wipes eyeliner, lipstick, and foundation on the carpet. She’s even been known to use her curtains to remove her makeup! It’s so frustrating, and that’s why I’m going to tell you how to get makeup stains out of the carpet without ruining the pile. I’m going to show you stain removal techniques that are going to give you the best chance at getting the makeup stain out without damaging the fibers or setting the stain.

Many videos I’ve seen about removing makeup from carpets will tell you to rub at the stain with dish soap and a hand brush but this method can fray the tip of the carpet fibers which will permanently distort them.

Some videos also suggest aggressive chemicals and cleaning solutions that can set the stain, when a stain has been set into a carpet it creates a situation where the carpet quickly attracts more dirt to it.

Today we will show you techniques that cause neither of those problems but which will still give you a decent crack at getting the spot out.

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How to get makeup stains out of the carpet.

One of the most important things to do to get rid of the stain is to blot and pat it rather than scrub it aggressively.

  1. Use a spoon

    ✔️ Get rid of as much excess makeup as possible sitting on top of the carpet fibers. If the stain is mascara, scoop as much as you can with the round side of the spoon, very gently, being careful not to spread the stain. All you want to do is remove it from the fibers. If it’s a foundation stain that you’re dealing with, very gently remove the foundation, being careful not to spread the stain and the same with lipstick or concealer.
    ✔️ Scoop the spoon across the top of the fiber to pick up as much makeup as possible, you don’t press down or you will push it into the thread.
    ✔️ Going along the surface to remove the excess spillage makes it easier when it comes to spot removal.
    ✔️ If the foundation has dried, press down and try to break up any hard dried areas and get rid of any chunks.

  2. Try to remove the stain using water first

    ✔️ Get as much of the stain out as you can by using only water and a white terry cloth like this one . It would be best if didn’t use any cleaning agents at this stage, so you don’t damage the fibers in your carpet.
    ✔️ Use a clean white cloth or towel and dip it in the warm water.
    ✔️ Do not rub across the fiber as it may cause blooming to the tips of your carpet fibers and will cause irreparable damage. Instead of scrubbing, press down and hold the towel on the makeup stain to see if you get any transfer of the stain onto the towel. If you see some of the stain transferring to the towel, that is an excellent sign because you are removing the stain naturally without any harsh chemicals.
    ✔️ Now, slightly massage the towel into the stain. Don’t rake across the carpet but gently press and rub the fibers, and you should get a little more transfer. The key here is to take your time do not rush.
    ✔️ Once no more of the stain transfers onto the towel, you’ve done as much as possible with just the water, and it’s time to use a solvent.

    getting make up stains out of carpet with water

  3. Blot with alcohol

    When using solvents like isopropyl alcohol, nail polish remover, acetone, or hydrogen peroxide, it is extremely important never to apply them directly to the carpet. There is a layer of glue between the two backings of the carpet, and a solvent will break down that layer of glue causing lamination, which can then cause ripples, fiber loss, and premature wear in your carpet.
    ✔️ Apply a little bit of the alcohol directly to the towel, hold onto the makeup stain, and apply a bit of pressure, but don’t scrub at the stain.
    ✔️ Keep repeating this process while the stain transfers to the cloth.
    ✔️ When the stain stops transferring to the cloth it’s time to go back to using water.

    applying rubbing alcohol to a cloth

  4. Blot again with water

    ✔️ See if you can get any more transfer using just the water and dampened towel.
    ✔️ Just dip the towel in the clean water and massage it into the carpet to get any residue out. This will get out any of the solvent that is still in the fibers.

  5. Try a different solvent.

    Sometimes stains are challenging to get out. Lipstick and mascara are some of the harder ones to get out. Sometimes the stain stops responding to one solvent, so you might like to try another one, like acetone or hydrogen peroxide.
    ✔️ Using the same rules, don’t apply the solvent directly to the carpet. Apply it to the cloth, then see if you can get any more transferred to the towel.
    ✔️ One thing to keep in mind is that some stains are not going to come out entirely, so it’s important to resist the urge to rub aggressively or use harsh stain removers and cleaning solutions that can damage the carpet’s fiber.

    black makeup stains on a beige carpet

  6. Dry the area thoroughly

    It is very important not to leave the carpet damp as this can cause mold. Set up some fans or a hairdryer to help dry the area. open windows and doors to help air out the house.

  7. Decide if you need professional help.

    If these techniques do not work, I recommend calling professional cleaning services. Find a professional carpet cleaner who can remove the stain and save your carpet rather than creating more damage to the fibers.
    Any makeup stains left will probably lighten up as the carpet dries as the moisture makes everything darker.
    When the stain dries, you would need to decide if the appearance is tolerable to you or if you need to call a professional to get the rest of it out.
    Using these techniques will help the professional cleaner get the stain out as you will have ensured that the stain has not set and damaged the fiber.

    Professional carpet cleaners can flush the carpet, use stronger cleaning products, and get a little more aggressive when they clean the stain. They should be able to successfully remove the makeup stain as long as it hasn’t been set in the carpet by using the wrong chemicals beforehand.


How do you get powdered makeup out of the carpet?

✔️Vacuum up most of the powder
✔️ Use a dish soap and water solution and a white towel or sponge to blot the stain.
✔️ Make sure the carpet is thoroughly dried afterward to prevent mold.

How do you get eyeshadow out of carpet?

Knowing how to get black eyeshadow out of white or cream carpet can be a massive headache. However, as long as you are careful, you can get most of it up.
✔️ Vacuum the area carefully with the vacuum tools to ensure you don’t spread the powder around. ✔️ Use a solution of dish soap and warm water and blot at the stain with a clean white towel
✔️ Dry the area thoroughly with a hairdryer.

How do you get lipstick out of the carpet?

✔️ Lipstick is an oil-based stain, so you will need to use a degreaser like dishwashing liquid or powdered laundry detergent and warm water to blot at the stain.
❌ Don’t be tempted to use makeup remover or any other cleaning agents as they may set the stain.

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