How To Clean Wooden Combs: The Ultimate Guide

With the emphasis on saving the planet, more and more of us are choosing to buy natural products to help kick start our plastic-free journey. We often splash out a bit more money on these beautiful, natural products, and we’d like them to last us a lifetime.  With this, comes the added challenge of cleaning our gorgeous, new, wooden combs without ruining them. Whatever your views on saving the planet, today I’m going to show you how to clean wooden combs without using water.  

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Different types of wooden comb 

What are wooden combs made from? 

  • Wooden combs are often made from Neem wood, Cherry wood or Boxwood.  
  • A good quality wooden comb is usually handmade and polished, which is perfect for healthy hair care! 

With everyday use, hair combs can soon become overloaded with residue from hair care products such as gel, wax and hairspray; this should be removed regularly to keep your wooden comb in top nick.  

When cleaning a plastic comb, it’s so easy to just chuck it in a bowl of soapy water for about half an hour and then scrub away all the gunk with a nailbrush. However, wood doesn’t like water as it can easily warp and splinter the wood finish. Keep your wooden comb away from water if you want it to be with you forever! 

What are the benefits of a wooden comb? 

  • Wooden combs leave less static on your hair. 
  • They are better for the environment, as they help to reduce the use of non-recyclable plastic. 
  • Wooden combs give a subtle massaging effect and help to increase blood flow to the scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth. 
  • A wooden comb is kinder to the hair and causes less breakages and split ends than a plastic comb. 

How to clean wooden combs without using water. 

So, we’ve established that we can’t use water, so how do you clean a comb made from wood?  

  1. Avoid water

    The best way to clean a wooden comb is to first dampen a cotton wool pad with either coconut oil, olive oil or beard oil. 

  2. Loosen the residue

    Gently rub the comb with the cotton pad in a circular motion until all the stubborn residue is loosened and removed. 

  3. Get in between each tooth of the comb

    Use a thin cloth, or a satin dental floss to get in-between each tooth of your wood comb. 
    For any stubborn stains, you can scrub with a toothbrush or small detail brush and a little oil to remove any product build-up. 

  4. Remove the residue

    Wipe the comb with a soft cloth to remove any residue, then dry it thoroughly. 

  5. Protect your wooden comb

    To ensure that your comb has a protective barrier apply a thin coat of olive oil, coconut oil or beard oil over the comb, taking care not to use too much, you will only need enough oil to give your comb a bit of protection and sheen. You can leave the comb to soak up the oil overnight if you wish, then, in the morning wipe the comb down with a soft dry cloth. 

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Frequently asked questions 

How to clean a wooden hairbrush. 

To clean a wooden hairbrush, follow the same steps as mentioned above, removing any trapped hair from the bristles of the brush with a comb before proceeding.

How does an oil infused wooden comb work? 

Oil infused combs are usually infused with a blend of two oils, Argan Oil and Olive oil, which help to smooth down the hair shaft and reduce frizz. 

I would like to know how to sanitise combs. 

If you feel you need to sanitise your wooden comb after cleaning it, you may like to use tea tree oil for the final wipe down allowing it to sit overnight before removing any excess with a soft cloth. 

I need to know how to clean combs at home without using water.

Follow the steps above to keep your wooden combs beautifully clean.  

Can you use a wooden comb on wet hair?  

It’s best not to use any comb on wet hair as the hair shaft is softer and more prone to breakage when wet. If you feel you must comb your hair when it’s damp try using a very wide-toothed wooden comb.  

What is better a wooden or plastic comb?

I prefer to use a wooden comb as the teeth are slightly wider and glide through the hair more efficiently, this leads to less breakage, reduces friction and is better at detangling. 

Can you advise me how to use a beard comb?

To make the beard appear fuller and to separate the hairs, start at the neck and comb upwards and outwards with the beard comb towards the cheeks. 

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How to clean a wooden comb

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