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In this category, we have some amazing posts which cover all aspects of keeping your house clean. I share all my professional cleaning tips to help you keep your home clean with all the same products and tools I keep in my kit!


Grandma’s Housekeeping Cleaning Agents You Need To Have!

grandma shhhh!

If you walk down any supermarket aisle and you will be blown away by the number of housekeeping cleaning agents there are to choose from. Join any of the popular Facebook cleaning groups (follow this link to be invited to my group) and you will see hundreds of people hoarding the most popular cleaning products […]

Learn How To Clean Travertine Like A Professional.

clean travertine tiles

What is travertine?  Travertine is a natural stone just like Marble, Onyx, Limestone and Slate. It forms around mineral deposits especially in hot springs and limestone caves and has a marble-like quality about it. Travertine flooring can be particularly beautiful. I’m often asked how to clean travertine tiles by my customers so, in this post, […]

Removing Water Spots On A Car: Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

water spots on 1950's car and woman

Water spots, water spots, they are the bane of our lives, they seem to be everywhere, showers, granite, windows and for people like me who love to have super shiny surfaces it can be very frustrating! In my last post, I discussed how to remove water stains from granite and in this post, I’m going to be […]