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In this category, we have some amazing posts which cover all aspects of keeping your house clean. I share all my professional cleaning tips to help you keep your home clean with all the same products and tools I keep in my kit!


20 Lemon Oil Cleaning Tips To Try Today!

lemon oil for cleaning

Lemon Essential Oil(Citrus Limon) Lemon essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oils you can use. Not only for cleaning but to help to improve your digestion, boost your immune system, and even improve your mood. And unlike many cleaning products, Lemon essential oil is completely non-toxic. Lemon essential oils are derived from […]

Here’s Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To The Hinchers!

lady in a messy house

These days cleaning and organizing have become an obsession, with hordes of Hinchers houses all looking pristine, immaculate, and as if they’ve not been lived in. Kid’s toys are hidden away, and spaces are filled with plastic flowers and production-line vases and trays.We are now judged on the contents of our cleaning cupboards. We are […]